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What do I get my boyfriend - who has everything he could possibly need or want - for this 22nd birthday this November?!

Last year I bought him a watch for his 21st. He has a telly, an xbox, the games he wants, a car that he worships and he's not exactly strapped for cash. Unlike me. I was going to get him an Ariel Atom experience for the day but as I was about to book it I realised he had to be over 25. the only other thing he wanted was a Dyson fan (see here www.amazon.co.uk/Dyson-AM02-To…) but I'm not buying him a FAN for his birthday when he will hardly use it until the summer... If at all.
The only other thing is a personalised number plate for his car, but the one he has his eye on is over £600 - and I simply can't afford that.

So, my question to you all is what do I get him? There must be someone who has had a past experience at buying their beloved a birthday present...???
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Here's an idea— take him out on a date. Go to the park, have a picnic, see a movie, go out to dinner, build a fort, play tag or frisbee, take him riding, or combine several of the above... :)
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Sorry about the late reply, I haven't been around! I'd love to take him riding but he's so stubborn...and he'd probably show me up. From what I can remember he was much better than me! Lol
Never thought about a picnic... :D