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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo - Apr 26-29 (Calgary)

Montreal ComicCon - Jul 6-8 (Montreal)

Fan Expo Canada - Aug 30-Sep 2 (Toronto)

Fan Expo Vancouver (Vancouver)
Hi everyone!

It's gonna be another busy year! These are the events I'm attending so far.
If you are in town for one of these I hope you stop by to say hi!

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2017 - Apr 27-30

Anime North 2017 (Toronto) - May 26-28

Otafest 2017 (Calgary) June 30 - July 2

Animethon 2017 (Edmonton) - Aug 11-13

Fan Expo Canada (Toronto) 2017 - Aug 31 - Sep 3

Fan Expo Vancouver 2017 - Nov 10-12

FAN EXPO Vancouver! shoutouts to all the people who came by to see my work, and all the talented artists I met over the weekend! you guys are the shiz. I’ll be back again next year!

i did a ton of sketch commissions at Fan Expo Canada over the weekend, here's a few of them! it was my first time travelling for a convention and all the people who came to check out my art made it totally worth it. thanks ppl, I'll try to be back again next year!

Just finished this year's Otafest! this time I was lucky enough to get into Artist Alley which means no Sketch Drive :O
Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit my table to check out my artwork. ^_^

Here are some of the commissions i did, the rest are on my instagram!

Forgot to post an update! I recently finished up a busy weekend at this year's expo, followed by another amazing Schoolism class! This year I learned a bit of Z-brush, some digital painting, creature design and anatomy, and got to watch a demo with the legendary craig mullins!

Here's some pics of a few commissions I did at this year's expo from my instagram:

Group shot from the schoolism live class! I'm standing behind craig mullins :P

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I've been in Hong Kong for the past couple weeks visiting, and tomorrow I'll set off to see Tokyo, and Taipei after that! Super excited since so much of my artistic influence comes from japanese media and art.

Though I'm away from my desk I'm still drawing and working, mostly doing quick inktober sketches and then client work / commissions during the day. Here's some of the stuff I've been drawing for fun, if you want to see more plz check out my instagram!

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Tue May 19, 2015, 10:08 AM

just finished the annual Otafest sketch drive over the weekend, where i sold some pritns and did sketch commissions where part of the profits go to charity. this year's donations went to the calgary distress centre. it was a blast as usual, lots of fun. unfortunately i didn't snap many pics of the drawings i did, but here's a picture i drew on my badge :)

If you came by and got a sketch or a print from me, thank you!

Had an awesome experience at calgary expo over the weekend, if you came by to get a print or a commission, a signature for the artbook, or just to say hi, thank you so much!

I also had the opportunity to take a few classes with Artgerm, Nathan Fowkes, and Stephen Silver afterwards, and just being in a room with those guys is inspiring! They are all awesome mentors and Stanley in particular was incredibly encouraging to me. I'm grateful for their words of wisdom and now I'm motivated more than ever to level up. Time to get drawing!

If you'd like to see more of the commissions I did over the weekend i snapped some pictures of them on my instagram.

I'll be at table H06 all weekend, and after that I'll be attending the Schoolism workshop with Artgerm, Nathan Fowkes, and Stephen Silver!

The shop is up now on Society6! ^_^

Hi all!

just updating to say that I'll be flying to montreal this weekend to attend a Schoolism Live workshop! by the looks of it, it's mostly designing with color and light, environment design, and colorscripting. I've taken an online gesture drawing class with Schoolism in the past, so I'm looking forward to taking one in person this time.

I'm super excited for this workshop for a bunch of reasons:

- Dice Tsutsumi is one of the instructors, and his unique painting style i am just in love with.
- I've been getting a bit of comic coloring work lately, and a better understanding of how color and light works (ESPECIALLY colorscripting) i think will be extremely helpful.
- I've been wanting to get better at painting, rather than just drawing with line all the time.
- if you look at my gallery, you'll notice that I don't draw backgrounds much lol. the world a character resides in is just as important as the character itself, and i'd like to get better at creating those worlds.

I'll be updating my journal as the workshop goes on, so stay tuned! also check me out on other sites as well if you're looking for more updates.

Just wrapped up this year's Otafest and it turned out to be even better than last year! there was a couple issues with foot traffic the first day but by the second we had ppl swarming the tables at one point! I started doing sketch drive last year and each year we do $10 sketch commissions, with most of the profit going towards charity (this year it was an animal shelter i believe.) so we get to draw lots of cool stuff, make some money, and do it for a good cause! thanks to everyone who came and bought a sketch from me.

I've posted some of the commissions i did on my tumblr, if you'd like to see them :)
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had an awesome weekend at the comic expo over the weekend. i did much better than i had hoped and it was great seeing all my friends as well as meeting new artists. i'm extremely grateful to the expo organizers for hooking me up with a table and free food all weekend, the hospitality was incredible. i also bought a shitloaf of amazing artbooks, i might do a post about some of the gems of inspiration i got.

now that the hecticness is finally over and i'm finished ALL of my school projects and done my school portfolio show as well as the expo it's time to take a breather before getting back into coloring comic pages and producing some sequential samples of my own.

there's still also otafest at the end of may which i'm looking forward to, i'll be participating in the annual sketch drive so i will be posting about it then.

now that i'm done school i think i'll really try to keep this dA page updated frequently, i know it's been kind of a desert but i should be able to upload alot more art over the summer :)

for more info about the expo and some photos etc check out my tumblr.
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this year i’ll be sharing a table with some peeps at the artist’s alley at CCEE!

i’ll be selling some prints, sketching, and hanging out at table H-06 along with doug nhungkombohsamgsketch, and possibly talikira.

if you’re at the event then come check us out!

BTW i’m also featured as a creator guest cuz of my color work on Drumhellar, which is pretty nifty :)

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I'm in my final month or so of art school now so I've been scrambling to finish projects, put together a portfolio and look for work. It's quite intimidating graduating school with no guarantee of a job and little opportunity for artists in the city I live in, but my artistic journey is only beginning.

Just thought I'd make a post about a couple upcoming local conventions I will be attending which are Calgary Comic Expo and Otafest, so if you're in calgary you should stop by! (more details later.)

Also, as soon as this hectic next little while is over I'm thinking of opening up for commissions, hopefully i can gauge some interest :)

been a while since i posted so here's what i've been up to this summer:

- got a small gig helping out with colors on a comic book. mostly labor / production work such as flatting and seperating at the moment but i'll probably move on to full colors at some point. right now it's a great opportunity to do something art - related and get to be part of the production of a comic and the industry.

- taking a gesture drawing class on its an expensive course but the more time goes on the more i think it's worth it. the video feedback is awesome and the instructors are great. i think we're over halfway through now and i'll be sad when it's over. i'd do it again.

- trying to attend a figure drawing session once a week. it gets pretty boring tbh and i get a little flustered when it's the same model / body type (usually kinda... big.) every single week. but i'm still going cuz it's good practice and i have a friend named doug nhung ( <--- check him out) who goes every week and gives me some great advice. his sketchbook is killer too and is a great source of inspiration.

hmm thats about it, theres only a couple weeks left of summer so ill spend them trying to finish up some pieces i suppose. looking forward to school starting tho ill miss summer as well, it's pretty much the last "summer break" i'll ever have, ever. and its the last year of school and being sheltered by an institution before i'm thrown to the wolves lol so it's a little daunting, but if all goes well i have lots to look forward to.

i'm super slow to update this site and it seems like i get a lot more feedback on tumblr. i'll definitely be on this as much as i can but if there's anyone interested in seeing more stuff like sketches etc, or other random stuff check me out at
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Today was the last day of classes! to be honest I didn't really want it to end. 3rd year has been great and the faster time goes by the sooner the real world is going to kick in and I'm going to feel more and more pressured to make a living out of this. I've got alot planned for the next couple months to keep me busy though.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, and I've been scrambling to get work submitted to be showcased at the ACAD booth as well as have prints ready to be sold, on top of finishing all my school projects. I'm looking forward to it, and this will be my first attempt to sell my work or create art for $, so we'll see how it goes.

After that, Otafest will be coming up, and I have already auditioned and have been approved to participate in the Sketch Drive! It's a part of the Artist Alley, where people can commission artists to draw them a caricature or whatever and the proceeds go to charity. It'll be my first time drawing commissions, and because it's for charity I won't feel too pressured. I am looking forward to meeting the other artists and I think it will be a great experience for when I'm ready to have my own table. I will also be selling prints at the Sketch Drive.

Besides the upcoming events, I'm also planning to register for some online courses, either with or Gnomon, or something similar. I've heard mixed things about online courses, but I guess I'll give it a shot and see how it goes! The rest of the time will be devoted to working on my portfolio site, posting stuff here, and working on my resume and emailing nearby studios or what have you to see if I can get a gig.

4 months is a long time to not be in school, so I'll try my best to stay busy and keep developing my art!
I'm a fledgling artist but hopefully over the next few years you'll start to see my skills develop as I post more and more on this site.