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I'm wanted to make that journal entry for so long! To allow me to share other place where you can find me!
I've been wondering during a long time if I should, and well, I like knowing others place where I can check/follow/support artists I like, so why I shouldn't share those myselt ? :3
So here, an update on all this:
Discordbutton by Kaweii
I made a discord server! YAY! 
Feel free to join! It's nice and chill there:

Becomepatreonbutton by Kaweii
You probably saw me sharing a tons of "weekly doodle dump", yet sharing them by huge package and not weekly at all... XD
Well in fact, those are weekly on my patreon
I’m way more regular to post on Patreon, so, for those that really don’t wanna miss them I can only advice you to simply “follow me” there. That option doesn’t ask you to pledge anything to be effective. 
And with it you should get an email-alert when I’m posting something. 
Also! I started to take request for those doodle dump for anyone that is one of my patrons, so, even 1$ support works for that! 

Kofibutton by Kaweii
I also have a kofi running for anyone that was slide me one coffee or two to keep me hydrated, warm and cafeined while I'm working on art piece. o/

Picartochannel by Kaweii
I still streaming every now and then on Picarto! Usually working on commission or doodling for those weekly doodle dump.
On rarest occasion I work on slice of life comics, I hope I'll be able to do more of those in the future!


Anyway, I really wanted to thank everyone that is new around my gallery even if I'm super quiet!
I try to reply to comments a lot, but I get easily overhelmed and feeling not grateful enough by repeating "thank you!!" everytime. It means so much to me, I should be typing an essai full of praise and thanks for everyone that showed interest in my work, ahahah!
I only hope I make nobody sad cause of my crappy replying comments skills! xD

SO yeah, thank you for still being here around and looking at my stuff.
It means the world! I wish I will keep creating things enjoyable for yall! 

On this, have a good day/night! 
And see ya... in the next update??? In the comments??? Somewhere in those place I just linked??? 
Well see ya next time! *sends smooches*
  • Listening to: "Love Letters From The Past Summer"
  • Reading: long ass posts on tumblr
  • Watching: boku no hero academia
  • Playing: Overwatch / Stardew Valley
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Yakitori Sauce (that thing will kill me one day)
SanyaWaffles Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[joins discord] okkota?
Kaweii Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Okotte nai yo ♥
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