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.update on life.

Hey love kittens!

How are you?

It's been a long while since I've heard from most of you.
What's up with me? I graduated from Brooks Institute in December 2015 so I now finally have a degree in Professional Photography. When I graduated from my university in Germany we didn't have a cap and gown ceremony, so it was really fun experiencing that here in the USA.

I'm still living in Santa Barbara, but I'm in the process of relocating to Los Angeles. I will miss my little SB, but LA is where the market is at, so this fish needs to swim in the bigger pond :giggle:

I've been slacking from photography a bit, since I've started writing a young adult book, which has been keeping me occupied. But I have a few fun shoots planned in the future (mermaids and milky bath tubs anyone?) so I'm giddy to share those new photos with you all.

So what have you been up to in the last year? Tell me in the comments.



And now on to wonderful work from my 8 groups. ENJOY! :glomp:


Rosiere for Sinical Magazine by luciekout
Black and white by cristell15
Ragnarok Online Cosplay - Banshee by Ashitaro
Lethe's Asylum #1 by levin-lee
May the forest be with you by LyraWhite
Woodnymph by AngiWallace

Beako-chan~ by MimiChair Angelsjburnstudios By Jburnstudios-d5v82at by Jburnstudios GC: o0-AyameHime-0 by m0niQuee
Tenderness by DevchonkaLucky Empire by dangerous-glow


yellow drop by 1poz

Autumn Refracted by Bimmi1111

Springtime by John-Peter

The Garden Gnome by alexgphoto

Emerging to Ocean by John-Peter


Firefighter on a Hill by AlmightyDough Slices of reality by Grabeskuehle The Isolation by willow-yanagi
Neverworld II by Lover0fNightmares 2 by DaniRDA 2066 by revelin1661


Black lips by RiperJack

*** by CreameCaramele

[ m. e. l. ]17.jpg by FlorianWeiler

Nature's Nurture by Delton36712

Watch the barrier as it bends2 by noritsu-koki

...jaws II... by roblfc1892


Memories of Paris by Pamba I heart you by Pamba Time is passing by by Pamba

Only Time Will Tell by Theanimalparade Longing back to summer by Pamba Dark is Light by AnthonyPresley


Devil's mood by Amstef
never or forever by VesnaSvesna

Solitude by luciekout

Ultraviolet by luciekout

Stardust by luciekout

-Morning dusk of the leaves- by Janek-Sedlar


A Curious Youngster by kkart Flower Girl by KerosHyun RAin by BaxiaArt

Dreamer by brlmk San Francisco, unseen night 2 by alierturk Mikasa Ackerman by tetsuok9999


.current love.

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Hey love kittens-

To my surprise, I received my second DD today :squee::la::happybounce::excited: and for a product shot, too. I can't believe it. Thanks for all your support, especially a thanks to Mrs-Durden for featuring it.

My second DD:
.ciate mini caviar pearls. by Kay-Noire

My first DD:
.:SpringAwakening:. by Kay-Noire

This is like an early birthday present, since my birthday is next week haha.

Love you all.


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Hey love kittens!

It's been a year since I've uploaded a journal to DA and I know I have been terrible, terrible kitty. I haven't had the time to do my weekly features, heck, I haven't even had the time to upload 99% of the photos I've been taking and trust me, my days are filled with shooting, retouching and printing. It's basically ALL I do haha.
Nothing much new from me. I'm still in sunny Southern California, although I might have to move away from cozy Santa Barbara and into loud, filthy Los Angeles next year haha, I hate LA. LA is dead to me ahahaha. It's a long, personal story you would not want to hear. ;) But that is a career-decision I probably have to do. I still love to shoot (with a camera), dive, I've taken up surfing, I'm taking better care of myself, meaning I no longer stay awake for 5 days to get shit done, I sleep more and take care of my health better, even when it means I have to reduce some of the time I dedicate to photography. But I would have worked myself to death otherwise.
It's August so I'm at the point in the year where I'm sick of the perfect sunny weather that is always the same in SB day in day out and cannot wait to visit family and friends in Europe in December and plop into a huuufe pile of snow haha. My German genes are showing. Or my love for nature. I crave the seasons. I need some change in the weather. It can't always be the same, clear, sunny sky.
So Life's good. The bunnies are still spoiled flufferknuckles. I'm surrounded by amazing, talented, creative people and between shooting and chilling at the beach or by the pool at home or by the pool at the studio - there's really nothing to complain about. This is mini-paradise and I'm enjoying every second of it. :heart: :love:

So more importantly, how have YOU been?
And please comment with a few of your newest deviations! I want to see what you've been up to while I was away.

I've missed you love kittens! :dalove:


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.essence of people.

I've posted 6 of the photos onto my deviantART account! I hope you like them! :love:


You can see the first 12 photos of my new series -printed and mounted by me- on Thursday, April 14 th 2014.
The show will be in Santa Barbara, California.
The show is open to the public.
If you wish to attend send me a note and I'll tell you the address! :meow:

I have a new series and it's titled 'Essence of People', in which I combine my love for scientific photography with people photography.The concept is that this is an anti-environmental-portrait. I take portraits of people but don't try to define them via props, environment, clothes etc, but instead they are very tight crops focusing on their faces. Then I take samples of the people of what is 'essentially them' (like their blood, their hair, their cheek cells the ink of a tattoo artist or the make-up of an make-up artist etc) and make microscope slides out of them. After making the slides, I photograph them under the microscopes and exhibit the diptychs: the realist portrait on one side and the abstract microscope photo on the other side.

The idea was born out of the realization that I often sensed a connection between how a compound looked under the microscope. For example, champagne looks very fancy out of the microscope and I thought it was fitting for this drink. Hence, I hope that viewers will find a sense of my subjects in their microscope samples as well.

I have always considered myself a nerd. I have always been attracted to various sciences, especially to the medical field. I love seeing and understanding how the world functions in ways that are logical and rationally explainable. People photography often leaves me unaffected. Perhaps because I’ve always claimed I have a bigger affinity with animals than with people.

It’s an attempt to learn more of that person, to help visually define them, but in an environment I am comfortable with, a surrounding I can relate to, a bridge I am crafting to combine science with emotions. I am also hoping it’s a more unique way of looking at people, shedding another light onto them.

I hope there will be this emotional link and the sense of belonging between my subject and their specimen.

You will see the final concepts and portfolio of my entire "Lighting People" class - all personal concepts developed by the individual photographers!

I would love to see you there! Especially because I've been neglecting DA so much and it would be fun to catch up!

.graduating portfolio show.

Additionally, the portfolio show of this semester's graduates of Brooks Institute will also be this Thursday, April 14th. The show is also open to the public and all the photographers will be there to socialize with you and to answer any questions as to their amazing work.
Once again, if you're interested in attending, send me a note!

I'd be happy to see you there!!!


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.feature time.

9 min read

.on a personal note

Since I'll be busy with Thanksgiving and its aftermath ;) I decided to do this feature on a Wednesday, instead of a Friday.

If you want to win 666 points, then catch my  66.666 pageview and note me a screenshot. The details can be found  HERE

.from my groups










.current love.

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