Catch my 66.666 pageview and win points!

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UPDATE December 8th:

Sorry it's been taking me so long to get back to you, but not only do I have all my final portfolios due and final exams to take next week (so I am really stressed), but of course my body has decided to shut down and I've been really sick.

I've gotten three screenshots with the 66.666 pageview...I previously said the first person who notes me the screenshot will get the 666 points and I'm sticking to that. Sorry. But as a little consolation for the other 2 who caught the screenshot, but who weren't quite as fast in noting me, since Christmas is nearing, I have decided to give you 66 points :)

The points are going to:

GawrilaGhul - 666 points
SeviYummy - 66 points
poundfreeze - 66 points

Thanks for participating :)



Hey love kittens!

Catch my 66.666 pageview and win devilish 666 points ;)

This is how it works (Rules):
1) You have to be one of my watchers.
2) You have to make a screenshot of it and note it to me. (Make sure that your display name is in the screenshot when you're visiting my profile, so don't cut the top green bar off. Your display name has to be visible.)
3) At the unlikely chance that 2 people have caught the 66.666 pageview the first person who notes me with their screenshot will get the points.
4) If nobody catches the 66.666 pageview, the screenshot with the closest number to it will win the points. =)

Good luck! :heart:
I :heart: you

P.S. The Devil Sandbag:
This is a little story from work. I work on campus of my university, I work at the studios/equipment check-out. Of course our equipment has bar codes, so that we can scan them in and out and the system knows which student has what and when it's due.
Some bar codes don't scan in easily, because they're old, slightly torn, bent etc.
But one bar code never scans when I try to and I always have to manually enter the numbers into the comptuer. It's attached to a sandbag and it ends with the numbers 666. We call it 'the devil sandbag' ;)

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Thank you so much! :)