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My New Sister - The News part 2 by KawaiiUrsaChan My New Sister - The News part 2 by KawaiiUrsaChan
Marble carefully took her house keys out of her bag, quietly unlocking the front door and crept inside. After closing the door silently she scurried up the stairs and to her bedroom door. As her orange paws touched the doorknob her little brown nose twitched. 'Don't sneeze.. don't sneeze..' she squinted her eyes shut. "ha.. chu!" 

"Marble is that you?" A voice called. "Yeah mom.." She answered. "Can you come downstairs I need to talk to you." Her mother said. "Alright lemme change out of my uniform first." 

She soon came downstairs and sat in front of her mother, nervously waiting at the table twiddling with her thumbs. (dogs have thumbs right?? XD) "Honey.. the school called. They told me you punched a student and disappeared for the rest of the day." Marble sighed. "Yeah.." 

"Honey.. I understand that you're being bullied but violence isn't the answer!" 

"I know.."

"But anyway.. lucky you, today is your last day at that school." 

Marble's eyes grew wide.

"Really?! I mean.. why?"

The blue dog took a deep breath. "It's a bit of a long story. But I think we've got more than enough time for it. You know how I've been away from the house for a while now? I mean.. even on days when I didn't have any work?"


"Well.. it's because I've been with someone.. someone who I've gone really close to." 
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Aw yeeeee :3
(Also, dogs technically have thumbs, but they aren't separated like humans. It doesn't rlly matter tho, there is a blue talking dog and an orange talking anthro cat dog in this story)
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