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Tagged by myself ;w;

1.- What is your real name and nickname?

Shadow Bloodstone. I don't have a nickname.

2.- Interesting, what is your current age?


3.- What is your favorite food?

Steak. Medium rare.

4.- And your favorite drink?

The blood of- *ahem* Wine.

5.-Confession time, Who is your lover?

I don't have one, but I am interested in a certain queen~

6.- Have you kissed anyone yet?

... I wish.

7.- Do you have a childhood sweetheart?

Yeah but.. she didn't like me back

8.- Who is your favorite author?

I don't read fiction.

9.- What is your biggest fear?


10.- Any siblings?

I'd rather not talk about them

11.- Who is your worst enemy? 

My father..

12.- Huh, okay. Who is your best friend? 

Exalaria. She's strange but pretty loyal.

13.- What would you do if you meet your creator? 

Wait what?

14.- What do you want to be when you're grown up? 

I am grown. I wanted to be a guardian but I've got no choice since I have to be king.

15.- What is your worst nightmare? 

I usually control my dreams so I've never had one. At least, I don't remember having one.

16.- What is your life long dream? 

Making my kingdom stable again.

17.- What would you do if your dream came true ? 

What do you think? Be happy of course.

18.- Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?

The library.

19.- Last question, what do you do most of the time? 

Read.. Or argue with my father

20.- Done! Now tag some people!

Anyone who wants to do this really :p
Since the story is yet to be finished this folder will be updated every time I post a new chapter!! Yay yay 

Chapter 1 
Queen Ursa ch1BEFORE YOU READ! Make sure you already read the prequel Princess Ursa!!!! Or you will not understand anything going on! Other than that enjoy!!!!!!
Queen Ursa was the best ruler there ever was. The people of her universe loved her. Even her sisters were happy. Everything was finally balanced. Of course this didn’t mean her adventure days were over, there was so much more waiting 4 her. 1 day, she received a message. It seemed to be from another universe. It read
“To Queen Ursa Lovelyheart, Of Moonwolf
   We have heard of ur great powers and abilities. No one has been able to handle such before. We also thank you for defeating who you call “Sam”. If you’d like to hear more please come to Universe Crystal Sun. We will be expecting you.
Queen Blissia”
“Queen Blissia? Crystal Sun?” ursa chan was confused. She had never heard of that universe nor its queen. for the smart girl s

Chapter 2 
Queen Ursa ch2pls read da previous chapter and the prequel Princess Ursa before readin this!!!!!
also don hate cuz that will make you rude mean and unkawaii!!!!! :(
enjoy desu kitties n puppies!!!!
"Ursa?" Blissia Sama asked. "Yes?"
"Do u remember Sam? the human boy with dark magic? bcuz he is more than that. sam isnt even his name. his real name is shadow. he is the prince of the dark universe. and it wont be long until the king hears abt his death. but still, we i must thank you again for stopping him. he has been draining power from this universe for ages." she explaine.d
"this is also why i called u 2 here. i need ur help, as powerfull as i look i alone cannot stop the dark lord." she said sadly. "dont worry!!!!" dark chan said. "we will do no matter what to help u! right ursa chan??" dark chan said. "yeah! but, are the 3 of us rlly enough?" she worried. "thats what im worried abt! there is sup

Chapter 3
Queen Ursa ch3Blissia immediately sent the letter to the mystery member then she turned to Ursa and Dark chan. "Now tell me, what types of elements are you mastered in?" She asked. "all of them!" Dark chan said. "Same here!!" Ursa chan smiled. "Hm, okay." Blissia sama seemed to be listing it down on a piece of very light blue paper. "Weaknesses?" she asked. "Bad flashbacks." Dark chan answered. "Demon magic and my own fear." Ursa chan said. "Okay.." Blissia wrote down what they said. "What abou-
Before she could finish they heard footsteps coming from the other room. "Oh, I think she's here!" Blissia said then left the room. Ursa chan and Dark chan could here muffled voices through the wall. "Oh I have an idea," Ursa chan said. "What is it?" Dark chan asked her. Ursa chan used her magic to make their voices clear enough to hear through the wall. "Oh, are you sure you aren't human?" Blissia asked. "Yes, I am part fairy." a voice of a young lady answered. "Alright then.." Blissia Sama said. She then t

Chapter 4
Queen Ursa ch4Omg i finally did it!!!!!! Aahhhmahgaddd!!
O and if ur new here on my page then pls read the prequel of this story Princess Ursa and the previous chapters!!!
(Found on my old acc)
"Now then" Blissia sama said. "Take a seat dear." She said pointing to the empty chair. Sam shyly walked over to the chair and sat down. "You know why youre here right?" Blissia sama asked. "Because of my magic?" Sam guessed. "Yes. Although there is something odd about you. I am the queen of all magic forces and i watch every person with those abilities everyday to see how they use it, if they are worthy, I increase their power, if they are evil, they will improve manually. The thing is I've never seen you whenever I watch others use their magic. It seems that i've seen them all except you." She explained. "But, I do have magic! And I am not evil! Well of course I do those bad stuff that people do once and a while but nothing to go to become a demon for!" Sam said looking confu

Chapter 5
Queen Ursa ch5YAY I DID ITTTT!!! Oh and bfore u read dis pls read the previous chapters and the prequel Princess Ursa found on my old acc!!!!!
And i'd like to thank :iconthisisasupersecret: for letting me put her oc Dark Swirls in the story and :icon99sampanda99: for letting me use her oc Sam!!!!
Other than that enjoyyyyy!
"Uh, yeah she went to, wherever you keep bird cages around here." Ursa chan answered. "Oh, thankyou.." He said thanking her. "Wait who are you?" Dark chan asked. "I'm-
"Asper!" Blissia sama exclaimed seeing the boy. "I thought you were coming tomorrow?" She asked. "Well, anyway. I should probably introduce you all to, my son." Blissia sama said. "Well, adopted son." She corrected herself. "Girls, this is Asper. Asper, these are Dark, Ursa, and Sam." She said smiling. "Oh and, they are those 'chosen ones' that I always told you about." She added. "Really? Well then it is a great pleasure to meet you girls." Asper kun said smiling at them then winked at Ursa chan. Ursa chan just smi

Chapter 6
Before reading pls read the prequel Princess Ursa (on my old acc) and the previous chapters of Queen Ursa
Thanks to these ppl for letting me use their desudesu ocs!! :icon99sampanda99: :iconthisisasupersecret:
"Training?" Sam repeated. "You heard me." Blissia sama answered. "Like I said, You may seem like youve learnt enough or even all, but there is more that I want you to know." She said. "How is there something beyond our power?" Ursa chan asked. "I'll show you. Sam, come over here." Blissia sama said picking up a sapphire. "Okay.." Sam answered curiously walking towards her. Blissia sama put the sapphire in her hand. It was somewhat flat, cold and had a smooth cut. "Have you ever threw stones across the water before?" Blissia sama asked. Sam knew what to do. She threw the sapphire and it skipped on the water gracefully, and made it all the way to the other side of the la

Chapter 7
Queen Ursa ch7"Wh-what?" Sam asked confused. "Is it gone forever?" She asked worried. "Well it is impossible for someone to delete it from existence, so whoever took it still has it!" Blissia Sama answered. "Can you not send another one?" Ursa chan asked. Blissia sama thought for a second with a doubtful face. "Well, I can't send the same one though. The spare one I can send will not be as strong.." she said. "If it makes me stronger then lets do it!" Sam said. Blissia Sama sent the backup file and gave Sam the sapphire she had earlier. Sam crossed her fingers and gave it a stroke. A blue aura surrounded her and her transformation begun. She wore a female knight's armor with a blue crystal heart on it and a blue skirt, blue wings entirely made of water, had a pair of real panda ears and tail, and the tips of her hair were icy blue. Without a word, Blissia sama took another training dummy. Sam shot a strong ice arrow at the dummy pushing it backwards and pinning it to a tree. "Very impressive!" Bliss

Chapter 8
Queen Ursa ch8"What?!" Blissia sama and Dark Chan exclaimed at the same time. "But why?" Blissia sama asked.
"I just saw you kiss her a minute ago!" Dark chan blurted. She realized what she said. "Whoops!" she said sheepishly with jazzhands.
"You did what?!" Blissia sama yelled hands on her hips. "I was only trying to heal her!!" Asper kun replied taking a step back.
"But, now that I think of it, every little clue leads to her!" He said. "What do you mean?" Dark chan asked.
"Asper this is ridiculous!" Blissia sama scolded. "Mother, let me explain!" Asper kun said.
"Well, when you mentioned the faded purple fur, I thought of her Aojikku form, and she had faded purple tipped ears. And when she thought of her sister when seeing black wolf fur, that means her sister part black wolf. So by my theory, Ursa already knows about Aojikku, used the power, and is secretly a spy! And her sister is helping her!" He explained.
"Asper that is-" Blissia sama was cut off.
"STUPID!" Ursa chan yelled. "Oh my gosh.." Sa

Chapter 9
Queen Ursa ch 9Awaa im sorry i havent worked on this for soooo long!!! >^

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The challenge is, I'm going to tag someone and they have to make an outfit inspired by… !!!!

(Their oc has to wear it ^^)


You must tag someone after you do it! (You can even tag me!)
If youre tagged twice (or more) then you only do it twice if you want to!
When tagging someone else you have to choose something as an inspiration! (It can be anything!)
You must also add a theme to the outfit!
You can tag more than one person!


(link to image)
(person youre tagging)

Going to the park

Good luck!
Man juicy hate here
this hater sounds pretty stupid 😂 
:thumb700803636: He says hes read my ID and knows I am a troll but seems to forget right after he says that 
guys this is REALLY uncool.
someone, is using my base and DENIES the fact she did!
she used and said she made the ENTIRE thing.
 this was posted on August 2 and the base I made was posted WAY before that!!!
 this is the original
now who is dumb enough to say that I stole it?
what proof do you have?
"You're a hacker!"
haha very funny.
If I could hack I'd get free online orders from Pizza Hut. (idk if it works like that but f it)

edit: omg i think she took it down
(Spoiler warning for Dark Swirls Backstory!)

So senpai Savanah has this amazing story abt on her main oc's backstory!! I really love the story and on chapter 7 she introduces a mysterious character with a purple cloak. Before I talk any more about the cloaked lady, lets go back to the first 3 chapters. 

Now it shows that Amora and Dark had a family before the zombies attacked. Even though we haven't seen her parents before, they are canon characters. More often than not, parents look an awful lot like their children. So it is extremely possible that Dark chan looks like her mother.

Now here's why.
Let's go back to the cloaked lady. The first time she spoke she said "Umbra Swirls?". I'm guessing that she mistakened Dark Swirls for someone else called Umbra Swirls. The only way this could happen, was if they looked alike. Just like Dark Swirls and her mother.

So in short, my theory is.. 
The cloaked woman is Dark Swirls' aunt.
But still, its only a theory and I could be completely wrong. The only way to find out is to play the waiting game. 😞

hope you like it1!!
Guys I have a channel nowwww yayyayayayyy!!!!!!!
this is my first vid!!!!!!1!!!!