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Dusk Nano

My 2nd (sort of) iPhone/iPod touch theme.
A nano version of my theme Dusk

Credit to ~elajes and susumu for their resources.
Credit to Dustin for inspiration on some of the icons.

Template included to make your own icons.

See normal sized Dusk [link]

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I used some for my android phone... NICE WORK !
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i used some for my android phone.. NICE WORK!
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Thanks! Awesome.
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"Nanos" are so sweet ^^ , plus coming with your theme is one of the best combo for our beloved iPhone(s) and/or iPod Touche(s) to me, i use it as i type here, and i'll probably do that for a longggggggg while i think. :)

Ps: Thanks again for so much work ;)

Blake. :butterfly:
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i'm late to reply, but so dope bro!

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Beautiful theme! :)
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Sweet! I like very much this theme! Better than the original one!

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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This looks better. even makes the details on the icons look even more professional. nice job bud
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:love: thats awesome! Goooood job :peace: :la:
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nice theme mate :)
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haha i like this better than the original !!
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woohoo! awesome!
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