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Flight Rising dragon

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Is this Inspired from Flight Rising?
lolomgftwbbtheque's avatar
I thought I recognized your username from somewhere!
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Beautiful drawing!
ERose53's avatar
That's so pretty, OMFG! ~V
AniahCampa10's avatar
I Love It!!!  ♥ :scream::wow::heart:
Exeidur's avatar
Nicely done! Those scales are looking great!
weaselbeast's avatar
I love these colors!
SkrillexDraws4u's avatar
Amazing and gorgeous!
AzaleaFire's avatar
Far out, that's aMAZING
SEA-U's avatar
Oh my goodness. Amazing. What's your FR account?
abbeysonic's avatar
So bada$$! :scream: dragon! OMG LOOK AT THAT 
QueenOfSpoons's avatar
Dreamer-T's avatar
Niiice! Love the lighting and reflections :>
DrakuneShadar's avatar
Beautiful noodle ^_^ I love Spirals
Coffeere's avatar
Such a good looking noodle!
Darcy0414's avatar
EEEEEEEE. :heart:

I'm so glad one of my favorite artists did a FR dragon. QAQ
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Woah! This looks so wonderful and awesome! The colors are fantastic, as well! :wow: :wow: :wow:
Augusata's avatar
I know right? Kawiku jsut keeps getting better and better... pretty quickly, too!
Emily02037's avatar
.0. i finally found some one who plays flightrising on Da XD
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