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“I can't quit... I won't quit. Friends don't... quit... They don't quit...”
I trembled awake, feeling like absolute hell. I opened my eyes, only to be assaulted by the morning light.
“Damn...” I grumbled to myself as I weakly got up from my desk, holding my pounding head. A sharp punch to my stomach followed. I ran into the bathroom and threw up all the scotch I drank last night. After I flushed it all down I leaned back on a wall, panting from the exhaustion of my now strained stomach muscles.
“Charley, ye can't keep gulping down and throwing up all your problems forever.”
I winced and turned to see Barley in the doorway.
“Hey...” I managed to say.
“Are you proud of yourself?” Barley said in a stern tone, “You're not going to get any better if ya keep doing this, you know. But, like I said, you've learned nothing from your therapist!”
“I'm sorry...”
Barley looked shocked for a second.
“Did you ju
:iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 2 0
Mature content
New Beginnings :iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 1 0
Parasite by KawaiiWolfOphi
Mature content
Parasite :iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 1 2
Great Party, Bro
“Bendy! What the hell are you doing in my car!?”.
I snorted myself awake, startled by Boris' yelling. I had apounding headache... Come to think of it, my whole body was aching.
“What did you do last night and why did you break my car window!?”, Boris barked holding his own head.
“Shhhtop talking your voish ish irritating as shit!”, I angrily slurred as I got out of his car and into the house. I really needed to pee.
After using the bathroom, Boris and I just laid down on the couch in the living room and turned on the TV. We really needed something lighthearted, we were feeling like Hell itself. After putting in a DVD, Alice Angel came through our front door with a bag.
“Hello, you animals. Miss me?”, she said with a facetious tone.
“Woman, I'm not nearly well enough to listen to you talk! I'm gonna throw up...”, I growled holding my head.
Boris glared at me, “Darlin', you're no better.”, he remarked.
:iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 1 0
-Behind the Scenes Doodle- Extra Dip by KawaiiWolfOphi -Behind the Scenes Doodle- Extra Dip :iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 2 0
Angry Demon, Angry Stomach
“Hey, Bendy. You OK? You're looking pale, even more than you usually are.”
“Yeah, yeah. I'm fine, Boris. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep.”, I lied. In truth, my stomach was feeling weird. I don't know if it was something I drank or ate. “Let's just pick up Alice and go.”.
“Uhm... OK, if you say so.”, Boris replied still holding a concerned tone.
We picked up Alice Angel and drove to the studio. It takes a little while to get there due to rush hour traffic but at least we didn't have to pick up Joey, that'd take forever. Today was the day we finally started to shoot Chapter 3 after getting the set finished. I hear we're getting some new people on board too. Can't wait to see the newcomers.
“Well, we're here! Don't forget anything in the car.”, Boris said as he unlocked the car doors and got out with his bag and Alice's make-up case.
“Now Boris, be extra careful, some of my make-up is in glass containers!”, Alice Ang
:iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 1 0
Retro Pleasure -Lovesickness- by KawaiiWolfOphi Retro Pleasure -Lovesickness- :iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 4 0 Self Destruction is Not Worth It by KawaiiWolfOphi Self Destruction is Not Worth It :iconkawaiiwolfophi:KawaiiWolfOphi 7 3


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Taxi Ride (READ DESC) :iconcosmic-retro-head:Cosmic-Retro-Head 35 10
.~The Dynamic Puyo-duo~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess .~The Dynamic Puyo-duo~. :iconthepinkmarioprincess:ThePinkMarioPrincess 555 41 How to: Visual Novel Interior by Auro-Cyanide How to: Visual Novel Interior :iconauro-cyanide:Auro-Cyanide 3,332 290 Standard brushes CS4 - Part I by Possy73 Standard brushes CS4 - Part I :iconpossy73:Possy73 314 55 ClickPopMedia Brushes by clickpopmedia ClickPopMedia Brushes :iconclickpopmedia:clickpopmedia 164 13 Artistic Brushes Pack 1 by nextexile Artistic Brushes Pack 1 :iconnextexile:nextexile 1,237 229 Sketchy and Line Art Brushes by Genflag Sketchy and Line Art Brushes :icongenflag:Genflag 555 355 Mouagip's Brushy Brushes by Mouagip Mouagip's Brushy Brushes :iconmouagip:Mouagip 248 41 Inky Pen 1 by Zefhar Inky Pen 1 :iconzefhar:Zefhar 199 62 Chalk Illustrator brushes by melemel Chalk Illustrator brushes :iconmelemel:melemel 1,932 181 Fun by SuperCaterina Fun :iconsupercaterina:SuperCaterina 50 5 [Day 14]  Blood Blood Blood by DrawKill [Day 14] Blood Blood Blood :icondrawkill:DrawKill 752 5 Redemption through Pain v2.0 by Darksilvania Redemption through Pain v2.0 :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 775 47 Saturday Night by larienne Saturday Night :iconlarienne:larienne 4,319 92


KawaiiWolfOphi's Profile Picture
Luka Hartman
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Name-Luka Hartman
Gender Indentity-Bigender (They/Them pronouns)
Sexual orientation-Pansexual
Occupation-Rising Indie Game Dev
-Trivia Notes-
:star: Unapologetic monster fucker.
:star: Nintendo trash.

Wanna make a donation? Here ya go.
Low on inspiration? Got nothing to work on? Have a fuckton of props but don't know what to do with them?
Well fear no more! I have a challenge for Walfsers like you!
The challenge is simple.

1. Anyone who accepts the challenge will be sent a pack of five random props. You must use two or more of them.
2. Comics and videos alike are acceptable.
3. Please tag me in your submissions, I wanna see how you do!

Simply take the challenge by saying "I'm in." in the comments below! If you have any questions, comment below or contact me on Discord.
Happy creating!

-Luka Hartman


So, update on the neutral name change. It's been decided that I am going to permanently switch the name "Luka" and permanently go by They/Them pronouns. However, because the name clashes with my current surname for my artist alias "Genesis", I will be changing that as well. So far I'm leaning toward "Luka Hartman" but I am iffy on it since that is the names of one of my Sims. If any of you have any suggestions, that would be much obliged.
>wants to draw cute character design
>has cold hands that are stiff from being cold
>dies inside
I wish I was confident enough to make music. Because I REALLY want to make a cute Bendy and the Ink Machine themed love song ;w;
On my third glass of gin and juice, can't sleep, making art, and being a general useless member of society
Life is good : )
Thinking of making spoopy icons for $2. Would anyone be interested?
You know somebody has lost their mind when they want to make their own religion when that can't even be a good influence to a group on DeviantArt...

I'll never understand people. I'll never truly understand people at all. BatIM Ch 3 Trailer - Bendy Struggling #2 
Got a blood test done without freaking the fuck out.
Personal accomplishment.
Considering going by a neutral name again. The name "Winter" appeals so far but I'm not sure yet. Feel free to suggest if you want.
Some people need to understand that strictly platonic relationships exist.
Sometimes I just want to make an entire sketch dump of demon characters and make a dumb visual novel with them.
Hmmmst Discord Emoji - Thinking  
You know what I still don't get? Why are the people that are scummy and rude are always the ones who I used to trust/be friends with?🤔
Guess I'm far too trusting sometimes.
If you catch yourself abusing others around you while you're grieving, stop it. Get some help.
I'm just gonna say this right now, grieving can turn you into a capital butthole : / I still feel bad.
Decided to go back to that demon design I had for my author avatar long ago. Demons are just more my aesthetic.
Just a head's up, I'm going to close commissions for some time after I finish my current commission jobs, because I'm planning on working on more serious projects. I'll probably open them back up in maybe 2-2 1/2 months tops. We'll see, I'm planning something ambitious.
So, my rib pain has subsided, so I'm open for commissions again 😊
Due to some recent discomfort in my lower ribs, I won't be taking commissions until I have it solved. If you have any advice on what it could be, please let me know.
9 times out of 10, a person complaining about toxicity in a fandom is also the same person causing it and getting called out for their toxic bullshit 😂



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