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He's my favorite I designed so far! <3
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he look's great!Favorites Icon 3D

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Hi there, I just wanted to let you know someone on my art server is taking this character and their art as their own under the name of "Galex" instead of Astral. The owner took care of it so he was exposed but I just wanted you to know as the artist. I can't link you to anything since it was on Discord and they dont have any active DAs but I just hope you stay safe.
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Somebody on a roleplaying forum I am on stole this character. They took the image and are claiming it their own. I do not know if you have them permission, but I do not think they own it since on their character sheet they called it a "Cat Mage". Here is the link to the topic of where they stole the babe, I really hope things work out.…
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hello! I was wondering if this is an open species? I would give you 100% credit for the species of course. they are simply breathtaking and I would love to be able to make my own <3 thank you again for your art <3 I hope to hear from you soon
No, he's a closed species call Scarfoxes
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I want one ;-;
I probably don't have enough  points though.
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i love this <3 astral specie
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Ok so call me stupid, but what exactly ARE the creatures? Is it a mix of animals or an original idea?(btw looks awesome)
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Scarfoxes, from what I know, are creatures created by some goddess when someone dies and are chosen to become Scarfoxes. I think they are named by how they are made of a fabric-like substance, and how their arms look like scarves hanging from their necks. Inside each Scarfox is a magical gas thing called " Mist " that is the life force of the body. I would say that it's kind of like the blood of Scarfoxes, if they lose too much, they die/disappear, whatever these guys do. Each Scarfox is supposed to have a unique design, so this is why there are so much out there.

I hope this helped!
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This is so beautiful ok
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Holy crap this is amazing! 10/10!
I really would love to see this as the final evolution of a pokemon. It is absolutely stunning.
Or it needs to be in Soul Eater
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These need to be Boss Monster Duos in a Video game. I could See Black Rock Shooter Fighting these. They look like Creatures of the Void.
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Wow, this is gorgeous oAo
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I can see why ^^ Really awesome design.
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I love the gold trim~
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Love your design on this one!! Would you do more of them? 
It would be fantastic!!!
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Oh my gosh I love this one! It has the Greek Zodiacs on it too <33
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oh my, this one is my favorite, simply wonderful <333
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I love the colors ::> So pretty 
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Love the design on him or her
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Am I allowed to draw him if I include that the character is urs
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