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I mentioned this briefly before, but it's now decided I will be uploading most of adoptables and other things on a separate account. For the longest time I've been thinking of keeping my work separate from my personal art. I want to keep this current account for illustrations, paintings and personal art. Other things such as adoptables, resources, commissions will be uploaded to that other account Kakiwa I will probably be updating and uploading more often on that other account once my arm is healed, good new is it's getting better!
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If you decide to keep this account, will you reupload all your older work that was deleted earlier?? ;u;
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I hope your arm keeps healing well! I can't wait to see more art! <3
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Hope your arm heals.
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I hope your arm is alot better! 
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wowa a new account?
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Nice to hear that your arm is better!
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Sorry to hear your arm is still injured! I hope it heals soon~
I have been watching your second account for some time now and I'm looking foreword to what you have to offer~
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