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More Bitter Than a December Winter Night

More Bitter Than A December Winter Night

Cold as ice
And more bitter than a december
Winter night
That's how I treated you
And I know that I
I sometimes tend to lose my temper
And I cross the line
Yeah that's the truth

I know it gets hard sometimes
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I say

Cause if I wanted to go I would have gone by now,
But I really need you near me to
Keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave I would have left by now
But you're the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

-Better Than I Know Myself by Adam Lambert

Let's just say at least... 10-12 hours on this manip. Not counting the hours I spent on the original version before I changed everything. A rather emotional piece. Connecting to my nightmare (but spinning it in a completely different direction). Basically the horse is attempting to stay off of the ice as much as possible as each time it touches it the ice grows along it's body even more. If the ice cracks it loses a portion of it's own body. It also doesn't want to become stuck in one spot and never able to move forward. Yet, even while this whole horrible thing is happening the horse is completely at peace - realizing that it is just another part of themselves and prepared to take a stand for what they are (as the ice).
Basically it's a huge metaphor for life and it's difficulties. If you can't see that... it's a pretty picture? xD

I'm offering this as a download. Do not take advantage of it. You can use it as a wallpaper and that is it If i see it anywhere other than right here there will be some hell to pay.

flickr - Sharon Drummond || :iconlucieg-stock: || :iconaredelsaralonde: // background
:iconshoeby-stock: // horse

everything else by me!
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I. didn't. Comment.


This. is seriously one of the coolest things i've ever seen. The ice and the hair and the fuzzies o__o :fangirl: 
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xD Thank you lovely! <3
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Wow wow wow wow
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amazing work!!moonflower 
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Thank you so much! <3
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Wow. Stunning piece. I love the colors.
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:wow: this is gorgeous!!
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thanks so much for the feature <33
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My pleasure dear :rose:
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Amazing work :clap:
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My pleasure dear :aww:
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I love how yu did the mane and tail and the colors and light are also fantastic! Very nice work!
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Thank you so much <3
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Thank you for using my stock :D
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