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(Five Nights at Freddy's) Foxy Shimeji 'Preview'

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After a lot of procrastination and tedious amounts of tracing and retracing, there it is! My kinda planned, completely finished Foxy shimeji!
Do you want a tiny animatron running around your desktop? Continue reading! Important things below.

What is this?
*A tiny desktop buddy that runs around on your monitor and will sometimes clone itself or pick up and throw loose browser windows. This particular one is the animatronic pirate fox, Foxy, from Five Nights at Freddy's, an indie horror game.
Is that it?
*Yeah. Literally, that's all it does. Sometimes it follows your mouse?
Okay, fine, what can I use it on?
*Windows PCs. I'm fairly certain Vista doesn't support them (Vista is evil), but Windows XP and Windows 7 definitely do. There is no Mac version that I am aware of.
How do I run this?
*After you download it, you'll need to right/click on the file (wherever it sits) and select the extract files option. If you can't find that, get the Winrar trial and use that to extract your files. The trial never really seems to run out... Once that's done, double-click yourself into the Foxy files until you see a file called "Shimeji.exe". Double-click that to run your useless mascot.
My shimeji doesn't work, what the hell?
*Not all shimejis work, though most of those can be fixed with the other thing I included in the .zip file: Java RE 6. This is what all shimejis run on, so if you ahve this version that I'm providing you with, they should, SHOULD, All work just fine. IF NOT take all of the files form a WORKING Shimeji EXCEPT FOR THE IMG FILES and replace the files in the broken shimeji with those. Should work fine after that.
Where do I get yours, then?
*Since dA is being an ass and nothing is helping, here is my Mediafire with the download called "Super Shimeji Wizard" which comes with my Foxy shimeji and the Java RE 6 setup for you to run just in case the shimeji doesn't run and comes up with an error. ( www.mediafire.com/download/ebh… )

FOR WINDOWS 8: www.mediafire.com/download/o8o… (apparently this is broken now, apologies... someone else did this for me as I personally run win7 and haven't run into any issues at all =/)

Mac instructions maybe soon? probably not as I don't run mac and I don't have any friends that have mac know-how.

As an addendum, the shimeji I traced over (Vegeta to be specific) had extra animations, more than what the normal shimeji uses, and some blank frames to balance it out w/ the program. There's supposed to be a file that is supposed to allow those extra animations to play, but I haven't been able to find it at all.

Chill. I'm in college and like never on here and I have other things I'm doing rn. Making shimejis is kinda tedious, so this Foxy is the only FNaF shimeji I've made for now.

I'm rarely on dA these days and more on my Tumblr, and I'm no wizard. My shimeji works fine so I can only tell you the fixes I know have worked for me in the past. Sorry.

Hopefully this is helpful! Extra link:
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I didn't find the download ;w; (it's amazing how far I've come, not finding a simple download link. Confirmed I'm blind)