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Glitch Effect Tutorial

This was requested hundred of times, and finally here it is! Hopefully it's understandable I wanted to make it short and simple ^^ enjoy!
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Thanks! This brings me straight to the point

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Interesting - thank you for sharing!

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This is so good!~
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Ayye thank you! 
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I'm not even interested in the effect, I've just been starring at the bubble khffjgfdhh
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THANK YOU!!! People explain it so complicatedly, FINALLY one that gets straight to the point, and easy to do.

10/10 would recommend!!
KilalaMikal's avatar
This is pretty neat! The second method works well in Krita. Thanks for sharing!
DarthWill3's avatar
Wonder if they have that on
FeralRoku's avatar
This will be useful one of these days. Thanks for making this tutorial.
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can you do this with medibang paint pro?
ErinNO1's avatar
if i can do this in a very similar program like firealpaca it probably can
bitSkreig's avatar
Simple yet effective. Thanks :D
Mayya-b's avatar
this is helpful
HandxPalm's avatar
thanks for creating this ;P
Fire-Star-Bird's avatar
Thank you for posting this. Helped me make this:
Sugary-Stardust's avatar
THIS IS AMAZINGLY HELPFUL. Thank you for posting this!
TriforceofDoom's avatar
Favorited & will be used as reference if I ever want that in my thumbnails. Thanks for this man!
luvkirby4ever's avatar
Oh man thank you!  I have GIMP instead of Photoshop but I desperately needed an idea for glitching effects.  Thank you so much!!! :hug:
dimasm's avatar
it's awesome tutor , thank's for sharing :)
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Bless you! Thanks a lot for shareing this tutorial, I adore the effect is just what I imagined!
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How does one select more than one area? The program I use is Krita.
MattsyKun's avatar
Generally, you can hold down shift to select more than one area. Not sure about that particular program, but it seems pretty universal.
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