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Kawaii Union Nurse and Soldier

:star: Mr and Ms Kawaii Candy Corn Union Nurse and Soldier :star:

:omg: Have you guys been waiting for this!?! ;P
Lol check it out everyone!! :hungry: :love:

A new addition to my series of Mr. and Ms. Kawaii Candy Corn, kawaii with a twist of patriotism. :w00t:

Cute and whimsical patriotic Kawaii Candy Corns as Union Nurse (left) and Union Soldier (right) commemorating the end of the American CIVIL WAR!

Check them out at my shop!

I think this piece is certainly one of the funnest pieces, I had a lot of fun designing the outfits for sure, so many layers!!!!

I was going to submit this on memorial day, to officially start off the summer but alas, lets have good one! :iconveghighfive: :sun: ;)


Thanks everyone for your support, and your comments are always appreciated.

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All the best.

Vector design created with illustrator.

"Mr and Ms Kawaii Candy Corn Union Nurse and Soldier"
Bleuh Meuh Design™
Valentina Crespo ©2008
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I love all your stuff valentina! I wish I could have the same job as you but i'm not old enough to have a job..... yet

A few more months and then I am old enough to get a part-time job! And I live in Aussie not US so I guess It's still a dream.. A dream waiting to be reached!!! SOMEDAY!!!!!!!
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these are so cute do you think you could make a range of candy corns from different places I think that would be extra cute
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Greetings!:wave: You deviation has been featured in my journal. ---> [link] Thank you for creating such beautiful art!
:iconmh1plz::iconmh2plz::iconmh3plz: :iconmh4plz::iconmh5plz::iconmh1plz::iconmh2plz::iconmh3plz: :iconmh4plz::iconmh5plz::iconmh1plz::iconmh2plz::iconmh3plz: :iconmh4plz::iconmh5plz:
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uuuh <3
this is too cute
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:aww: :love: Thank you very much! :dance:
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They are both adorable, you did an amazing job on this, the colours are amazing :clap:
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:aww: :blush: thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed the colors!!
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The union soldier outfit looks like a boyscout uniform, how cute :3
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Heheheheh !!! :P Thanksm, they could have very well originated from that!!! (interesting enough when you look at the union soliders they almost look like coal miner outfits. ) :aww: :love:
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amazing Mr. and Ms. Kawaii. great idea.
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cuuuteee! :heart:
I love how you've drawn and shaded the soldier's uniform!
LOL, I think an army of candycorns wouldn't last very long if I come down there! :rofl:
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Grazie very much!!! ;P :giggle: :dance: :excited: HEHEHEHEH!! :ohnoes: :sprint: HAhahah!!! (oddly enough I have never really eaten candy corn, but they must been goood!!)
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prego :D :d mmmmm....candycorns...
*gulps down candycorn soldier and spits out the uniform*
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Heheheh :giggle: :laughing: right ?!?! Thank you very much! ;P :heart:
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Thank you very much!! :glomp: :dance:
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Cute as always.:heart:

Ms.Nurse looks like a squid!! :hungry: :drool:
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;) :giggle: Thank you very much!!

Heyyy good observation she kind of does :idea:!! Ill have to make some sea creatures eventually!!! :glomp:
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