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My First MLP OC by Kaye-Star My First MLP OC :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 2 0 A LoliRock OC by Kaye-Star A LoliRock OC :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 3 0 Tablets! by Kaye-Star Tablets! :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 0 0
That First Night
"Luna? I am... Nightmare Moon!
Celestia shuddered and began to lightly sweat.
"I have one duty now: to destroy you!"
Celestia's eyes flew open with that shout, and she gasped for air for a few seconds before throwing herself upright. She looked all around. She was in her room, safe and sound, with not a soul to be seen around her. A nightmare. It'd only been a nightmare. That same one she relived too many times.
"Your Majesty!" A few of her guards burst her door open and were ready for action. "Are you alright? We heard you scream."
Celestia quickly composed herself, though the guards could still sense something wasn't quite right with their princess. Nevertheless, when she insisted she was alright, they left her alone.
"Wait!" Celestia called. "Where is my sister?"
"Princess Luna has not yet awoken," one of the guards answered. "She is still in her room. Shall we fetch her for you?"
"No! Do not disturb her for any reason," Celestia ordered, a little more
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Are We Equals?
She stared forlornly into the mirror, trying to appreciate what looked back. She wasn't sure she could. She raised her hoof to the reflection, her cynical glare not catching anything different. The pony on the other side lowered her own hoof and growled. The mirror began to crack into a few large pieces.
"You know you will never be anything but a monster on the inside!" the reflection taunted. "She will always live inside you!"
The mirror's shards burst out and the first pony ducked for cover, instinctively shielding herself with her hooves. When all the shards had fallen and she looked above the broken glass around her, a new pony now stood before her, glaring at her with menace. She stood so tall, the frightened pony felt ant-sized in comparison, and she trembled more heavily when the oversized mare took a single step forward.
"You will never live up to her!" The bellow blew the petrified pony's mane and tail so strongly, they flew right off, and her coat drained of its dark color, b
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Pinkie vs Luna? Why...? by Kaye-Star Pinkie vs Luna? Why...? :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 0 1
A Night To Forget
Luna didn't feel well tonight.
The night itself wasn't unlike any other night, but for Luna, it was particularly painful. She had wanted to forget about it, to pretend it never happened, but she couldn't. The more she tried to forget, the worse she felt. During the day, she hadn't felt well either, but since she spent most of her days sleeping, it hadn't bothered her much since her exhaustion from the previous night's duties minimized it. Now that she was rested, she felt it all in full force, enough that it came close to being a physical ailment, as her stomach had been slightly aching since she woke up.
Luna could not stop staring at the moon she raised, yet looking at it only encouraged her grief. For a moment, she cursed her memory, gifted to be so much more vast than the average pony's. Were head trauma not a concern, she'd give herself a concussion if it guaranteed loss of all memory about this night and the events that led to it.
"Stop! Not another step."
She winced as
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The End Before It Begins
Celestia tried to think of what she could do. What would cheer Luna up? Before, she hadn't realized Luna was so upset, but she had to do something. She couldn't watch her sister cry and walk away like it was nothing.
"Hey, Luna, do you want to---"
Before she could finish, Luna furiously lashed out, pointing an accusing hoof at her. "Get out! You don't understand! Leave me alone!"
Celestia was stunned, and that shock quickly turned to anger. But she tried to stay composed. She noticed a few empty bottles near Luna's bed. "Calm down," Celestia thought to herself. "She might be drunk. Don't yell back."
"I was trying to suggest-"
"I don't want your suggestions!" Luna yelled. "Get out!"
"Will you let me finish?!" Celestia snapped. "I didn't do anything to you! Why are you angry with me?!"
"GET OUT!" Luna slammed her hooves down with enough force to crack the floor beneath them. She magically shut the doors right in her sister's face, crying angrily all the while. Something
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Lullaby for the Princesses
After 1,000 painful years of solitude and loneliness, the royal sisters were finally united to rule together, as they should've been from the start. Thanks to Twilight Sparkle, Celestia's most faithful student, and Twilight's newfound friends, the royal sisters could finally begin their reign together.
Fate had been cruel and order unkind
But you have returned to stay

As thanks, Celestia permitted Twilight to remain in Ponyville. It was a small favor in comparison to having her sister by her side. Of course, she wasn't ignorant and she knew Luna was going to need time. Luna had only smiled once since she returned, which was after a few ponies had given her a rose garland. And Celestia was fine with that. She was willing to give her sister all the time she needed.
The blame was my own; the punishment, yours
But finally, it's over today

As they returned to the castle, Celestia quietly led Luna along as the latter still stared at the ground. She hadn't spoken a word sinc
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Class Is In Session by Kaye-Star Class Is In Session :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 4 0
Broken? No. Better.
My boyfriend is the type of person referred to as "broken".
Someone who's been through hell. Who grew up with abuse. Who's never had it easy. Who still mentally and psychologically suffers after it's over.
You know what's interesting about this?
That "broken" person has always been there for me.
That "broken" person has held me together.
That "broken" person keeps trying to build me up.
That "broken" person has always accepted me.
That "broken" person earned my respect instead of demanding it.
That "broken" person respects my possessions and privacy.
That "broken" person believes I can think for myself.
That "broken" person never tries to mold me to fit his wants and beliefs.
That "broken" person understands we are different.
That "broken" person does not judge others for not fitting into his box of world views.
That "broken" person apologizes for his mistakes.
That "broken" person has given me love.
That "broken" person has shared a healthier relationship with me in 2 1/2 years than I
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What I Forgot To Say
How is it
We speak every single day
Yet I always seem to forget
These important things to say?
I didn't tell you what you've done
How you've made my life so much more
How I wake up every day
Just to know you're still here
I didn't tell you
How everything I do
Is secretly
So much for you
How hard I work
How much I plan
The future I see
The dreams I have
You weren't there before
Years ago, it was only me
But my heart threw you into them
It won't let me pull you out
I didn't tell you what you are
And that is everything to me
The sun, the light, the stars
Do you know how much you are?
Because I can't get it through my mouth
Not the way I want
If I try to speak, I stutter
I can't force it out
I didn't tell you
But I want to
I'm afraid the best I can do
Is cram it all into these three little words
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Kadysha's Season 3 Outfit by Kaye-Star Kadysha's Season 3 Outfit :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 0 0 Summertime Blues by Kaye-Star Summertime Blues :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 2 0 14 Disney Princesses by Kaye-Star 14 Disney Princesses :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 13 2 The Ocean Is Calling by Kaye-Star The Ocean Is Calling :iconkaye-star:Kaye-Star 12 0


'After the Gala'
It was around 10:00 PM at "Pony Joe's Café."  An apple-shaped carriage was parked outside with two male ponies chatting amongst one another.  Inside the café, the lights were still on and the open sign was flashing.  As expected, there were very few customers.  The Grand Galloping Gala was being held not too far away in the royal palace, where everyone else was.  However, inside Pony Joe's, laughter could be heard.  It seemed the customers that did decide to come there were company enough.
Twilight Sparkle and her friends had all just gotten back from the Grand Galloping Gala which did not go as planned for any of them at all.  Their dresses were torn up a bit and their hair was messy.  Some of them had even lost some footwear from running out of the Gala so fast.  Twilight had told everyone earlier that Pony Joe's would be the best place to settle down at.  She also knew that
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A Little About Me

Hi there! My name's Kaye Star! Well, not really, but it's what I prefer to go by. I've been a member of DeviantArt since 2010, but I made a new account because I wanted to start over. This was before I was able to afford premium membership, although I now very much regret it since it's turned into "core membership", which royally sucks. I'd cancel it early if I could, but I won't get refunded that money, so I'm just dealing with it.

I also have a Tumblr: Kaye's Daze

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