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Meeting with dragon

I am practicing the speedpainting.

In this time, I continue drawing dragons. Keep calm, ecchi will back soon... probably

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The Favorite by KawaINDEX
 Dragon's Wrath by KawaINDEX Dragon night by KawaINDEX Cavern Dragon Sketch by KawaINDEX Hidden Dragons by KawaINDEX 
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This is so deep. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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Awesome work on the dragon and the composition, it's a really well done artwork! :)
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Really thanks :)
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This is truly a magnificent piece of art. 
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Oh, thanks ^_^
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Me pongo de rodillas. Espectacular!
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because of the recently growing issue, is it truly a dragon? or just a wyvern? 
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In my mind, Dragons have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 wings and can speak (and of course they know magic).
However, Wiverns have 2 legs, 2 wings and can not speak.

So, this drako must be a dragon because they are speaking.
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Actually, the dragon has four legs and two wings....whereas the Wyvern has two legs and two wings.
They can both speak...although the wyvern's speech is broken.
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For me, dragons are intelligence creatures, however the Wyverns not. The Wyverns are more like animals, like a dog. Wyverns can be domesticated if they are raising from egg. But dragons not. Dragons are powerful creatures, proud and capricious.

This is how I see the races of Drakos. Of course, is only my vision.
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Proud of ya
Keep up the good work ^^
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