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Whistling Unicorns.

Whistling Unicorns are a type of unicorn that use their horns both as a snorkel and to communicate with one another by producing loud whistling sounds. They are yet another species from my upcoming webcomic.
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OMG! These are amazing!

They look so cute and dainty, even tiny under those horns.

I love the scene and lighting. Majestical.

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Lovely work, and concept too. c:

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Those are some horns. The look more like hats.

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Never seen unicorns with alicorns like these!! LOVE THE CONCEPT as it's very origional & a little 'alien' in appearance as well!! SWEET!! I also really like how you included a whole family here, that's rarely done & it really completes the piece perfectly with the included background you've done!Divider rainbow-comet right

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What a beautiful and unique concept!

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ok when will you be posting it and where because I will be there. Also these things are so cute ohmygosh!

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Thank you ^^ As of yet, I don't know when I will be starting it, but I may be posting it here as well as on places like Webtoons and Tapas.

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