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kawaiitober day 23 - Clumsy by KawaiiUrsaChan kawaiitober day 23 - Clumsy by KawaiiUrsaChan
Mini story!! rainbow heart 

~In Crystal Academy School Of Magic~

Corallie was in her last year of college, rushing with books in her arms studying for an important test in one of her advanced classes. She didn't look where she was going and bumped into someone. "Hey are you okay?" a boy in the same class asked helping her gather her books. "Y-yeah." she said blushing. She was never the type of girl who easily fell for boys. But this one was different. He had jet black hair, a gentle face, and eyes that glistened like black pearls. She got up and he gave her her books. "I'm Shadow. Prince of the dark universe" he smiled (does that ring a bell to anyone?). "Corallie. Princess of Wolfmoon." Corallie replied. 

They loved spending time together. They would always look off a cliff to watch the moon rise. Corallie had developed feelings for him too. But she didn't know if he felt the same. Soon she told her sister Darcia about him. Her face did not look pleased. "Corallie, you are a very dear sister, but please, do not date him." she said with a serious face. "Why?" Corallie asked. "He will only break your heart. And seeing him in the future, will only break it more." her sister explained. Corallie wasn't convinced just yet. She wanted to confess to him next Saturday. She prepared her nicest dress and ran to the cliff where he usually sat watching the moon. 

But he wasn't alone. He was with Corallie's sister. Ursa Lovelyheart. She got curious and eavesdropped on their conversation. 

"Ursa!" he exclaimed

"You called me here?" she asked.

"Yes I did." He turned to her

"Ursa, I.. I like you. I've fallen in love with you." he confessed presenting her with a bunch of roses

Corallie burst into tears and teleported back to the castle without the two noticing them. She told Darcia everything. "I told you this would happen Corallie." Darcia said hugging her crying sister trying to calm her down. "But when Ursa does become queen.. We will get revenge." she whispered.

Meanwhile with Ursa and Shadow..

"Shadow kun, you're really nice and the flowers are beautiful, but I'm sorry. I don't want to be your girlfriend." Ursa apologised. 

patrick gasp 
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