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Nekoi Auction (Closed)

Something a bit different. I tried to paint some Nekoi instead of doing lines and flat colors. This took much longer but I'm really liking the result ^^

!!Please read carefully before bidding!!
USD/PayPal only, no points.

 Serious bidders only: No bid retraction/hiding/changing, do not bid what you cannot afford or pay within 24h after the auction ended.

Auction ends on April 26, 7pm EST
+1h snipe guard, meaning the auction will extend of one hour after the latest bid. This is to avoid last minute snipping.

The winners will receive transparent, larger resolution without watermarks.

Winners are free to make edits to their characters, but do not add rarer traits.

I will be hiding duplicate/misplaced bids to avoid confusion in the bidding chains.

I can accept payment plan if auto-bought or for a amount close to AB, full payment should be sent within a month.

Feel free to ask in a comment or a note if you have questions.

SB: $30
MI: $5
AB: $300

Nekoi are a closed species
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Omg wth i've seen this one in a game called animaljam someone either copied it or its the person who created it
i'm not sure if thats allowed...
(You can draw masterpieces in the game and put them in your house)
Wrqrg by wolfEva123   
Look! I even told them that their art was amazing and now it might not even be theirs?... You could contact animaljam HQ about it and tell them to take it down
do u have the front  and back looking of these creatures? I wonder what is the price for using it in my mobile games. thanks.
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Here's a question: What's to stop a person from using these characters anyway without paying or crediting you? They're not exactly copyrighted.
MentalMutt's avatar
by American law (I'm not sure about the rest of the world though) any design made by, well, anyone, is legally copyrighted by and belongs to them, automatically. If the character is sold or given to someone else by any means, the copyright is handed over to the new owner and the original/previous owner has no control over that character anymore. I'm not sure how the laws work after that, but there are many informative videos on youtube about adoptables and the laws around them.

tl;dr: they are copyrighted and if they were used by anyone else but the buyer that would be against the law
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They are beautiful x
IamShiek13's avatar
I'm super poor but I really want one...
Novenia22's avatar
These are so cute!! If only I had PayPal. 
GarnetBoo's avatar
These are incredibly beautiful. Good work~
Inky-Rain's avatar
Cry~~ I wish I had points so badly!! 1 looks so AMAZING ;0;
Kiddy4ever's avatar
these are so beautiful
GoldenKitty28's avatar
#3 looks amazing!
TheQueenOfNeckbeards's avatar
#2 kinda looks like a more detailed version of my OC
ArcticWhistle's avatar
i love the third one.
Sophie-artist321123's avatar
Aww! They're soooooo cute! Nice work!
Gary3-6-9's avatar
They are so adorable!
NyanNaxe's avatar
So cute!!!! I love the second one tho Kitty Cat 2 
KazooieTheLioness's avatar
may I ask, who owns the one in the middle ?
KazooieTheLioness's avatar
oh, you have such a beautiful nekoi,
I have never loved one as much as this one ♥
ClutterCluster's avatar
Aww thank you! She is my favorite too. <3 I was lucky to get her.
NekoiMasterlist's avatar
Hi! c:

If you still own this nekoi, pls register it here Kakiwa/Kawiku made Nekoi owners
If you do not own it anymore, pls share any information you have about the new owner.

Thank you! :3
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