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Je m'ennuis a mort depuis que je peux presque plus dessiner. Ca fait un bon bout de temps que je m'isole et ca n'aide surement pas mon moral, alors je me suis dit que ce serais bien de connaitre d'autre gens qui parle Francais puisque j'y suis beaucoup plus a l'aise pour socialiser. J'ai Discord et Skype que je suis plus active. Laisser moi savoir si vous voulez m'ajouter ou juste chatter par notes. Mais bon... je suis une personne plutot timide avec des interets ennuyeux alors n'ayez pas de trop grande attentes ;u;
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I mentioned this briefly before, but it's now decided I will be uploading most of adoptables and other things on a separate account. For the longest time I've been thinking of keeping my work separate from my personal art. I want to keep this current account for illustrations, paintings and personal art. Other things such as adoptables, resources, commissions will be uploaded to that other account Kakiwa I will probably be updating and uploading more often on that other account once my arm is healed, good new is it's getting better!
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Not good new... since 2 weeks, I had to stop drawing due to a shoulder/arm injury. It was triggered from drawing for too long in an uncomfortable position, moving my arm across the tablet too often. But the pain only started after 3 days of doing this and it was already too late when I realized. I was trying a different coloring style and got too aggressive on choosing colors (the position of the color picker on my screen was not convenient).

In 12 years, this is the first time I have significant pain caused by drawing, so I don't really know what to do or what to expect of it. It's making me worried, since drawing is my only source of income, and I don't know how long this will take to heal and after 2 weeks I still don't see much improvement. I've tried different positioning, with no very good results. I've tried doing some stretching, it seems to be helping and is giving me some relief. But so far the only way to see improvement is from not drawing at all, but when I think it got better and I try to draw again, the pain quickly comes back.

I think it would be better I completely avoid drawing until my shoulder is healed. I should try not to worry too much about it right now and wait and see how it goes after resting longer and doing regular stretches. But to be honest, I'm worried that the damage could be permanent... I've read posts from other artists having very similar issues, I can't help but feel worried and discouraged. I wish I paid attention to it sooner.

Not being able to draw for more than a few days always made me in a depressed mood, I'm sorry I've been neglecting notes and messages once again. I might be avoiding dA and other art sites for a while since feeling inspired and unable to draw and express myself is affecting my mood negatively.

This is making me very disappointed since I was planning to get more things done in 2016 and it's not starting too well. I've been struggling with my art more than ever in the past months, and this issue added on top of it is not very encouraging. I'm gonna have to put the projects I had on hold. I've already slowly started training to draw with my other hand just in case, it's super frustrating, but there is no way I could think about giving up or spending so long without drawing. If I upload anything soon it will be simple adoptables and myo slots so I can pay bills and food. No paintings/bigger pieces for a while. My other priority would be to get/set up a more ergonomic work space, since now I realize how important it is.
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I did it. I lined/filled all of them.
Mysterious shadow WIP:

Erteryeryuywetwet by Kawiku

So many omg. Now I have to color them.................
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I will be uploading these daily on my twitter account, that I'm gonna try to update more often too: twitter.com/Kawikuku

I heard about it at the very last minute but I really want to do it ;m; So many things to do in October why am I doing this :iconlazycryplz:

Funny thing is I got myself new inking pens and cartridges a few days ago without knowing about it. I am ready I can do it.
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