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I did my best to smile

SKY: [link]
CLIFF: [link]
HORSE: [link]

This is for my character Pjanoo at the Lost Islands, daughter of Tyre (this sexy guy here: [link])
She's a smoky grulla splash, so the horse had to go through a big colour transformation! I think I'm fairly pleased with it. I've never done a splash horse before ^_^
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also, this is gorgeous. the colouration. ohhh <3.
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Nicely done! It looks so cool. I'm amazed how you transformed colours.
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You should totally do a Tut on how you changed the original horse into a smoky grulla. :)
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Lol I would if I could remember :D
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very nice! The re-colour is superb!
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Hehe, thank you! I nearly gave up several times so I'm glad it turned out ok in the end :)
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Wow, umm, thanks! :D
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hehe, thanks. I was fighting with those legs for ages. I'm kind of glad it's all over :D
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I like how you changed the stock horse into your character. She looks very good.
D'awww, she is GORGEOUS. <3
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Aww thanks luvvie :D
She's gonna have to meet some of your charries :P
Yuss. <3

She a newborn? I've got my just-recently matured Ikari sons to mingle with her, although one's a mute. XD
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Yup, I think she's born soon actually... I seem to have missed all my foal births this month O_O
She'll have to go talk to one of his sons, becuase Ikari rocks :D
Baha. <3 Imma leave you a note on OOC. :)
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Oh, this is gorgeous.. i love the colours, and how the colours of the sky and land matches the colours of the horse (since the colours are cool, i mean ^^ )
The horse looks absolutely beautiful, i love the light on it ^^
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Wow, umm, thank you! :giggle:
I'm glad you like it :D
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