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Some more stuff about guardians by KawaiiUrsaChan Some more stuff about guardians by KawaiiUrsaChan
So if you read my Queen Ursa series one of the main characters, Asper, is the "guardian of the stars". 

I haven't provided much information on guardians so I guess its about time I do!! :D


Guardians aren't born guardians. They are born as whatever the other parent's species is. If the other parent is also a guardian the offspring will be whatever species the parents were before they were guardians. The guardian title is only given to the ones who are worthy. For example, Mellina became guardian of the wolves because she lived with and befriended forest wolves treating them like family putting their lives before hers. There are many different ways to get the guardian title depending on what guardian they become. 

If guardians had a hard life before given the title the memories will be erased.

What they do:

It depends on the type of guardian. Different guardians protect different things. For example Asper makes sure that every star in the galaxy doesn't die out and the balance of stars is stable.

How they lose a title:

If guardians refuse to do their job or throw their responsibilities away the queen of powers and supernatural abilities (Or Queen Blissia) will take their title and the guardian will go back to being a human or whatever species they were before given the title. If bad memories were erased they will return to them right when they go back to their previous lives.


Guardians don't work all year round. They only work for six months a year then are replaced with the second guardian of their type. That second guardian works for six months then the first comes back to do their six months. 

Their magic:

When given the title guardians are provided with powerful magic. At least three spells, a weapon and wings. They can obtain more spells and grow stronger the more they work. 
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Yay, lore!
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