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Any 3d artists interested in a paid commission?

I wrote this story a while back. I'd like to turn this story -- or an abreviated version of this story as its quite long -- into a comic or panels and was wondering whether any 3d artists on deviantart would be interested in a paid commission. Give it a read and DM me if interested. Cheers

Against the Odds: A Boxing Story

A run-down changing room with faded fight posters on its rough brick walls, a stocky male boxer in his 30s sits on a wooden bench while his coach, a grumpy old man in a wool hat, ties his 12oz red leather boxing gloves. Reggie ‘The Terminator’ Tate has short dark hair, a square jaw, stubble, a flat nose, and a shiny red robe draped over his shoulders.

Reggie: I don't like it coach... I don't like it one bit!

Coach: Will you quit complaining Reggie.

Reggie: It ain't normal to not know who your opponent is!

Coach: Will you relax, you're lucky to have this bout after you got your ass whipped in your last fight! This stupid promoter is paying you $10,000... plus another $20,000 if you win!

The door bursts open and flamboyant boxing promoter Rex King, a loud eccentric man with wavy hair, a walrus moustache, a bow-tie and a colourful suit, strides into the room.

Rex: It's time gentlemen!

Reggie stands up, flexes his shoulders, rolls his head, and punches his red leather boxing gloves together. The word 'Terminator' is emblazoned on the back of his shiny red robe.

Reggie: Can you tell me who I'm fighting now?

Rex: Patience my friend you will find out soon! You are lucky to be part of this incredible spectacle. This fight will go down in history!

Reggie and his coach exchange quizzical glances before walking out the door and down a long dark corridor. As they approach the arena the noise of the crowd gets louder.

Reggie: What's he talking about?

Coach: Who cares? He's crazy! Let's just win this fight and get out of here!

A crowd of about one thousand people are seated around a boxing ring lit by bright industrial lights. Reggie's opponent is waiting in the corner of the ring, back turned, wearing a shiny blue robe with 'Knockout' written on the back and a hood over their head. Reggie climbs through the ropes to muted cheers and stares across the ring but his opponent does not move. The promoter Rex King grabs a microphone and addresses the crowd.

Rex: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Tonight's main event is scheduled for 10 three-minute rounds. I am confident it will revolutionise boxing forever! Such a groundbreaking contest has never been seen before.

People in the crowd exchange curious glances while others whoop and cheer in excitement and anticipation.

Rex: Introducing first, fighting out of the red corner wearing the red trunks. Weighing in at 160lbs with a record of 25 victories, 19 defeats, and 1 draw, with 15 wins by knockout. He is a former state champion... REGGIE ‘THE TERMINATOR’ TATE!

Reggie, who is wearing shiny red shorts and red boxing boots, takes off his robe, throws quick-fire combinations into the air, and salutes the crowd. However, his opponent remains motionless in their corner with their back turned and hood up.

Rex: His opponent, fighting out of the blue corner wearing the blue trunks. Weighing at 130lbs with a perfect record of 20 wins all by way of knockout...

At that point the other fighter lets their robe slide down onto the floor... to reveal a blonde ponytail, a slender neck, soft bare back, shiny blue hotpants, long smooth tanned legs, and blue suede boxing boots... as she turns around Reggie looks on, mouth agape.

Rex: The reigning national Foxy Boxing champion...LUCY 'THE KNOCKOUT' FLOWERS!

A mix of cheers, shouts and wolfwhistles erupts in the arena. Reggie's opponent is a beautiful woman in her early 20s. Reggie is stunned and bewildered. He is unable to take his eyes off her large bare breasts! She's fighting topless! A sheen of sweat glistens on her toned tanned buxom body. His opponent stares confidently at him from across the ring.

Reggie: What the hell is going on on here coach?

Coach: Beats me Reggie.

Over in the other corner, Lucy Flower's coach, Jo, a sporty-looking women in her early 30s wearing a blue tracksuit, massages the female fighter's shoulders. Lucy shifts from side to side and punches her boxing gloves together. A look of apprehension suddenly flashes across her face as she sizes up her muscular male opponent and weighs up her task.

Lucy: This is ridiculous. Why did I agree to this?

Jo: Just think of the money Lucy. It's is a golden opportunity!


One month earlier...

A neon sign 'Randy Joe's Foxy Boxing Club' flickers outside a grubby building on the outskirts of town. Inside a group of leery men jeer and shout as the evening's entertainment reaches its climax. In the centre of the bar is a boxing ring where two young women are locked in a ferocious battle, trading blows with wild abandon. National Foxy Boxing champion Lucy 'The Knockout' Flowers is taking on arch-rival Petra 'The Power' Lee. Both girls are topless and their bodies are covered in baby oil. Lucy, who is blonde, is dressed in a pair of skimpy blue hotpants, blue boxing boots, and red leather 12oz boxing gloves while Petra, her brown hair pulled back, is wearing yellow hotpants and boots and black gloves. Both girls are exhausted and sport cuts and bruises around their faces. They clinch, their oily sweaty bodies pressed against each other in a breast-to-breast embrace.

Petra: You're going down bitch!

Lucy: Oh yeah?

The champion digs a hard left into Petra's abdomen followed by a succession of body shots but the challenger whips in a hard right cross that catches Lucy flush on the chin. She staggers backwards and Petra wallops her with a big right hook that sends her to the canvas. The mainly male audience cheers!

Referee: One... Two... Three... Four...

Lucy crawls on her hands and knees in a daze while her coach Jo screams instructions to her fighter from the side of the ring.

Jo: Get up dammit!

Referee: Five... Six... Seven... Eight...

Lucy claws at the ropes and hauls herself up and Petra attacks, trapping the champion against the ropes. Petra delivers a series of punishing body shots while Lucy grimaces protecting her head with gloves. But in her eagerness to finish the fight the challenger leaves her defences wide open and Lucy hits back with a clubbing uppercut to her chin! Petra staggers backwards and Lucy attacks with lightening accuracy and precision. A left hook to the head. A right to the body. A left to the temple. A big right hook knocks Petra flat on her back! The crowd erupts! Lucy turns around and raises her fists.

Referee: One... Two... Three... Four... Five...

Petra lies motionless with blood dribbling from her mouth. It is obvious she has been knocked unconscious.

Referee: Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... Ten! You're out!

The leery male patrons cheer and wolfwhistle as the referee raises Lucy's hand.

Referee: The winner by way of knockout and still national Foxy Boxing champion... LUCY 'THE KNOCKOUT' FLOWERS!

In Lucy's dressing room after the fight, the exhausted foxy boxing champ sits on a wooden bench with a towel over her shoulders and her hands in a metal bucket of cold water to ease the swelling while Jo, her coach, tends to a cut above her left eye.

Lucy: This is bullshit! I bust my ass in that ring and a measly $500 just so some perverts can watch a catfight!

Jo: You're one of the most naturally talented fighters I've ever seen Lucy. I know better opportunities will come your way soon.

At that moment, the door bursts open and in walks flamboyant boxing promoter Rex King dressed in a colourful suit.

Rex: I hope I'm not intruding ladies! My name is...

Jo: I know who you are Mr King. I hope you want to talk business. Lucy here is one hell of a fighter.

Rex: She is indeed a remarkable talent. I have a proposition for you Ms Flowers.

Lucy: I'm all ears Mr King.

Rex: I'd like to sign you to my roster and promote your next fight. A ten-round bout next month at the local sports arena. I'll give you $10,000 now plus another $20,000 if you win!

Lucy's eyes light up. She had never been offered so much money for a fight.

Lucy: Wow! Where do I sign?

Rex slaps the contract down on the table and Lucy signs it immediately. Rex tucks the signed contract into his breast pocket.

Rex: Wonderful! You are going to be part of an incredible spectacle Ms Flowers.

Jo: This is great Lucy but shouldn’t we just check...

Rex: There are a few minor requirements in your contract Ms Flowers. One is that you shall compete in your normal 'skimpy' attire.

Lucy: Topless? Sigh. I guess I'm used to that.

Rex: Marvellous! This fight will go down in history! There is one other little detail...

Rex King theatrically turns around and heads for door.

Rex: You will be fighting a man.

The door slams shut. Lucy and Jo stare at each other open-mouthed.


One month later...

The crowd in the arena is in a frenzy of excitement ahead of of the main event. Many people can't quite believe what they are seeing. Is this beautiful young topless women really going to go toe-to-toe with her grizzled male opponent? What a titillating spectacle!

The referee calls the two fighters to the centre of the ring. At 5'8” Lucy is a little shorter than her 5'9” male opponent. Lucy has regained her composure and stares at Reggie with stony-faced intensity. But Reggie still looks bewildered and confused. He has never faced such an attractive opponent before. He tries to stare back but finds his eyes continually drawn to the female boxer's large bare breasts. He can't quite believe this is happening.

Referee: I want a good clean fight. No holding, butting or gouging. Obey my commands at all times!

The two fighters touch gloves and return to their corners ahead of the bell. Jo inserts Lucy's mouthguard and caresses her fighter's cheek.

Jo: I know you can win this! This guy is a chump! He may be bigger than you but you're faster and more skillful. Make sure you keep dancing, use your jab and stay off the ropes!

Over in the Reggie's corner, the male fighter still looks bemused. His coach tries to snap him out of his stupor.

Coach: Okay so she's a girl. So what? Get out there and knock her out!

A buxom ringcard girl in a tiny red bikini and high heels pouts and twirls as she holds up the round card... Seconds out... Round One! DING DING!

The two boxers nervously shuffle forward. Lucy keeps her right glove close to her chin and probes tentatively with her left while Reggie, still with a disbelieving look on his face, cautiously bobs and weaves.

By the side of the ring sit two commentators working for a local radio station, Bob Burns (commentator 1) an experienced presenter wearing a suit and bow-tie, and beside him, Terry Stubbs (commentator 2) a retired boxer with a flat nose and a dry sense of humour.

Commentator 1: This ground-breaking fight gets underway! It may be the first professional male vs female bout in history! The fighters look overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event.

Commentator 2: Yes indeed Bob. To be honest I've got my doubts about whether its right for a woman to go toe-to-toe with a man in the ring. Boxing can be a brutal sport. People get hurt. But saying that Lucy Flowers certainly looks the part. Phew-ee! What a knockout!

Lucy starts to dance around the ring and sensing her opponent's hesitation fires a jab into his face. And another, then another. Reggie shakes tries to shake out the cobwebs but he struggles to take his eyes off the pair of pert round breasts bouncing before him. Another red leather glove smashes into his face and Reggie tastes blood in his mouth.

Commentator 1: Flowers starts well! She looks crisp and sharp, moving elegantly around the ring peppering Tate with stinging left jabs and the occasional overhand right.

Commentator 2: Tate looks like he's just got out of bed Bob! He's so slow!

Reggie throws a lumbering left but Flowers confidently dodges out of the way and hits him with a right to the body and a left to the cheek! This pattern continues until the bell chimes signalling the end of Round One and the fighters return to their corners.

Lucy sits down on her stool and Jo rubs her topless body with a cold wet sponge.

Jo: Great work kid! Keep him at a distance and use your jab.

Lucy: I can do this!

Over in Reggie's corner his coach is furious and slaps his fighter around the face.

Coach: What the hell you doing in there Reggie! Wake up!

Reggie: This whole thing feels weird.

Coach: I tell you what will be weird, if you lose to goddam girl! Now hit that bitch!

The ring-card girl in the tiny red bikini struts around the ring to a chorus of wolfwhistles... Round Two! DING DING!

Lucy starts the round well, probing with her jab and cutting inside landing crisp left-right-left combinations. Reggie slowly becomes more animated, throwing more punches, but Lucy deftly dodges out of the way of most of his blows.

Commentator 1: The female boxer has dominated this fight so far Terry! Reggie has hardly landed a glove on her. She's too quick for him!

Commentator 2: I eat my words Bob. This girl Lucy Flowers is more than able to hold her own in the ring with the guys. We could be looking at big star in the making!

Growing in confidence, Lucy swarms all over Reggie as the round draws to a close landing a succession punches to his head followed by a bruising right uppercut that stuns the male fighter.

But as Lucy steps up the pressure she momentary drops her right glove and out of nowhere Reggie wallops her with a huge overhand left that smashes into her chin. Lucy is caught completely flat-footed and staggers forward, clinging onto Reggie to stay on her feet.

Commentator 1: Wow! Tate catches Flowers with a monster punch!

Commentator 2: Amazing! She's out on her feet! Her legs have turned to jelly!

It is obvious that Lucy is unable to stand unaided and clings onto Reggie in ragged desperation while her legs wobble and jerk beneath her. The crowd roars with excitement!

Coach: Finish her Reggie! Knock her out!

Lucy looks ready to topple over but Reggie finds himself momentarily paralysed by the sensation of his opponent’s large bare breasts pressed into his chest and her soft chin on his shoulder. The two boxers clinch for what seems like an age. Finally the referee steps in and drags them apart and Lucy flops backwards onto the ropes. DING DING!

Commentator 1: The bell rings saving Flowers from a near-certain knock out! What a round!

Commentator 2: Like I was saying Bob. I have my doubts about whether women should be allowed to fight men. Men are simply stronger. The first really big punch that Tate landed and it was almost lights out. I don't know how Flowers survived that round to be honest.

Back in Reggie's corner, the male boxer's coach is apoplectic with rage.

Coach: You had her you jackass. She was toast! Why didn't you finish her off?

Reggie: Um...

Over in Lucy's corner, the female boxer flops onto her stool and Jo, her coach, sets about desperately trying to revive her.

Jo: What did we talk about! Protect your chin at all times and watch out for his left! You got careless and you very nearly got nailed. I gotta say nice 'boob' work to recover though!

Lucy smiles slyly as Jo applies some Vaseline to her cheek and puts a bottle of smelling salts under her nose. Lucy steadies herself and punches her boxing gloves together.

The ring-card girl in the red bikini struts and pouts around the ring letting everyone know that Round Three is about to begin... DING DING!

Reggie charges forward with renewed purpose and aggression; the throb of male pride beating in his chest. He needs to knock this girl out. Any other outcome would be an embarrassment.

Reggie: Gonna bust you up bitch!

Lucy: Like to see you try! You're nothing but a washed-up tomato can.

The male fighter darts from side to side, hammering Lucy's midriff. A left to the kidney. A right to the abdomen. A left to the rib cage. Lucy, still a little dazed, covers up against the onslaught, gloves around her head.

Commentator 1: Tate looks like a different fighter. Now it's all-out attack!

Commentator 2: Yes indeed Bob. Looks like he wants to finish the job off.

The male boxer uses his superior strength to trap Lucy against the ropes. A left to the body. A right to the solar plexus. Left-right left-right. Lucy gasps for breath and drops her guard and Reggie slams a punch into her chin. The female fighter clinches in desperation. The ref steps in to pulls the fighters apart.

Jo: For fucks sake Lucy get off the ropes!

Commentator 1: The tide has turned in this fight Terry. Flowers is now struggling and Tate is all over her.

Commentator 2: Flowers has got to find a way to repel the onslaught... and fast!

Jo, watching from ringside, jumps up and down and bangs on the ropes in increasing agitation.

Jo: Dance Lucy dance! Lead with your left. Punch and move!

Lucy shimmies left and right, bobbing and weaving, Reggie hurls a wild haymaker but she slides out of the way and ducks underneath a big left hook. As Reggie plods forward she stings him with a hard left jab and dances to the other side of the ring. Again he charges, and again Lucy evades his blows and hits him with a crisp counter-punch to the face.

Commentator 2: Ha! Reggie keeps punching air. Flowers is making him look like an oaf!

Commentator 1: She may not have her opponent’s strength Bob, but she's streets ahead when it comes to speed and skill.

DING DING! The bell chimes and as the two fighters return to their corners Reggie shoulder-barges Lucy knocking her off her stride. The ref steps in and admonishes the male boxer. Lucy shrugs her shoulders and slumps on her stool. Across the ring, Reggie glares at her.

Jo: You're getting to him babe, this is good. But you've gotta stay focused. You're a better boxer than he is. You know it, and he knows it. You just gotta stay off the fucking ropes!

Lucy stares into the middle distance, taking in slow deep breaths as her coach douses her hot sweaty topless body with cold wet sponge and applies a cut iron to her cheek.

Over in Reggie's corner, the male fighter stares ahead with a look of fierce determination, while his coach massages his shoulders.

Coach: You got dynamite at the end of your fists Reggie, but you gotta be patient. You gotta focus that anger. Take your time, wait for your moment and hit her with the big one... and it'll be lights out and we can get the fuck out of here with that prize money.

The bikini-clad ring-card girl theatrically dances around the ring, holding the 'Round Four' card high above her head. Seconds out... DING DING!

Lucy skips off her stool, carrying on where she left off, ducking and diving, sliding and feigning, gloves protecting her head, staying out of range, relying on her solid left jab and quick right-left-right counter-punches to befuddle her opponent. Reggie stalks forward chasing after her but spends most of the time punching the air.

Commentator 2: Flowers is floating around the ring like butterfly. Albeit a rather sexy butterfly in shiny blue hotpants.

Commentator 1: Let's focus on the fight Terry. There is no doubt that Flowers has the skills to outpoint Tate and win the fight if she keeps this up.

Reggie tries to strongarm Lucy into the ropes but she slips out of his grasp and bangs a crisp left-right combination into his body before slamming a right hook into his chin.

Lucy: I'm too good for ya fat boy!

Reggie: Bitch!

As the round wears on Reggie looks increasingly flummoxed, and Lucy hits him with a flurry of punches. A gash wells up above his right eye and blood trickles down his face.

Commentator 1: This is one topsy turvy fight Terry. Flowers is right on top once again.

Commentator 2: Tate looks dazed Bob. He's just got no answer to her hand-speed.

Lucy, looking increasingly confident, punches Reggie into the ropes and hits him with a left hook, a right hook and an uppercut. Sensing the fight was almost won, Lucy steps up the onslaught.

Jo: Careful Lucy, stick to the plan...

Reggie flops backwards absorbing Lucy's blows. Fighting on nothing more than instinct, he lets fly with a bone-crunching left uppercut that clangs into Lucy's jaw sending her mouthpiece flying, followed by a vicious overhand right to her temple. The female boxer staggers and totters, her legs wobbling beneath her... before flopping backwards onto the canvas with a loud thump. The arena erupts with boisterous shouting and cheering.

Commentator 2: Holy cow! What a punch!

Commentator 1: Lucy Flowers is DOWN! Where did that come from?

Jo, watching from ringside, puts her head in her hands. Reggie stumbles forward and raises his gloves in jubilation. He looks down at his fallen opponent and snarls at her.

Reggie: You ain't nothing ya two-bit whore!

Referee: One... Two... Three... Four... Five...

Commentator 1: Flowers is lying spread-eagled on the canvas. She looks out cold!

Commentator 2: This fight looks over!

Referee: Six... Seven... Eight... Nine...


Commentator 2: What the hell!

Commentator 1: Incredible! Flowers has been saved by the bell! The ref could not complete the count so it does not stand as a knockout.

Commentator 2: What drama! But can she continue?

Jo jumps into the ring, puts her arms around her stricken fighter and hauls her back to her corner. Lucy can barely stand and blood trickles from a cut above her left eye. Jo props Lucy on her stool and slaps her around the face with a wet towel and puts a bottle of smelling salts under her nose.

Lucy: Mnnh! Whad happened?

Jo: You got knocked the fuck out, that's what happened you dumbass. How many times do I have to tell you, stick to the plan.

Slowly Lucy comes around, but she's still seeing stars. The referee comes over to her corner with a concerned look on his face.

Referee: You sure she's ok to continue?

Jo: Yeah, she's ok.

Referee: You sure girl?

Lucy nods slowly and punches her gloves together.

Jo: We're going to need a fucking miracle to pull this one out of the fire.

Over in Reggie's corner, the mood is positively jubilant, despite a nasty cut above Reggie's right eye and swelling around his cheek.

Reggie: I waited and hit her hard just like you said coach. I almost had her beat.

Coach: You've got her now Reggie, you've got her. Hit her with everything you got!

Reggie bites down on his mouthguard and punches his 12oz red leather boxing gloves together in hungry anticipation.

The ring-card girl, meanwhile, prances around the ring with a big smile on her face, oblivious to the high-stakes drama taking place within its ropes. Round Five! DING DING!

Reggie charges out of his corner and goes on the attack. Lucy, her head still groggy, is slow on her feet and within seconds finds herself trapped in her corner as Reggie pummels her head and body. She tries to keep her defence up but her coordination is all over the place.

Commentator 1: Tate lands four, five, six unanswered blows to Flowers head!

Commentator 2: I'm surprised they're letting the fight continue to be honest Bob. Flowers is going to get hurt. I'm really not comfortable with women fighting men. They are known as the fairer sex for a reason.

Lucy clinches and the two boxers wrestle in the centre of the ring, Reggie punches Lucy's ribs as she clings to his shoulders. It occurs to Reggie, as his opponent's breasts brush against his chest, that he has completely forgotten his earlier reservations about punching a woman. In a fight, the old animal instincts always kick in. The referee steps in to pull them apart and Reggie makes a point of aiming a couple of stinging punches at Lucy's boobs.

Reggie: Now I'm gonna get medieval on your ass!

Lucy grimaces and shimmies from side to side. Reggie hurls a big left which Lucy dodges and counters with a right to his jaw, but Reggie carries on pressing forwards. Reggie connects with a right cross but Lucy hits back with an uppercut.

Lucy: You're a still two-bit tomato can!

Commentator 1: Flowers looks like she's trying to out-slug Tate.

Commentator 2: It's a risky strategy Bob. He's got a lot more punching power!

The two boxers stand toe-to-toe. Reggie bangs a clubbing right into Lucy's cheek and she responds with left to his jaw. Reggie hits her with a left hook as Lucy lands a looping right cross. Lucy staggers backwards. Reggie hits her left-right-left combination followed by a thumping right hook that sends the Lucy crashing into the ropes!

Commentator 1: Flowers is DOWN for the second time in the fight!

Commentator 2: She's lying half outside the ring, her back arched over the bottom rope.

Referee: One... two... three...

Lucy slowly rolls onto the canvas onto her gloves. Reggie stands looking over his fallen opponent, taunting her.

Reggie: You're finished bitch!

Referee: Four... Five... Six...

Lucy grabs at the ropes and tries to haul herself up on rubbery legs.

Referee: Seven... Eight... Nine...

Lucy just manages to beat the count and, back resting against the ropes, raises her gloves, signalling her willingness to fight on. The swelling around her right eye is starting to impair her vision and the cut above her left eye is getting worse. The referee looks concerned but waves the fight to continue.

Reggie powers in, his boxing gloves primed like pneumatic pistons. A left hook! A right uppercut! A left hook! A right cross! Lucy can only rock back against the ropes, gloves around her face, absorbing the beating. A right uppercut! A left cross! A right hook! In the stalls the crowd goes berserk!

Commentator 2: This is getting nasty!

Commentator 1: Flowers can't take much more of this!

Lucy flops back on the ropes in a daze as Reggie cocks his fist, ready to deliver the knockout blow.


The referee jumps in-between the fighters and sends a scowling and frustrated Reggie back to his corner.

Lucy flops onto her stool and looks despairingly at her coach. Jo stems the cuts and swelling around Lucy's eyes and massages her shoulders with a cold wet towel while Lucy takes long deep breathes and tries to regain her composure.

Jo: Another round like that and you won't be able to see.

Lucy: Are you going to throw in the towel?

Jo: Do you want me to?

Lucy: I haven’t got this far to just give up now.

Jo: Do you remember that fight with the big Russian girl last year? You were getting your ass whupped but in the end you won via a stoppage. Now listen up.

Jo whispers instructions in Lucy's ear, the female boxer listens intently and nods.

Lucy: I can turn this around.

In the centre of the ring, the buxom ringcard girl in the red bikini flashes her boobs at a guy in the audience to the delight of the arena. Seconds out... Round Six! DING DING!

The crowd whoops and hollers as the two fighters clash in the centre of the ring and resume battle.

Reggie throws a couple of punches into the air and almost trips over. He suddenly looks confused. Lucy is now leading with her right foot, and jabbing with her right hand.

Commentator 1: I do believe Flowers is now boxing with a southpaw stance.

Commentator 2: Well I'll be damned!

Commentator 1: Very few boxers have the ability to shift between orthodox and southpaw but she seems to be pulling it off!

Lucy throws a succession of crisp right jabs into Reggie's face, while he stands flat-footed in the ring, working out what to do. Lucy keeps dancing, leading with her right, and follows up with a series of powerful left hooks. Reggie charges forward once again, almost tripping over again, and walking into a thumping left cross!

Lucy: I'm too good for ya tomato can!

Reggie: Bitch!

Jo: That's it Lucy! Keep it up!

The pattern continues for the rest of the round. Reggie flailing and Lucy using her left to counterpunch with ruthless precision.

Towards the end of the round a section of the crowd begins chanting Lucy's name. A small vocal minority, meanwhile, is screaming for Reggie. The 'battle of the sexes' is becoming increasingly partisan.

Girl in the crowd: C'mon Lucy!

Man in the crowd: Now fucking way a girl can beat a guy!


Reggie's stumbles back to his stool with a look of bewilderment on his face. His left eye is almost punched shut. His coach has his head in his hands.

Coach: Why did I get saddled with such a stupid tomato can?

Reggie: Uh?

Coach: You're getting outboxed by a girl Reggie, how does that make you feel?

Reggie: Whad should I do coach?

Coach: She's changed stance. Not that you know what the fuck's going on. Hit her with your left Reggie. Throw some big lefts!

Over in Lucy's corner, Jo, smiling broadly, is rubbing her fighter's sweaty body with a cold wet sponge while whispering further instructions in her Lucy's ear. Lucy listens intently.

In the centre of the ring, the ring-card girl has now dispensed with her bikini top and struts around the ring with her breasts out to the dismay of the officials. Seconds out... Round Seven! DING DING!

Lucy skips out of her corner, this time leading with her left, reverting to orthodox stance, and lands a series of solid blows. Reggie slowly recognises this and adjusts accordingly, but mid-way through the round Lucy reverts to the southpaw stance.

Her hard right jabs exacerbate the swelling around Reggie's left eye and her rapier-like left counters knock him off balance. He throws a few wild left hooks but Lucy gracefully dodges out of the way.

Lucy: Like I said you're nothing but a two-bit tomato can.

Commentator 1: I got to say Terry this topsy-turvy fight has swung back in Flower's favour. She's really turning the screw on Tate now. He looks punched out.

Commentator 2: Flowers is one hell of a fighter. She can box... and she's got great tits!

Reggie stumbles back into the ropes as Lucy piles on the pressure. A left hook! An overhand right! An uppercut sends his mouthpiece flying. A right hook smashes into his chin! Reggie's eyes roll back in his head as he flops forward and lands face-down on the canvas with a thud!

Commentator 1: Tate is DOWN! What a turnaround! Can he beat the count?

Referee: One... Two... Three... Four...

Lucy stands over a stricken opponent with insouciant pride.

Lucy: Who's the bitch now punk?

In the stalls, the tension threatens to boil over as sections of the crowd trade insults.

Reggie slowly props himself up on all fours, blood dribbles from his mouth.

Referee: Five... Six... Seven... Eight...

He hauls himself to his feet but looks in no fit state to continue and stares vacantly into space.

Man in the crowd: Don't you fucking dare stop this fight ref!

Girls in the crowd: Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!

The referee reluctantly waves the fight on and Lucy charges in, pummelling her punch-drunk opponent. A left to the cheek! A right to the head! A left to the chin! A right to the chin! Reggie crumples to the canvas once again!

Commentator 1: And Tate is knocked straight back to the floor! His second KNOCKDOWN! He looks finished!

Commentator 2: I gotta eat my words Bob. I was against intergender boxing. But here we are... Lucy Flowers is on the cusp of an historic victory.

Referee: One... Two... Three...

Reggie slumps on the canvas, back against the ropes, a dazed expression on his face; Lucy hovers over her punchdrunk opponent, taunting him.

Lucy: Not so cocky now tomato can!

Referee: Four... Five... Six...

Man in the crowd: It's a fix!

The tensions in the ring begin to spill over into the audience. A group of male Reggie Tate supporters starts throwing chairs at a group of Lucy Flowers' fans, sparking an ugly brawl. They simply cannot accept that a woman could beat a man in the ring and have concluded the whole event is a set-up concocted by the liberal feminist elite. A group of security guards step into the fray and start hitting people with batons. In the mayhem the referee is hit on the head by a seat cushion and loses track of the count. DING DING! The round ends amid total confusion.

By this stage Reggie has hauled himself off the canvas and crawled back to his stool. His coach revives him with smelling salts and slaps him around the head hurling insults.

Coach: Why do I waste my time with you, ya loser!

Reggie: I gotta knock dat girl out. Dis fight can't end like this.

Coach: She knocked you out you useless chump.

Reggie: It ain't over coach... lemme fight! I gotta fight!

Over in Lucy's corner, the exhausted female boxer sits slumped on her stool with a distressed expression on her face.

Lucy: Did I win? What's happening?

Jo: Beats me champ. It's mayhem out there

At that moment, Rex King clambers into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Rex: Will everybody please calm down! Ladies and gentlemen I promised this evening's main event would make history! I promised you a ground-breaking fight that would revolutionise boxing, and what a fight we have seen! A breathtaking battle of the sexes! But we do not yet to have a winner! The fight must continue...

The audience cheers and screams and security guards try to retain order. The ring-card girl is pushed through the ropes and handed the 'Round Eight' card. She seems to have got caught up in the melee and sports a bruise above her eye.

Lucy: I don't think I've got any gas left on the tank!

Jo: One more round Lucy, you can do it! He's finished! Now knock him out!

Jo pours a bottle of icy water over her fighter's tired sweaty topless body. Lucy punches her boxing gloves together and bites down on the her mouthguard. He legs feel like lead.

Over in the other corner, Reggie hauls himself back on his feet and punches his chest. It feels like divine intervention might be on his side tonight.

Coach: You got lucky Reggie. Now get out there and knock her out!

Seconds out... Round Eight! DING DING!

The two fighters circle each other slowly. Lucy probes with her right while Reggie paws at her with a big left hand.

Reggie: Like I said... I'm gonna knock you out bitch!

Lucy: Pant! Gimme ya best shot!

Lucy shuffles from side to side and clubs Reggie on the side of the head with her left glove but she drops her guard and Reggie smashes a wild right hook into her chin. Lucy staggers backwards visibly stunned. Reggie cuts inside and delivers a succession of bone-cruching body blows. Lucy winces and gasps in pain.

Lucy swings and misses with a couple of wild hooks to Reggie's head and the male boxer, despite struggling to see out of his left eye, catches her with a couple of hard jabs to the face. Blood trickles down Lucy's cheek.

Commentator 1: This topsy-turvy fight is back on after a most bizarre interruption and amazingly despite being almost knocked out Reggie Tate is now calling the shots.

Commentator 2: Indeed Bob. He's really hurting Flowers! She's got no reply. But should this the fight really have been allowed to continue after a riot and the delay?

Reggie stalks Lucy around the ring while she jabs at his swollen left eye. Both fighters keep their gloves high around their heads. Lucy looks catatonic with exhaustion. The female boxer goes for broke and cuts inside and throws a hard right uppercut at Reggie's chin but he just manages to dodge out of the way and slams a venomous left hook into Lucy's jaw! She stumbles on leaden feet as Reggie follows up with a thunderous right to her head followed by a crunching left cross that sends sweat and blood spraying into the first row. Lucy's eyes roll back in her head as she collapses backwards onto the canvas with a resounding thud! The crowd gasps!

Commentator 1: And Flowers is DOWN! for the third time in this epic contest!

Commentator 2: She looks hurt Bob!

Referee: One... Two... Three... Four... Five...

Lucy lies motionless on the canvas bloodied and beaten while her legions of new-found fans look on in horror.

Referee: Six... Seven... Eight... Nine... Ten! That's it she's out!

Jo jumps through the ropes to attend to her knocked-out fighter, while Reggie falls to his knees in exhausted relieved jubilation and hugs his coach.

Reggie: I did it! I did it! No fucking woman gonna beat me!

Coach: Vegas here we come baby!

The referee grabs the victorious male boxer's arm and raises it aloft to a mix of loud cheers and angry boos as further scuffles break out in the stalls.

Referee: The winner by way of knockout at one minute and 17 seconds into Round Eight... REGGIE 'THE TERMINATOR' TATE!

Paramedics clamber through the ropes to attend to Lucy who remains prone on the canvas in a semi-conscious daze. The topless female boxer is gently lifted onto a stretcher. Loud applause rings out across the arena as she is carried out of the ring.

Commentator 1: A dramatic end to pulsating fight. Tate got lucky there and he knows it. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lucy Flowers now and hope she makes a full recovery.

Commentator 2: I don't know where this result leaves intergender boxing Bob. Flowers outboxed Tate for much of the fight but still ended up losing by knockout. Maybe women just aren’t meant to fight men in the ring?

In her dressing room, Lucy slowly comes round and is given the all clear by the doctor after a series of check-ups. She has a bruised jaw, a swollen eye and mild concussion but will live to fight another day.

Jo: Nothing broken?

Lucy: Just my pride.

Lucy, a towel around her shoulders, stares into pensively into space as Jo gently stokes her cheek and stems the swelling around her eye. The door bursts open and in walks flamboyant boxing promoter Rex King.

Rex: You were magnificent Ms Flowers! Bravo! Bravo!

Lucy: I still don't know how I lost.

Jo: How could you let the fight continue after that riot?

Rex: It was an epic battle between two worthy adversaries. But how could I have stopped the fight without a winner? That would have been an even greater injustice.

Lucy: I had him beat. I should have won! I deserve that prize money!

Rex: I have a proposition that should ease your concerns Ms Flowers. How would you like to fight in Las Vegas next month? I'll double your money: $20,000 now plus another $40,000 if you win!

Lucy gasps open-mouthed as Rex whips out a contract from his breast pocket and slaps it on the table.

Rex: This is a take-it-or-leave offer Ms Flowers. I need you to decide now.

Jo: Lucy we need to...

But before Jo can say anymore Lucy has scrawled her name on the contract.

Lucy: I'm in!

Jo: But we don't even know who her opponent is!

Rex: All will be revealed! Let's just say it should be another awesome spectacle!

And with that Rex tucks the contract in his breast pocket and strides out of the door.

Jo: Back in the gym on Monday slugger. We got work to do!



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