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November 7, 2016
Beautifully ornate, Kawiku makes Primarina shine bright in both wonderful detail and magical color.
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Suggested by Phreja
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Hi, long time no see! My last upload was from 5 months ago. I'm still very limited on the amount of time I can draw. I really wanted to draw this new Pokemon, I love it so much <3

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI
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This actually looks real woah?? And it reminds me of renaissance paintings a bit 
Mikachu123's avatar
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This Looks very Magistic, and the colors make the artwork look even more beautiful 
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This is very pretty. I like the glowing, dreamy effect of the lighting. And the colours work well together.

It's weird for me to see a non-shiny Primarina, as my first one, by some stroke of luck, happened to by shiny!

Beautiful piece! :)
Smudgedacat's avatar
I agree the colors do look good together:3
SilhouetteRat's avatar
My Beautiful Daughter ; w ;
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this is beautiful
WeebFurry's avatar
My beautiful son... ;-;
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wait why are there fish in pokemon world?
this piece is stunning tho
peachyymiilk's avatar
Oh man, this is mesmerizing 
acording to the game coding it's most likely a boy
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It's so beautiful it looks like it's photo-realistic!
Good job !
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So beautiful! She is my boyfriend's favorite Pokemon as well!
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This is beautiful! I love how you did the fins, scales and hair
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omg...i want a freakin' framed oil painting version of this in my home xux
hoivess's avatar
but making an icon is hard af :I
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So beautiful
This is really good I like eyes and overall detail. It is very beautiful. 
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I can't-- I'm--

SO BEAUTIFUL. QAQ Oh my God, I can't stop looking.
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Simply beautiful! I love the scales and fins on the tail!
CutePichu's avatar
you make me feel like trash ;-;
AgraelLPS's avatar
Hey,stop feeling like that!Just because she's so good at art it doesn't mean you can't be too in the future!:-3
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