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How to make meat with Sculpey



This is my very first tutorial at how making something with polymer clay.
I worked all day to make this possible. I added a touch of humor mostly because I was tired and in a silly mood.
I hope you will like it.

Here are the instructions step by step on how to make meat with clay.

How to make meat!

Step #1
These are the colors you will need. Chocolate brown, dark red, translucent, and the last is a skin like colored one. Sorry I don’t have the exact names of the colors, as they are supposed to be on the packages…

Step #2
a) Take some dark red and brown, mix them together. The two needs to be perfectly blend together in order to get the right color for the meat. Don’t use too much brown, try some and if you’re not satisfied you can add some more during the process. Do remember though that the colors will look a bit darker when it is baked.
b) Mix some translucent with some of the skin colored clay. Make sure you have more translucent than the other color.

Step #3
Now that you have a color which stands between the red and brown clays, you can pass to step #4.

Step #4
Mix the “new” red with the translucent mix you made on step #2 b). Be careful, you don’t want it to be perfectly mixed, you want to see both colors distinctively, as shown on the picture #5.

Step #5
Sorry this one’s a bit blurry…Anyway, this is the result you need. Now follow me to the next step! :)

Step #6
a) You need some translucent. Roll it until it is pretty thin, but not too much. Note that translucent Sculpey (I don’t about other brands) is really hard to manipulate. Very sticky! So, work carefully. ;)
b) Roll the layer of translucent only once around the “meat” roll. Cuff off the excess.
c) Now you have a pretty Sculpey meat cigar!

Step #7
a) Cut the “cigar” in three. It does not have to be cut to perfection, we’re not on that step yet.
b) Take some of the skin color Sculpey (or whatever polymer clay brand you are using) and make a nice little snake.

Step #8
Put the “snake” in the middle of the three meat cigar parts. It has to look like picture #9.

Step #9
It should look like this!

Step #10
Roll the three parts between your hands or on a table, until you have a new cigar! Put it in the freezer but ONLY for 5 MINUTES! (You don’t want it to freeze, just to be really cool).

Step #11
a) Five minutes has passed! Take the clay out of the freezer! NOW! lol, a touch of humor never killed anyone… ;) Alright. It should be ready to be cut (not the humor but the clay!) It’s much easier to cut when it is cold, you’ll see.
b) Congratulations! You have steaks! Now, if you want to make a roast beef, keep some of that “cigar” intact.

Step #12
Take what is left of the clay cigar and “shave” some of the translucent Sculpey off with a cutter. Be careful not to cut yourself (sorry, mother instinct…even if I don’t have children yet). lol

Step #13
When you’re satisfied, find some thread in your sewing kit. If you don’t have a sewing kit… … …then you must be an alien! (Sorry, that joke was just too easy to make!).

Step #14
a) Roll some of the stead around your “roast”. Careful not to make it too tight, or you’ll cut through the clay, and you worked too hard for that to happen, don’t you think?
b) It should look like this.

Step #15
a) It’s ready to be baked!
b) It’s baked!
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