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Hey, you can call me Ivory if you want. Some also call me Moonleaf for you Warrior fans out there. Just call me what you will xD I'm 16 and I like to write, hunt and watch anime. I read every comment even if I don't reply. I'm hyper and crazy when I'm with my close friends and family. I'm generally nice and good natured, friendly and fun-loving. But please don't get on my bad side. You probably won't like this side of me. Lol! I love Pok'emon and Warrior Cat's. I like PewDiePie and I'm a fan. I'm into Anime wolves and cats. I like scary games & books & stuff.

My only sites I go on ^-^

:bulletgreen: here

These are my OC's but I mainly only use Moonleaf:

:bulletred: Moonleaf (Main OC)
:bulletyellow: Rainfeather (Moonleaf's mother)
:bulletgreen: Silverclaw (Moonleaf's father)
:bulletblue: Gingerpelt (Moonleaf's sister)


:bulletpurple: Kaya (Main OC)
:bulletpink: Gingerpelt (Kaya's sister)
:bulletblack: Hiccup <.< Just wanted to complete the rainbow xD

Creator of :icondeviant-heros:, leader of the DeviantHeros and who's also my bestest friend~ :iconanthea-venilia:

Creator of :iconwarriors-of-galaxies: and leader of MoonClan~ :iconarr0w-k1tty:

Deviants whose art I admire~ :iconnai-alei: :iconpsarahdactyls: :iconkonokiri:


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nekowolf: * looks at u* your bedroom is down the hall and to the right *I walk outside but says this to u before I go back into the tree* if you need anything just ask *jumps onto my tree as I lay on a branch sand falls asleep*
ivoryhuntress (7:36:14 PM): -I'm taking it all in as I turn towards the hallway and walk down it and to the right. I see a single door and walk through it-
xxnekowolf132xx (7:37:05 PM):  *u see a girl in there and she waves hi*
ivoryhuntress (7:38:27 PM): -I walk in and sit on a chair next to twin beds-
*she looks at u* so your the new girl *she smiles* hi I'm Jill
Hey -I smile at her as well- My name's Ivory.
Nice to meet u*looks at u* r u mad at James for locking you up here
You have no idea the first time we had an actual face to face conversation. But I'm all good now. Honestly, it was kind of a shock when he finally told me what was going on. But you know, James isn't that bad. I'm just still wary, I can't know for sure if I can trust him.
What r u talking about what story *she's confused**she's laughs* I'm surprise that James even talk to u he only talks to the girls he trust
When he told me about what this female "master" did to him and how she put that curse mark on him to control him and how she took away his freedom.
ivoryhuntress (7:50:19 PM): Really? I didn't know that. -I flick my tail curiously-
*she smiles* yeah Cuz the other girls told me that he only talks to the girls he trusts and so far that's u *she goes into the top bunck* night Ivory *she falls asleep*
ivoryhuntress (10:28:46 AM): *I can't think of anything else as I go to the bottom bunk and tuck myself in.* Why would only I be someone James trusts? He just now met me, I need to figure this out. *My eyelids go heavy and I fall uneaslily to sleep*
*I wake up early the next morning as I go inside as start to fix every ones food*
*My dreams are troublsome and fuzzy. I see a little baby wrapped with white silk. It's layed on the doorstep of secluded house in the city. A hand appears and knocks on the door in some kind of secret code, then the hand dissapears. A few seconds later someone opens the door and there's bright light and the smell of food coming from inside. My dream becomes a full fog and my eye's open from my deep sleep. I can smell someone cooking so I get up and walk down the hall to the livingroom*
nekowolf *sits on the ground*
ivoryhuntress (6:59:33 PM): *looks at you expectantly*
xxnekowolf132xx (7:01:04 PM): *looks at u* hey
xxnekowolf132xx (7:03:26 PM): Ur up earlier then I expected
ivoryhuntress (7:05:30 PM): Yeah I smelt food *I grin a little, staying watchful for anything suspicious*
nekowolf * I plate the food as I grab my plate and sit in the couch*
ivoryhuntress (7:09:34 PM): *I wander over and my ears twitch as I take a late and sniff the food*
xxnekowolf132xx (7:13:22 PM): *I start to eat as I look at u* try it u might like it
*I scoop up the food and put it on my plate then make my way to the other side of the couch and start eating*
xxnekowolf132xx (7:48:53 PM): *I finish eating as I put my plate away* oh and good morning *smiles as I go back outside*
ivoryhuntress (7:50:05 PM): *As he walks away I smile too and whisper 'Good morning' back*
xxnekowolf132xx (7:52:03 PM): *I am outside and I look around* something is not right my mark doesn't hurt
ivoryhuntress (7:52:58 PM): *I finished the delicious food and walk outside as well*
xxnekowolf132xx (7:54:23 PM): *I start to shake as I look at you* get back inside
(Sparky when we rp'ed I had to be his 'master' kk xD )
xxnekowolf123xx: *I look at her* take the girls to the basement and stay there until I say its safe
xxnekowolf132xx (8:03:46 PM): *A huge mist appears in the early dawn morning and a flash of blue, then a figure appears* how did u find me
(now as the Neko's master who's name is Ashley) it's a very poor decision to try to run from your master. You know, it's not that hard to track my curse mark. You see, experienced masters can do so, but your Masters magic is just a lie. There's no way for you to master such a thing.
xxnekowolf132xx (8:13:35 PM): *sighs* yeah I don't have slaves so what? I may not have slaves *lies* but I'm a better master than u *starts to flame up*
the master: *Ashley looks at Neko* you are a foolish boy. You will never have or know the full power of a genuine Master with her full powers. *a huge glowing sphere encircles the master and dark black and blue flames flow from her hands.*
nekowolf132xx (8:21:47 PM): *laughs* that's magic mine is born not bought. *smiles* u know that since u took away my freedom
ivoryhuntress (8:30:24 PM): *Ashley's face contorts into pure hatred at these words and her magic power flares darker and loomes over the both of them* Insulting me isn't going to make me forgive you. In fact, I plan on never doing so. You should think twice before trying to pick a fight with someone with way more experience than you can wager to obtain! *her fists become dark black and blue flaming spheres of fire and directs a few and Neko's head*
xxnekowolf132xx (8:35:24 PM): *I look at her* what do u want so u can leave me alone
xxnekowolf132xx (1:44:07 PM): ashley: i want u to come home and be my slave again -she smiles- Neko: i am not going back and u cant make me
(Sparky I'm not playing his master anymore, he is lol)
ivoryhuntress (1:48:03 PM): -I look out the window and watch the fight-
xxnekowolf132xx (1:49:04 PM): ashley: ur coming back if u like it or not -she grabs me by the throat and bites my arm to drink my blood as i yell in pain-
ivoryhuntress (1:53:15 PM): -I stare in disbelief and feel a startling sensation in my body as if a light switch was flipped on and a red energy starts to flame around me-
xxnekowolf132xx (9/7/15 1:56:02 PM): Me: let me go -feels weaker and weaker- ashley: -she smiles as i still drinks more and more so i can be weak-
xxnekowolf132xx (2:03:40 PM): -i pass out from blood loss then she smiles- finally i got my pet back -then see looks at the window and see u-
ivoryhuntress (2:08:19 PM): -I can feel the blood roaring in my ears and catch her eye and see her falter for a second and then regain her composition. I feel my canine teeth begin to grow in size and I bare her a smile. I open the window as my energy crackles and writhes around me. I jump through the window and face her with flames the size of hers around my fists- Well hello -I growl- I see you take an interest in my friend, but I don't think he wants to go with you anywhere
xxnekowolf132xx (2:10:31 PM): -she laughs- oh he lied about not having a slave oh well -she looks at u- ur strong to bad i didn't find u first
ivoryhuntress (2:15:05 PM): -I sneer- too bad I didn't find you first. And you know, having him as my master (I lie) is way better than if an old hag like you were mine. He's much more fun. -I grin as her face contorts with horrible hagish hate- It's a shame your power will go to waste after I defeat you.
xxnekowolf132xx (2:16:47 PM): -laughs- ur not going to be able to touch me when ur master wakes up-
ivoryhuntress (2:23:03 PM): -I grin- seeing as you drained his blood to the point of fatigue he won't wake up any time soon and by the looks of things I'm able to do whatever I please now that he is incapacitated at the moment. You're all mine! -All of the sudden time slows and she stares at me as I swiftly slip behind her and my suddenly one inch long claws slice a micro-slit (super tiny slit) in her neck where I embed a tiny device in the micro-slit. I step away from her a few yards, astonished that I even had the power to do this-
ivoryhuntress (2:30:46 PM): you won't be going anywhere now -time turns back to normal and I'm smiling at her as she seems to stiffen. Her eyes glaze over and her face sets with a look of horror as she lets go of Neko. I run to him and sling his arm over my shoulder as I keep an eye on Ashley-
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  • Watching: my fingertips typing
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  • Drinking: water



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