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I MET HIM ON A BEACH IN MYKONOS, GREECE. I had been lying there for some time, baking in the sun, getting a delightful tan. Suddenly he spread out his towel next to me. I looked up and smiled at him. “I’m not disturbing you?” he said, his speech laced with a heavy German accent. “Not at all, why would you?” I answered.

He was middle aged, I reckoned in his sixties. Business man perhaps, retired early? A big man, must have weight at least 110 kilos. Hairy body. He started to rub suncream all over him. It took some time. Of course he couldn’t reach his back. I licked my lips. Dare I? “Shall I do your back?” I asked. He gazed at me, surprised. “Would you?” “Gladly,” I nodded.

I started to rub his back, carefully, because he was already slightly red. “Such soft hands,” he mused. I giggled. “Try put some yogurt on the sunburns,” I advised. “It cools off.” “I would again need you, to do my back,” he laughed. “I would be happy too,” I answered. He turned and studied me carefully. I was wearing low cut yellow swimming trunks and felt suddenly a bit exposed. “Are you hitting on me?” he asked. “Or just making fun.”

I turned tomato red and started to flounder. “Uh, no, I just, I only wanted to help,” I stammered. “Please, I would never…” “No, I believe you wouldn’t,” he said. “You seem far too sensitive for that. Let’s start again, I am Werner.” “I’m Jan,” I said timidly. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

So we started talking. He told about his life. He was from Cologne and he was indeed an early retired business man. Widower with a grown up daughter and a son. I understood about everything he told me that he had been a closet gay who was outing himself, now that he was widowed and retired. He studied me closer and touched me a few times in a friendly manner.

I told my story too, parts of it at least. He got us some iced fruit juice. “So are you gay too?” he asked. “On Mykonos, who isn’t,” I joked. “Seriously, I think I am bisexual.” he frowned: “You think?” “Uh, no. Yes, I am bisexual. Definitely.” I added. “You look extremely androgynous,” he said. “Er, I am, what you woud call, uh, a sissy boy,” I said with downcast eyes. “You're not alone here,” he ascertained. “With my aunts,” I confirmed.

“Would you care to have a drink with me this evening?” he asked. “Or is that off the table?” I shook my head. “No, fine. I would love too.” “Great,” he said. “After dinner. Say at eight? I wait for you in the lounge.” “Okay,” was all I could answer. I felt slightly dizzy.

How to dress? I wasn’t sure. No skirts. I decided on some snake pattern leggings with a matching low cut top and a long white jacket. Go easy on the make up. I had a tan, so that was okay, only add some eyeliner and a whiff of metallic grey eyeshadow. Grey leather shoes but no heels. “You look stunning,” he said. “Let’s go to the bar. What d'you want? Ouzo? Metaxa?” “Grapefruit juice,” I said. He raised an eyebrow. “I don’t drink,” I explained.

He returned with two drinks, a grapefruit juice for me and something stronger for him. “The two sisters at your table…,” he began. "They are sisters, aren't they?" “Yes, my aunts.” “They’re young,” he stated. “Not married?” “One is a lesbian,” I said. “She has a girlfriend but they’re in some kind of LAT relationship. The other is… uh, something other.” “Yes, the black one,” he said. “Ravishingly beautiful girl. That’s your ‘controller’, am I right? Reminds me a lot of Carmilla.” “Who?” I asked. “Carmilla,” he repeated. “Ask her. She’ll know.” Probably. And ‘controller’… I guess you could call Renske that. Yes, you definitely could.

He rubbed my leg affectionately. “You’re a really nice guy,” he said. “Very handsome too. It won’t come to sex though.” “Huh?” I did. “Not really up to it, I am afraid,” he confessed. “Not with a stunner like you. Insecurities, you know. I would... fall short, at the crucial time.” I laid my hand on his chest. His hair tickled the palm of my hand. I crawled in it absentmindedly. “Still, I am glad to be here,” I said. He bowed towards me. “I can give you a kiss though,” he whispered in my ear. And kissed my neck. I came up suddenly and kissed his lips. I made it linger. “Wow,” he said. 

Then we talked again. And drank another juice. I did, he drank Ouzo. We went to the balcony looking at te night sky. He offered me a cigarette. I accepted and he lighted it. “You don’t inhale,” he observed. “I’m not used to it,” I admitted. He laughed. “No booze, no smokes, she has you on a tight rope,” he said. “I love her,” I explained. “I fact, I am in love with her.” He ruffled my hair. “Poor bastard,” he said. “Poor lucky bastard.” He wrapped his arm around me and we stood there, admiring the stars.

“Who’s Carmilla,” I asked Renske later that evening. “A personage from a book by Sheridan le Fanu. She is a vampire.” “Is there a movie?” I asked. “I would like to see it.” “First read the book,” she said. That sounded final. She disliked film adaptations. Called them ‘lazy’. “Brush your teeth,” she commanded. “That tobacco stinks.”

We met again at the beach. And had a few more dates. Last date, I wore tight leather pants. “You’re hot,” he said. “What does it says on that choker you’re wearing?” I bowed my head backwards. He read it. “Sissy boy,” he read. What else would it be? “She made you wear that, didn’t she?” he observed. “And what’s that heady perfume?” “You like it?” I wanted to know. “It’s not unpleasant, but very strong,” he said. “She choose it,” I said. “I like it too.” He chuckled. “The lioness is marking her territory,” he said. “Hands off, she says. This is mine.” And mine alone, yes, that sounded like Renske.

“She has you in a golden cage,” he said. “But since she is the whole world to you, that doesn’t really matter. She’ll probably make you very happy.” “She already does,” I nodded. “I know Jan,” he said. “I know.” He embraced me. “Let’s kiss,” he said. “We probably won’t see each other again.” So we kissed. I let it linger. “Wow,” he said.
Geephead Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Strangers on the beach...exchanging glances. Strangers on the beach...what were the chances...they’d be kissing face before the night was through...hat tip to Frank Sinatra.

Very touching story. This guy sure had Renske figured out-“Your controller”. The lioness is making her territory. Ha! Ha! His insights killed me. 

I was a little surprised how open and affectionate you were with him. But he was gentle and nice like you are. Good story.
kay-s-sb Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Yes he was a gentle man. Sometimes, I get this instant good rapport with people. I felt for him, he was so honest with me. People make very easily contact in these places, especially on an island like Mykonos. 
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