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Finally we know who the great author of this wonderfully romantic, sexy, emotional bondage story really is. It's the well known writer Adrian Hunter who published this story in 1998. Thanks Adrian for this gem of a story!

After - Chapter 6
By Adrian Hunter
(with apologies to Ero-Tales)

David stood up and shook off the ropes from his wrists and ankles after Wendy finally finished untying the woman’s complicated knots.

“She was a pro, huh?”

Wendy struggled to her feet and shrugged her shoulders as if to say she’d seen better. He tried his best not to laugh, but failed miserably, and she soon joined him in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, barely any food, no floater, crazy people behind every rock, Armageddon just around the corner, and all they could think about was sex games. Well, there were worse ways to go, he decided as he planted a huge kiss on her forehead.

“Do you want me to keep working on getting you out of that gag?” he asked once they’d both calmed down a little. “I don’t know how much longer that file’s going to hold out, but it’s probably worth the effort.”

She nodded her head enthusiastically, so he knelt down next to her and resumed sawing on the chain. But after more than an hour, he’d barely made a dent, and the serrated edges of the nail file were worn to a shiny, useless smoothness.

“I’m sorry, Wendy, but this just isn’t going to work.” He stood up and shook his aching wrist.

She sighed, then turned her head up and stared deeply at him with a mournful look that he presumed to mean that she understood he was doing the best he could. A second later, tears started to form around the corner of her eyes. “Oh, please, don’t cry, we’re going to be just fine, I’ll figure out a way…”

She shook her head no, then gestured for him to come around behind her, wiggling her fingers in the shape of what he finally understood to be letters. "You want to write something on me?” She nodded yes. He walked around, got on his knees, and held the palm of his hand next to her fingers. She traced a straight line. “I?” he asked. Another nod. Then she made an L, followed by O, V, E and Y so fast, he barely caught all the letters. “I lovey?” he said, feeling incredibly stupid after she finished the O and U.

His heart started hammering in his chest. How many days had it been since they had met? Two? Three? It might as well have been eternity. Even though he didn’t know a single thing about her past life…well, except the fact she had one heck of a kinky streak…he knew their destinies were locked together as permanently as the metal bands that were making their lives ever more difficult.

He wrapped his arms around her from behind, hugged her tight, and lay his head on her shoulder. “I love you, too,” he whispered into her ear. “Really and truly. And I promise we’re going to get out of this mess. And when we do…” She cocked her face toward his, pushed the gag against his lips, and held it there for a very long time.

When they both opened their eyes, David was suddenly aware that the day was slipping toward dusk. He made a quick inventory. Thankfully, what was left of the groceries didn’t drive away with the mountain woman when she stole their floater. That took care of dinner, and maybe tomorrow’s breakfast. And there was plenty of clean water in the creek. Otherwise, they had a dull nail file and some rope. He couldn’t remember what happened to his boxer shorts…oh, that’s right. He’d left them in the floater.

He could tell that Wendy was thinking along the same lines. No matter how brave they pretended to be, she must realize they were in deep trouble now. In his haste to drive away from the shotgun-wielding shopkeeper, he hadn’t been paying the slightest attention to where they were heading. North? South? He had no idea. He wondered how far they were from the main road, the next town, or even a house. Not that it really mattered, since traveling any distance without the floater was going to be practically impossible, thanks to the cuffs around Wendy’s ankles.

In fact, given the general middle-of-nowhere aspect of their whereabouts, not to mention the end of civilization as they knew it, he thought they might as well have been on Mars. Or maybe we’re both really dead, and this is hell, he mused. Alone in the world with a beautiful girl who can’t move, can’t speak, can’t…

His reverie was broken by a nudge on his shoulder. He looked over at Wendy, who was moving her mouth around the gag.

“Are you hungry? Yeah, me too. Might as well eat dinner before it gets dark. Tomorrow, I guess I’ll get to work on some kind of shelter for us, and maybe take a look around to see if there’s anything growing that we can eat.”

She nodded her head and started writing something on his stomach.  First an
M, then a Y, followed by H…E…R…O.

He chuckled, gave her a big squeeze, and stood up. “I guess now is not the best time to regret quitting the Boy Scouts when I was a kid, huh?”

She giggled a little. “Mmmm-hmmm.”

Good, he thought to himself as he walked over to the tipped-over bag of groceries. Keep her spirits up. Heck, things could be way worse…in fact, he was feeling pretty chipper, given the circumstances. Amazing what the love of a gorgeous gal can do to a man’s perspective on life, even when she’s helpless…um, maybe make that especially when she’s helpless.

“When the going gets tough,” he said in a mock-serious voice as he brought the sack back over to her, “the tough eat baby food.”

This made her laugh so hard, for a moment he was afraid she was going to choke on the damned gag. And she’s got a good sense of humor, he noted on her ever-lengthening list of qualities.

“Let’s go back to the creek,” he suggested. “I feel safer away from the road. Do you think that woman is going to come back for you?” Wendy shook her head. “Me neither, but I still think we should move away from this particular spot, just in case.” She nodded and moved her feet underneath her bottom so he could help her stand up.

“Should I carry you, or do you want to hop?” She started bouncing up and down on her toes. “You make an adorable bunny,” he laughed as she bounded ahead of him toward the embankment that led to the brook.

“I suppose I should make a fire or something,” he said after they’d finished eating just a few of their precious supplies. “Not that I have the slightest idea how to light one without matches. But I guess I’m going to have to figure it out sooner or later. I’d better go look for some leaves and branches before it gets…”

She bumped his mouth with her gag again. “Is that a yes?” She shook her head and squeezed her eyes closed. “What? Oh…maybe I should just shut up and get some shuteye?” She nodded yes.

“Actually, that sounds like a great idea,” he said as he lay down on the cool earth, stretched his legs like a lazy cat, and helped lower her to the ground. Once they were fairly comfortable, she snuggled her arms and back against his torso, and he flung an arm around her slender waist.

“Sleep tight.”

She made a sound that sounded distinctly like a groan and pinched him hard.

“Hey! Ow, that hurt,” he pouted. “You’d better be nice to me, missy.”

“Mmm-mmm,” she said, jiggling a little before sighing and settling down to sleep. David looked up and watched the sky slowly turn a deep shade of purple, grateful for the babbling water of the creek to break the unholy silence of the woods. He saw the first star of the evening, and wished like crazy for a miracle to save them from this mess. But God probably died along with the rest of humanity when the bombs went off, so it looked like they were just going to have to save themselves.

A few moments later, he felt her fingers teasing his pubic hairs, then reaching for his penis. He returned the favor by moving his hand up to her breast and gently stroking it. He briefly considered entering her from behind, but his touch seemed to be making her calmer instead of aroused, so he decided to leave well enough alone. Besides, he was exhausted, and this was the best he’d felt since he could remember. As her breathing became slow and regular, he found himself slipping into a dream about castles and knights and dragons and a damsel in distress…


Something cold and wet touched David’s back.

His eyes popped open, but he couldn’t see a thing in the dark besides Wendy sleeping soundly in his arms and, beyond her head, the faint outline of the trees in the moonlight. He froze as he listened to what sounded like panting just inches from his ear. There was definitely someone behind him. Had the wacko woman returned to finish him off? He started thinking about his next move…probably couldn’t get to the nail file in time…go for the eyes, he vaguely remembered from some tough-guy movie…as he prepared to spring to his feet, something furry bumped against his leg.

Something big.

David’s heart went into overdrive. That’s no person, he realized. It’s some kind of animal.

As if on cue, he heard a low, guttural growl.

He prayed it was a raccoon, or maybe a deer, or even a wolf, but his instincts told him there was only one animal in the forest that made a sound like that.

He willed himself into a statue as the thing he presumed was a bear sniffed his back, and then his ass, as he wondered how he could possibly save Wendy if it decided to attack. He desperately fought off the urge to shiver as sweat began to cover his body. Then he felt something long, damp and rough against his thigh. Sweet Jesus, it’s licking me…don’t move, can’t move, don’t move, oh god, please, spare Wendy…as the tongue explored the back of his body, he closed his eyes and steeled himself for the swipe of a claw, pushing away visions of what its teeth must look like…

After what seemed like hours, the awful grazing stopped, and David thought he heard the thing amble away toward the stream. He lay still for several minutes until he was positive whatever it was had gone away. Then he felt all of his muscles shudder in spastic convulsions, and his bladder spontaneously unloaded a stream of hot piss against Wendy’s butt.

She woke up startled and rolled away from him, grunting angrily. “Shhhhh! We have company,” he whispered fiercely. Thankfully, she froze, her breathing coming through her nose in short, panicked huffs.

“It’s OK now, I think,” he said to her softly. “Christ, that was close…” He couldn’t really see her face, but he knew she was waiting for an explanation. “Let’s just say the rightful owners of this place paid us a visit.”


He didn’t want to scare her, but what else could he do except tell her the truth? “I’m not sure, but I think it was a bear.” She squeaked in alarm, so he crawled next to her and gave her a hug. “Don’t worry, there’s no way I’m going back to sleep now. If it comes back, I’ll be ready for it.” His hands scrabbled around the ground until he found the nail file, then he sat back against a tree and pulled her next to him.

She shivered and buried her head into his chest, sobbing softly. “I know, Wendy, I know…” he couldn’t think of anything else to say, so he rocked her gently and stroked her hair. “I know, I know…”

Eventually, he felt her slip back into sleep. And, despite his best intentions, David’s head soon fell forward in slumber as well.


When he woke up, he found himself lying on his stomach. He turned his head and saw sunlight streaming through the branches of the trees. It must be almost noon, he thought as his eyes found their focus. Suddenly, he realized he was alone.

“Wendy!” he screamed, but as he started to stand up, something heavy dropped down on his butt and pinned him to the ground. Before he could react, he heard a familiar muffled giggle.

“Wendy, that had better be you…”


“You wench,” he snarled in mock exasperation. “I ought to spank you, but you’d probably like…ooomph!”

She plopped down on his butt again, laughing.

“How long have you been awake anyway?”

She started bouncing up and down on him as she hummed a singsong melody, then yelped as he reached around and grabbed her leg. “You are in major trouble now, my dear,” he said, holding her steady as he brought his knees up underneath her and pushed up on the ground with his free hand. He rolled himself out from under her, then caught her in his arms as she fell off.

David couldn’t believe Wendy was in such a good mood. After last night, he figured she’d be in suicide-hotline mode. Instead, she was peppering his face with gag-covered kisses, her eyes sparkling with delight.

“Mmmp…mmmpppp!” She jerked her head upwards.

“Up? OK.” He stood and helped her to her feet. “Looks like someone I know sprinkled happy dust on her cereal this morning.” Once she got her balance, she started hopping toward the stream, then looked back at him and gestured for him to follow her. “Where are we going?” he asked instinctively before remembering her gag. She glared at him, then gave him an exaggerated flounce of her head and kept on hopping. “Hey, wait for me, Bugs!” he yelled as he scrambled behind her.

She bounced fearlessly along the edge of the water for maybe 50 yards, then started gesturing for him to look across the brook. He peered through the thick undergrowth until he finally saw what she was pointing at. It was well hidden in the trees, but it was definitely some kind of man-made building.

The cold water actually felt good against his bare legs as he forded the stream and clambered up the embankment on the other side. It’s a log cabin, he realized as he approached the structure. What’s it doing out here anyway? Probably someone’s secret hideaway, or maybe it’s a hunting lodge, thinking of the bear. Anyway, it looked like it was in good shape, with nothing obvious broken down.

“Hello?” he shouted as he approached the front porch. “Anyone home?” He walked up the steps to the door and knocked on it loudly.

When he heard no response, he ran around the small house and tried to peer in the windows, but they were shuttered from the inside. “I think it’s deserted,” he yelled back at Wendy, who was beaming with pride on the other side of the stream.

David returned to the porch and tried to open the door. As expected, it was locked with a serious-looking deadbolt above the handle. He pressed against the thick wood, and realized it was ridiculous to presume he could somehow break it down. He supposed he could easily smash a window and push through the shutters, but he really didn’t want to if he didn’t have to. He looked around the porch and tried to think where someone might hide an extra key. Maybe on top of the door frame? Nope. No doormat, either. He jumped off the porch and peered under the stairs. Nothing. He was just about to give up when he noticed a little wooden birdhouse nailed to a tree next to the front window. He walked over and swiveled the door up to open it. Nothing inside. Then he looked up at the underside of the door and saw a key nailed to the wood.

“Yahooooo!” he shouted as he worked it free, clenched it tight in his hand, and ran down the embankment to the stream. He splashed noisily across the water, and just about knocked Wendy over as he embraced her.

“I love you, I love you, I love you,” he sputtered as he kissed her all over her head and upper body. “You did it, Wendy. You saved us.” She smiled and blushed and David thought he had never seen a prettier thing in his entire life.

“Allow me, mademoiselle,” he said with a gallant bow. She gave him a curtsey before allowing him to pick her up to cross the stream and head up the embankment. When they reached the door of the cabin, she tried to get out of his arms, but he held her tight.

“Nothing doing,” he said as he braced a leg against the side of the house to hold her up while he fumbled with the key into the lock. “I’m going to carry you over the threshold.”

She leaned forward and rubbed her nose against his, then closed her eyes and threw her head back in a mock swoon. He laughed and turned the door handle, fully expecting to find a dusty, empty room.

Instead, they walked into what looked like a museum exhibit of how people lived during the 19th century. A large brass bed covered with a colorful quilt dominated the room. A walk-in fireplace filled one entire wall, and there was a little iron oven next to it that looked like it was supposed to be used for cooking. Pots and pans and cups and kitchen utensils hung from the ceiling above a heavy wooden table with two chairs and a large steamer trunk beside it. Another wall was covered from floor to ceiling with shelves groaning under the weight of dinnerware, various household items and hundreds of books. A corded rug covered most of the polished floor planks. Candles and oil lamps were mounted on the walls, along with a rack holding a serious collection of rifles.

At first, David figured he’d guessed right when he thought the cabin was a hunting lodge, although it could just as easily have doubled as a tribute to Laura Ingalls Wilder. Something was wrong, he decided. The house was way too cute to be a hideout for a bunch of guys who got their kicks blasting defenseless animals for fun. Then both of them saw the poster on the wall at the same time. “U.S. Out Of North America Now!” he said out loud, laughing at the cartoonish illustration of a Mountie aiming a blunderbuss at Uncle Sam.

“Some crazy Canuck was probably using this as a hideout,” he continued, still chuckling. “Look, there’s tons of anti-America propaganda on the shelves. Probably one of those Quebec militia types. I read an article about them not too long ago. Seems they were going to come over the border to secretly commit random acts of terror. Well, judging from the decor, it looks like he was quite the traditionalist, huh?”

He lowered Wendy onto the invitingly-fluffy bed. “Something tells me there’s more to this place than charming antiques. Anything look suspicious to you?” Without waiting for her answer, he walked over to the edge of the rug and lifted an edge. Nothing. He pulled away more of the heavy material and discovered a large metal ring recessed into the wood.

“Bingo. A trap door. Probably leads to some kind of cellar.” He lifted the heavy iron loop and gave it a tug. A large piece of the floor rose a few inches. For an instant, he worried he might be making the biggest mistake of his life, but realized it was much too late to worry about surprising someone. So he kept pulling on the ring until the door flopped open.

David pulled a candle off the wall. “Do you see any matches?” Wendy looked around and gestured toward the fireplace, where a big box sat on the stone mantle next to a wind-up alarm clock.

“Awesome,” he said as he touched the flaming tip to the wick. “I’m going to poke around downstairs. Are you okay?” She nodded and pushed her head back into the pillows with a blissful sigh. He wondered how long it had been since she was comfortable. Well, she wouldn’t have to suffer much longer. Whoever built this place had to have tools. And, most likely, some food, too. He got on his knees to lower the candle into the hole, and then stuck his head down.

“Holy shit,” he said slowly. “Wendy, you aren’t going to believe what’s down here.”

It looked like something from an old World War II movie. The room was significantly larger than the cabin above it, maybe twice its size. Wooden bunks lined one long wall, and dozens of crates with stenciled letters on the side were neatly stacked against the other. There was a fully-stocked workbench, some kind of transmitter, what looked like an engine from a floater, fuel cells stacked to the ceiling, shovels, axes, and enough weapons to assault a small country, if not America itself.

David lowered himself into the room and went over to study the boxes. “Fruit!” he called out as he read the bright-red words. “Meat! Vegetables! Wendy, this place is like a grocery!” He lifted the lid of one at random and was greeted by the sight of several dozen aluminum circles neatly arranged in rows. Cans and cans of food. The next box he checked was filled with sacks of rice. Then he found one packed with ammunition.

This is too good to be true, he thought silently. Someone’s going to pop out from the shadows and attack me with a blaster, or maybe a bayonet.

But the only sound in the cabin he heard was Wendy’s feet pounding across the hardwood floor above him. “Hey, stay away from the hole, you hear? The last thing we need is for you to fall down here and break your leg! I’m coming right up…hold your horses, girl…”

His head popped out of the floor. No Wendy. Where did she go? He felt waves of panic wash over his limbs as he pulled himself up into the cabin. He ran to the door and threw it open. And there was Wendy, squatting by a tree.

“Jesus, you scared me to death,” he started to say exasperatedly. “Next time, why don’t you tell…oh, I’m sorry…excuse me.” He hurried back into the cabin, his face burning bright red, and lowered himself back into the cellar. Gotta find something to get that gag off…he waved the candle over the workbench and poked through the tools until he found a small hacksaw. Perfect.

“Wendy, we’re in business!” he yelled as he climbed out of the hole waving the saw like a victory flag. She was sitting primly on the bed, looking at him happily. “Hold very still,” he said as he sat down next to her, positioned the blade and started grinding through the chain. After just a few minutes, the link snapped open. He pulled the next link through the opening, removed the plastic cylinder from her mouth and stared at her smiling face, feeling positively woozy.

“Wendy, I…” But he was interrupted by her lips planted hard against his, her tongue squirming in his mouth. He put his arms around her and returned her kiss with more passion than he thought possible. They fell back onto the bed and continued their embrace until she finally pulled away gasping.

“I love you, David. Oh god…thank you.”

“I love you too, Wendy. I…”

Whatever he was going to say was lost to the ages as she started kissing him all over his face, then down his neck until she arrived at his chest. He felt himself getting harder than he had ever been before as she started nibbling on his nipples. Moments later, she had slid down to the floor, her lips and tongue and teeth working their way down his stomach to his groin.

“No…wait…I…inside you…”

She raised her head and muttered “will you please shut up?” before she took him completely into her mouth. Within less than a minute, he exploded.

“Mmmmmm….now that’s a gag I could get used to,” she said when she finally released him.

“My turn,” he growled as he grabbed her arms and pulled her back onto the bed.

“Oh…help…save me…” she sighed as he picked up her ankles and buried his face against her moist crotch.

He lifted his head and peered at her from between her thighs. “You maybe want the gag back on? That can be easily arranged…no? I didn’t think so…” It took a little longer before she started moaning and thrashing, but he kept his tongue in motion until he was satisfied she wasn’t going to think about hopping anywhere for quite some time.

“Oh, David…do that again,” she purred when he finally came up for air, her taste dripping from his mouth. So he did. And did. And did some more. And when he was hard again, he held her legs up high and teased her with the tip of his cock until neither of them could stand it anymore, and then slipped into her like Cinderella’s foot in the glass slipper.

It was starting to get dark before they finally finished with each other. He pushed himself up on one arm and gazed at her with a stupid smile permanently etched on his face. “Wendy, you are just…”

“Hush,” she said. “Tell me tomorrow. Or the next day. Right now, I just want to sleep with you forever in this bed.” He could hardly argue with her, given that he was practically snoring by the time his head hit the pillow.

The next morning dawned gloriously. David woke up parched and starving, and figured Wendy had to feel likewise. So he ventured into the basement and retrieved a few cans of fruit, then grabbed an earthen pitcher and went to the brook for water. When he came back into the cabin, Wendy was just beginning to stir.

“Morning, Sunshine. Feeling better about things, I hope?” He sat down next to her on the bed and poured some water into a cup for her.

“Mmmmm-hmmmmmmmmm,” she replied, sounding very satisfied. “Oh, that’s right. I seem to have regained full mouth functions.” She struggled into a sitting position, leaned over and kissed David hard.

“There are so many things I want to ask you,” he started. “But first things first. Let’s get you out of those cuffs once and for all. I’m pretty sure the hacksaw will…”

“Don’t you dare.”

David stared at her in dumbfounded silence for a full beat, then began stammering. “I…I don’t think…what do you…”

“Let me put it another way, David. If you cut them off, I’m outta here.”

“Are…are you…how will you…oh, c’mon, Wendy, you can’t be…”

“Serious? Oh, I’m very serious, David. You’ll soon learn I am very serious about many things, but mostly about this.” She gave him another kiss. “Look, even though we hardly know each other, we both know, for better or worse, we are going to be together for a very long time. For me, that means this.” She wiggled her bound ankles. “And worse.” She smiled broadly.

“But how will you get around?”

“Where are we going?”

“How will you eat?”

“You’ll just have to feed me, big boy.”

David looked hard into Wendy’s eyes, and she returned his stare in kind. My god, she’s not kidding, he thought to himself. He weighed his options, and it took him maybe three seconds to realize he had none, besides the one sitting beside him.

“Now, if you would be so kind, I’d love some of that fruit, and then I want you to fuck me silly, just like yesterday, only don’t be so nice this time. After that, you can poke around this place and do some useful boy stuff, like finding some rope to tie me up properly.”

David couldn’t think of a single response that made the slightest amount of sense except finding a can opener and a spoon. He could barely remember what his life had been like before the bomb. Everyone who had been so  important to him…his friends, his coworkers, his family…swirled in a nostalgic mist as if they were characters in a movie he had seen years ago. And everything bad was suddenly the best thing that had ever happened to him…surviving the blast, finding Wendy, escaping the crazies, the fuel cell disaster, even the damned bear…all this had led them to a secret sanctuary built and stocked by the very people who had done their best to obliterate them. God save the Queen, and Napoleon, too, he laughed to himself.

And now the most beautiful girl left in the world seemed to be insisting that she wanted nothing more in life than to be his sex toy, bound to do with as he pleased. He found his groin stirring as he imagined the possibilities, then he tried to convince himself she would come to her senses…some day…maybe…but maybe not. After all, they had no place to go, no one to find, no reason to leave, plenty of food, a source of water, wood everywhere for the fireplace, the steamer trunk is probably filled with clothes, there’s probably even a floater hidden somewhere close by for all those fuel cells in the bunker. If someone happened upon them, well, they were certainly armed to the teeth. No, staying alive wasn’t going to be a challenge. And she was certainly someone worth living forever for.

“Did you ever hear the story about people who got everything they wanted?” she asked him as he sat down next to her on the bed with an open tin of pineapple chunks. He shook his head no, still trying to recalculate the events of the last three days and what was to become of their lives now.

She scooted her naked body against his and kissed him. “They lived happily ever after.”

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After - Part 5

By Ero-Tales

David wanted to lay on the ground next to her, holding her tightly against him, but an overpowering thirst together with hunger pangs told him he'd better see to some more basic needs first. There was still plenty of food left, all of it too hot to be pleasant. He pulled the sack out into the shade of the floater, along with the bottled water.

"You want some of this, or go down to that little creek?" Wendy looked towards the small shaded grove that hid the rippling brook, looked back at him and jerked her head in that direction. He gathered a few baby-food bottles and a little food for himself, and helped her to her feet.

"You want to get there yourself? I can carry you if you want." She looked as exhausted as he felt. She leaned towards him and nuzzled his shoulder, which he took to mean, oh, alright, you can carry me just this once.

"Um. . ." His hands were already full. "Here, you take a few of these bottles." He pressed them into her hands, and gathered her in his arms, staggering a little in fatigue as he carried her into the trees and carefully down the short slope to the creek. His intention was to set her down in the creek itself. As soon as her feet touched the water, though, she squeaked and pulled her feet up quickly, almost causing him to drop her as her weight shifted. He stood her on the damp earth just beyond the reach of the water, and reached down to feel the water. It was very cool, almost cold. He didn't know where it was coming from, but runoff from the mountains seemed possible. At any rate it was pretty obvious why she didn't want to sit in it. By this time she had laid down on her side parallel to the edge of the water, and was wriggling closer, eventually thrusting her face into the current to take a mouthful of cold water, gulping with difficulty around the gag. He could see this was another thing she wanted to do herself; shrugging, he knelt next to the water and took a drink himself. The coolness spread slowly through his limbs, and in the pleasure of the moment began to feel for the first time that survival was not only possible, but even desirable.

He sat afterwards with his legs around her feeding her lunch, or breakfast, whatever it was, and had his own after that. The exhaustion of their earlier efforts and a night of little sleep caught up with both of them, and he curled himself around her as they lay back against the muddy bank, and grew less conscious of the hushed swishing of leaves and quizzical twittering of birds, as they drifted to sleep and the rest of the morning passed.

* * *

"Hey! Anybody out there?"

David jerked awake, a little surprised at finding his nose buried between Wendy's breasts after a dream in which people he knew had one by one inexplicably disappeared. He held her tightly against him to make sure she, too, didn't disappear, and felt her stir sleepily against him as the voice called out again.

"Whose floater?"

He felt Wendy stiffen in surprise, so no, he wasn't imagining it. He quietly untangled himself from her and put his finger to his lips. She cocked her head at him and rolled her eyes, opening her lips briefly against the gag, as if to say, you idiot, what was I going to say anyway?

He patted her and whispered, "I'm sorry," and crept up towards the top of the bank to try to catch sight of whoever was doing the yelling. A woman was standing by the floater, her back to it, turning her head to survey the horizon. She was dressed in faded denim shorts, a white T-shirt with a brown vest and a back-pack, her long brown hair parted in the middle, her legs unusually muscular. From where David was she looked about 30 or so, and looked understandably puzzled that a floater should be sitting in the middle of nowhere for no obvious reason. He was hesitant to present himself, since his shorts were, as usual lately, back in the floater. He cursed himself for leaving the door standing open again, and the keys in it. He couldn't see any vehicle she might have arrived in, and from her rumpled, sweat-streaked look she had probably been walking. If she couldn't find anybody to go with the floater she would undoubtedly decide, reasonably enough, that it was hers. Hell, he decided, she's old enough to have seen a few naked men before. At least, he found, he wouldn't be approaching her with a hard-on. He'd had one just a minute ago, and wasn't completely sure what had become of it, but there did seem to be something about the woman that reversed the natural flow of his male anatomy.

He slowly climbed to the top of the slope and stood. The woman's head jerked towards him at the movement, and her jaw dropped, as she looked away for a moment and then back towards him.
"This yours?" she asked, indicating the floater behind her.

"Yeah. Is there a problem? You live around here?"

"No. Been out hiking a few days."

Neither made a move to get any closer, and the conversation took place at about a 30-foot distance. If there was some kind of camp nearby with lots of people around, David imagined it would be nice to know where it was, so he could decide whether to join it or avoid it. Maybe he could get some clothes and get Wendy loose.

"You out looking for other survivors?"

The woman looked puzzled. "Survivors? Of what? That earthquake? How bad was it?"

David shook his head in wonder. Could she have been so completely out of contact that she didn't even know?

"You know about the war, don't you?"

"War? Here? Don't look like a war to me."

His incredulity beat his sensitivity to his voicebox.

"Well, you ought to see what's left of the city if you don't think it looks like a war. Those were bombs, not earthquakes." His voice shook as he remembered everything he'd been trying to forget.

"Probably not much left of North America."

She glared at him. "You're bullshitting. There's never going to be a war. That's all scare talk."

He shook his head again. "You got a cellphone?"

She snorted in disgust. "Damn thing's broken. Can't get anything on it anymore."

"It's not broken. There's nobody to call anymore. It's. . ." It finally sank into him that he was telling someone that everyone she'd been close to was dead. Hell, though, what did it matter, it was too big to grasp anyway. He knew he didn't believe it yet himself.

Her eyes narrowed. "Why're you saying such crap? You a Canuck spy or something?"

He threw his hands up. "Look, I don't know how to prove it to you. You'll find out eventually. For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For whatever you're going to go though. It won't be fun, finding out. I'm sorry, that's all."

He looked towards his right, in the direction he thought the city was from there. There was no smoke rising anymore, so he wasn't sure.

"You alone?"

David's mind tried to short-circuit the reflex that made him look behind him, failed.

"Somebody back there?" She suddenly pulled a knife out of a sheath at her belt he hadn't noticed.

"Come out where I can see you, whoever you are."

"What's the knife for? Nobody here's going to hurt you."

"Yeah, right. You're standing there talking like a crazy Canuck and somebody else is hiding in the trees, and I'm supposed to think we're all friends here. Come out!"

David hoped Wendy had the sense to stay out of sight, maybe get a little further downstream. He cautiously crept closer to the woman, whose attention was still on the trees. At a closer view she seemed a little older, maybe 35. The woman froze, apparently sensing some movement in front of her.

"You, right there. Stop!"

David felt his stomach churn as he waited for the other shoe to drop. He and the woman both crept forward, approaching the creek bed from different angles. Watching her intently, he saw her jaw drop, followed by a nearly breathless
"Holy shit!"

The woman whirled on David.

"You ARE a Canuck! You got a woman prisoner down there in chains." She glanced back towards Wendy, squinting, then back towards David.

"For God's sake, she's naked too. What was you doing, raping her when I came along?"

She edged closer, brandishing the knife, the edge traveling in tiny circles. David held his hands outward, open palms towards her.

"It's not like that! Wait! Look, you can see I don't have a weapon, so you can afford to give me time to explain, right?" He crept backward, trying to stand his ground yet still somehow manage to maintain most of the distance between them. She stopped, uncertainly, glancing back at Wendy once more, who was standing, trying to hop up the steep slope of the bank by the creek. David started towards her as she lost her balance and fell heavily to her knees, and stopped at a motion from the woman.

"Okay, I bet this'd be worth hearing. Start talking."

He took a deep breath.

"It's all true, what I was telling you. The city got bombed a couple of days ago. Maybe a lot of other places, too. There's a few survivors, not many. Just some of us who were lucky," he grimaced inwardly, "if that's what you want to call it. I walked around a long time, and then I heard Wendy crying for help. She and her boyfriend had been. . . well, I guess this was how they had fun. You know."

He searched her eyes for some sort of understanding. At least now she looked puzzled, which was an improvement over murderous rage.

"So you just decided to keep her that way?"

"Look, I don't think you get what it's like yet. You can't just go out to your garage or the hardware store and get some tools. The toolbox is gone. The garage is gone. The hardware store is gone. Do you get what I'm saying?"

David himself was starting to get a feeling for the enormity of it. I'd better stop talking about this, he thought.

"I've been trying to get her loose .I even got part of it undone. She was worse off that this to begin with. But I haven't found anything I can do with all that metal stuff. What am I supposed to use, my bare hands?"

He looked back towards Wendy, who had wriggled up the bank on her side and was now working herself upright against a tree. He thought about helping her, but realized his only hope of convincing the woman would be if Wendy came over to him spontaneously, as if she wanted to be with him. It had to look like it was all her idea. He tried to somehow pass the thought to her telepathically. He could see the woman struggling with her doubts. One more bit of evidence might help.

"Has your phone been out of order the whole time, or just since. . . well, when did it stop working?"

"Um, yeah, it was working a couple of days ago. I tried calling some friends yesterday. Never got a signal."

She closed her eyes and looked down. Wendy started hopping towards them now. The woman looked up at the sound, and motioned her over to her, but Wendy shook her head and hopped to David's side. As he put his arms around her and she nestled her head against his shoulder, the woman finally seemed to relax. At least until the thought completed itself.
"You mean, it's all true? Bomb, war, everything?" She seemed on the verge of tears.

David just nodded. The woman sat abruptly, her face buried in her hands. David took the opportunity to look Wendy over.
"How you feeling? Did you hurt yourself back there? Any cuts or anything?" He reached down to brush off the mud caked on her shins.

"Do you want to sit down?" She shrugged, and finally nodded.

"Let's go over to that tree. I'll help you when we get there."

He knew by now she'd at least want to travel there under her own power. He could hear her hopping behind him, and turned when he reached the tree to help her sit. She shook her head and leaned back against the trunk, letting her hands slip slowly downward until at last she was sitting, leaning back against it. He joined her next to the trunk, and looked again at their visitor.

"Can I do anything for you? We've got a little food, if you're hungry."

The woman raised her head and took a deep breath, obviously making an effort to appear as if she'd weathered the storm. In a voice a little too loud, she said, "No, I'm fine. Got a lot of stuff with me here." She jiggled her backpack.

"Um. . . say! In that case, maybe you could help us. You got anything in there that would cut through these handcuffs?"

"Lemme check." She shrugged off the pack and started picking through it. After a minute she nodded and pulled something out.

"Would this help? Best I can do, I think." She held a nail file out towards David. He came over and took it, looking it over skeptically.

"Maybe. I'll see if I can do anything with it." He brought it back and showed it to Wendy.

"What do you want me to start on? Feet, hands, or mouth?"

She thought a moment, then bobbed her head, thrusting her jaw towards him, seeming to indicate the gag.

"Yeah, I was thinking that, too. That's the one thing that's really getting in the way the most; it's been hard getting enough food and water into you. Okay, sit still, let me see what I can do." He spent a minute examining the links of the chain running along her cheek. They all seemed about the same thickness. He shrugged and picked one, and carefully started sawing with the file across the outer surface of the tiny loop of metal. He had to avoid jabbing her face with the sharp point of the file, so each back-and-forth motion didn't cover any great distance. It was obviously going to take awhile, if it worked at all. As he worked, he saw out of the corner of his eye that the woman had stretched herself out on the ground, using her backpack as a pillow. She seemed to be shaking her head slightly and mumbling to herself.

After about 15 minutes, his muscles were starting to ache from sitting hunched in one position. He paused to examine his work. The link was now displaying a roughened, flat shiny surface. He sighed in exasperation; at this rate it would take at least another hour. Meanwhile, the upper portion of the file was being rubbed smooth.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I'm kind of wrecking your file. Should I stop?"

"It's okay?"

She just waved again. Shrugging, he went back to work, using the lower, still-rough surface of the file. After another 20 minutes or so, Wendy shifted as if she just had to move the muscles that were aching from sitting so patiently in one position. She looked at him with a questioning expression and jerked her eyes in the direction of the link he had been working on.

"Let me look again." At a rough guess he thought he might be halfway through. He tested the link with his fingers, trying to see if there was any give that might be encouraged into a break. He carefully thrust the file into the loop and gave it a twist. Nothing yielded, and Wendy grunted and glared at him.

"Sorry. I don't know, maybe another half-hour. Except. . ." He examined the file critically. "I don't think this is going to get us there. The whole thing is starting to get worn smooth. I don't even think it's been doing anything the last few minutes."

Her arm across her eyes, the woman just waved the other one in a dismissive gesture.

He broke off as Wendy squeaked in alarm, her eyes wide viewing something beyond his shoulder. He turned in time to see a backpack swing towards his head. In the split second of consciousness after it struck, he relived the instant of the explosion.
His head ached as he slowly swam back towards consciousness. The thought of the bomb remained with him; that and the confusion of his limbs not functioning the way he wanted them to. The woman was just putting the finishing touches on a knot that left him hogtied on the ground. His field of vision was filled with a slanted horizon and the woman's backpack laying in front of him. Must have had rope in it for rock-climbing or something, he thought, as he jerked against the bonds and twisted onto his side.

She slapped him, mumbling, "Now you know what it feels like. Doing that to a poor little girl."

He spat grass out of his mouth. "I told you I found her like that. You saw me trying to cut through the gag."

"First time I saw you was when you was coming back from raping her. You just now was threatening her with that knife. Loved scaring her, didn't you? You men are all the same. Bet you had a Rape and Pillage class back in Toronto."

"I am NOT CANADIAN, damn it. And it was a file, not a knife, and you gave it to me. Look, you saw she wanted to be with me, didn't you?" About 30 feet beyond her he could see Wendy struggling to get to her feet against the trunk of the tree. The woman must have dragged him over here to get him away from Wendy.

"Guy raped me with a knife once. I swore I'd get him back someday. Never found him, but you'll do." She patted her own knife in its sheath. His entire skin surface felt as if tiny electric currents were traveling over it. This lady was functioning in a different reality now, he knew. Within minutes she'd probably be confusing him with *her* rapist.

Wendy took her first hops towards them. The woman heard her and turned, started walking towards her.

"You come with me, honey. He can't hurt you anymore. . . WHOA!" She backed away from Wendy hurriedly. As she moved out of the line of sight between him and Wendy, David could see Wendy had turned her back towards the woman and was waving the file back and forth at about waist level. The woman was circling her slowly, presenting her hands towards her, empty palms forward.

"I don't mean to hurt you, sweetie. We're both on the same team. Let's go over to the floater and get you tucked away, then I'll take care of this guy."

Wendy, watching her over her shoulder, managed to keep her balance as she turned with little hops to keep her back towards the woman, holding the file menacingly. As the woman continued to circle, Wendy now started to hop towards David, getting herself between him and the woman. The woman stood with her hands on her hips now, a somewhat glazed look in her eyes. David hoped her reality was shifting in some less dangerous direction. She took a few tentative steps forward, as Wendy continued retreating towards David. About five feet from him, she stumbled and fell heavily to her knees with a squeak of alarm, but held onto the file and continued pointing it at the woman. She shuffled the remaining distance towards David on her knees, clearly ready to hold a defensive position there for as long as it took.

The woman began circling again, and Wendy twisted on her knees to keep the file pointed at her. The woman shook her head, her eyes closed. Finally she said softly, "That's a good idea, honey. You watch him and make sure he doesn't get loose. I'll drive into town. I've got friends there who can help you." David sighed with relief and exasperation. The immediate danger was past, but they seemed to be about to lose the floater. He wondered what she'd do at her next reality check, when she saw the city. Probably explain it away somehow. People only ever believe what they want to, damn it.

He watched as she walked around the driver's side of the floater, glared at him and said, "I'll get you later, asshole."

The rush of the engine sprayed gravel and knocked over the grocery bag standing next to the floater as she slammed it into gear and the vehicle hissed away back towards the road. Wendy rolled to her side, finally, her eyes closed, breathing in audible heaves.

He struggled with the ropes a few minutes, and finally said, "Um. . . Wendy?"


"I could use a little help here."

She looked at him, and a tiny giggle escaped her lips. She smiled "Hmm-mmm."

"Come on, Wendy. This is no fair."

She raised her eyebrows.

"Okay, maybe fair's not the right word. But you still need me loose. We can't both be tied up."

With a sigh, she came around behind him and started worrying the knot on the rope binding his wrists and ankles together. As she worked it loose and he straightened his legs in relief, she hooked her own legs around his head and started passing the loop of her legs down his body.

"Wendy, what are you doing?"

Twisting, she made him lie on his back. Her ankles were crossed under his lower back, and he had to prop himself up with his elbows behind him to get more comfortable. Sitting now on his stomach, she slowly slid a little further back, towards his crotch.

"You're not untying me, are you?"

She grinned and shook her head, feeling behind her for his penis. With an effort she raised herself up and over it, and guided it up into her. He closed his eyes as she began rocking in a gentle rhythm on his hips, and he could feel himself growing to fill her more completely.

"You'll untie me afterwards, huh?"

Her own eyes closed, sighing softly to herself, she shrugged.

He stopped asking.

NEXT ....contd Chappter 6
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