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Dan is catching fire by VicemirAlex Dan is catching fire :iconvicemiralex:VicemirAlex 110 20 Kickthepewdie by crTwigs Kickthepewdie :iconcrtwigs:crTwigs 3 4 New Print available Super Quality by thealecaste New Print available Super Quality :iconthealecaste:thealecaste 1,599 99 Fantastic Foursome (genderbent) by loopid Fantastic Foursome (genderbent) :iconloopid:loopid 3 1 kickthestickz by XXyukichan kickthestickz :iconxxyukichan:XXyukichan 36 3
Never Leave me? [kickthestickz]
I wake with a start, there's screaming from the room next to mine! That's Chris's room! Without thinking whether it's a good idea or not I burst into the room. Chris is lying there, fast asleep, with tears streaming down his face. 'He must be having a nightmare' I think to myself, and I wonder if I should wake him and rescue him. But even as I watch he calms, the dream has taken a better turn and a smile creeps onto his face. He's safe, I know I should leave him and return to bed, but I can't help but stay and watch Chris.
I sit down on the floor. Chris looks so much younger when he's sleeping. He looks more innocent, more child-like, but still just as perfect. He nuzzles the pillow in his sleep and sighs slightly. He looks even cuter now, with his brunette hair falling down over his face. I wonder why I don't sit and watch him sleep more often! At least now I can sit and look at him, uninterrupted with my thoughts. When was it that I started liking this boy? I guess I
:iconbeautyinthenight:beautyinthenight 20 6
He didn't just troll the internet [Kickthestickz]
I’m not joking with him. I had been up all night, worrying about why he was quitting. Was my tweet mean? Was it my fault? And the thing about being less beautiful, I was so scared that he actually thought that. Because Dan, Phil and I all agree that he is possibly the most beautiful, both inside and out. I got no sleep, worried about how upset he might be. He wasn’t answering his calls or texts, so I finally decided there was only one thing for it. I had to drive and visit him.
For the entire 4 hour journey, I was on speaker-phone with Dan and Phil, coming up with possible strategies of A) Comforting him if he was upset, and B) convincing him not to quit. I was 20 minutes away when they said he had tweeted that he was uploading the vide
:iconbeautyinthenight:beautyinthenight 17 7
kickthestickz by CrazedCase kickthestickz :iconcrazedcase:CrazedCase 39 10
KickTheStickz: Camping (Collab)
"I'm kind of nervous..." PJ admitted, looking around the campsite, worry laced through his green eyes. "I'm not the most outdoors-y person, Chris...."
Chris laughed half-heartily at his nervous best friend,"relax it will be fine" he said giving his friend a reassuring nudge.To his delight this was the perfect chance to sneak a glimpse at his best friend..and admittedly long time crush.
Sighing, the younger nodded, "Okay... So, what's first? Tent setting up?
Chris nodded,looking away quickly to hide the fact he blushed furiously when their arms brushed.""Um...yeah" he said clearing his throat,desperately trying to hide how extra nervous PJ was making him today."The tents in the truck,I'll get it" he said quickly, hastily exiting the conversation to jog to the truck.
PJ furrowed his brow, shrugging as he watched the other boy hurry away. He was being so weird lately. "Uh... Okay, I'll be here!" the Italian called lamely.
Chris bit his lip,staring down at his feet as he stood behind the t
:iconcoolwritingkitty:CoolWritingKitty 21 8
Hurt - Phan
"Hey Dan, wanna play sonic with me?" Phil asked sitting on the sofa, Dan sighed
" go ahead, I'll be in my room," Dan muttered. Dan hasn't been himself lately, school was bumming him out, he hadn't had a proper conversation with his family in weeks, his father never accepted the way Dan was, Dan was Bi and his father didn't like that. Dan didn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend but his dad still didn't like it. His dad could tell Dan liked Phil, wither if was best friends or more than friends his dad could tell, and he still didn't like it. Dan felt that his family was caring less and less with each day. His mum stopped calling, him and his brother never really got along all that great, his father practically hated him.
So he just gave up on trying to call them for a chat, he'd just sit in his room on his computer. Which is where he went now, Dan laid down on his bed, he couldn't explain exactly what he was feeling, Depressed? Stupid? Lame? Unloved? Confused? He didn't know, all h
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 319 148
Warnings: some smutt
"Jack?! I'm home!" Dean called, swinging the door shut behind him and dropping his over-night bags on the floor.
"Dean!" Jack yelled appearing from nowhere and picking the boy up and spinning him around. Jack set Dean back down again and placed a kiss on his lips. "I missed you so, so much." Jack held Dean close and buried his nose into the boy's hair.
"Not as much as I've missed you." Dean said, resting his head on Jack's chest.
"Wanna bet?!" Jack said, locking his lips with Dean's.
"I guess. I'm gonna have. to make it up. to you." Dean said in between kisses.
"Mmmm." Jack mumbled into the kiss. He picked up Dean, who immediately wrapped his legs around Jack's waist.
Without pulling out of the kiss, Jack made his way into the bedroom and laid Dean onto the bed. Jack slowly climbed on top of him, his lips still firmly pressed against Dean's. Jack slid his hand underneath Dean's shirt, slowly pulling it off…
They lay naked in bed, cuddled up close after t
:iconteamgb:TeamGB 13 9
Simply Meant To Be - Part 1
Title: Simply Meant To Be
Pairing: Jean Hobbs
Genre: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: I don't know...PG?
Jack was the first to come out. He supposed that was why Dean was able to admit to his sexuality soon after. But both friends were happy that they had each other to trust and confide in with their feelings. Their friendship became even stronger and everything was going perfectly until Jack started to notice a change in Dean. It was small at first with just seemingly accidental touches, but when the touches turned more affectionate, Jack began to wonder what Dean was up to.
It was a quiet day and the two friends were working on homework and new sketch ideas. Jack noticed Dean wasn’t as into filming like he usually was, but had decided not to press it at first, figuring that Dean would tell him if anything was wrong. Jack let out a breath and fell back onto the couch, slowly becoming annoyed with the silence in the room.
“Oi, Dean. What’s up?”
Dean turned t
:iconkittiepenguin:KittiePenguin 5 4
Jean Hobbs - Blind Date
Author: ARomanticMan
Pairing: Jean Hobbs (Jack/Dean)
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+ (9+)
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and as far as I know, Jack and Dean are not in a romantic relationship.
Jack Howard was in front of the mirror making sure he looked presentable, but his expression was a combination of anxiousness and annoyance. His friend and flatmate Christopher Bingham or Bing as he called him, had set him up on a blind date without his knowledge, since it was Valentine’s Day and Bing refused to have Jack spend it alone.
Bing hadn’t told him much about his date other than the fact that it was another man and that was what had him nervous. Jack didn’t date much and although he liked men (and women), he’d never gone out with a guy before. So many fears ran through his head. Would they get along? Would he say something stupid? Was this man even gay or bi? What if Bing had set him up with a straight guy just for laughs?
Jack shook his head as he looked at himse
:iconaromanticman:ARomanticMan 3 3
Don't - Jean Hobbs (PART ONE)
"I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU DEAN!" Jack screamed kicking a chair over. I whimpered, I don't know why he was so angry, I just cracked his phone and apologised repeatedly "IT WAS MY PHONE!!! WHAT IF I DID IT TO YOUR PHONE!?? YOU KNOW WHAT, FUCK YOU! YOU'RE JUST A FAT LITTLE SHIT WITH NO LIFE AND NO FRIENDS! YOU CAN SHOVE OUR FRIENDSHIP UP YOUR ASS!" He stormed out, leaving me there crying.
 I pulled the covers off me, it's been a week...I've been alone. Jack didn't come back, nor did he care. I was just a burden, a shadow on his behalf. I shook my head and made my way to the bathroom. I was ending this shit, tonight. I walked up to the door and twisted the handle, pushing the door and stepping inside. I stumbled to the sink, taking a swig of the vodka that I placed it back down and searched for the razor. I smirked when I found it. I took it out of the towel and sighed, it's my fault for this...I've been starving&
:icongamestern:GameStern 1 1
Jean Hobbs - Come In Out of the Rain
Author: ARomanticMan
Pairing: Jean Hobbs (Jack/Dean)
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+ (9+)
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and as far as I know, Jack and Dean are not in a romantic relationship.
The sky was gray and rain was pouring down hard and fast. Jack Howard was driving toward home after just finishing a video with Tim. The rain had gotten bad while he was there, so he was trying to get back as quickly as possible.
He was driving down the road next to the park when he looked out his window and spotted his best friend Dean Dobbs sitting under a tree with no umbrella or raincoat.
What is he doing out in this weather?
Jack pulled over and rolled down his window. “Dean!”
Dean turned toward Jack and smiled upon seeing him, but said nothing.
“Don’t just sit there! Get in the car!”
Dean walked over to Jack’s car and got in the passenger seat. Jack locked the doors and continued down the road. He turned to Dean.
“What the hell are you doing o
:iconaromanticman:ARomanticMan 3 2
Too Big
Title: Too Big
Author: summercarntspel
Genre: Angst. Pure angst. Mostly. Whee.
Rating: Well uh none really needed for once
Pairing: Jean Hobbs (OMFGitsjackanddean)
Warnings: I think it's kind of sad but that's just me.
Disclaimer: I do not own OMFGitsjackanddean or Dean Dobbs or Jack Howard or anything okay. And this is fictional.
A/N: I was kind of feeling down the day I started writing this, so I decided to make it angsty. Kind of stereotypical angst, but I tried. I hope you enjoy.
Dean stepped out of the shower, his dark hair plastered to his forehead and falling into his eyes. He reached for a towel, using it to roughly dry his messy hair before pulling it off of his head. He paused, bit his lower lip, then stretched up on his tiptoes to wipe the steam off the mirror before staring glumly at his reflection,
He was so.... pudgy. Like, not in a cute way, either. He was past the point of being able to blame it on baby fat, too. There was no longer an excuse to hide behind.
His hips we
:iconsummercarntspel:summercarntspel 19 20

Newest Deviations

I hate Myself.
Not only do I hate myself, I don't deserve to have such friends in my life. Talk to me if you want to, maybe i'll respond. If I don't, I don't want ANYTHING to do with you.
I'm so lonely and a bitch that I made this to complain to you. I have so many FUCKING problems...
Help me.
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 0 3
Dream (Kickthestickz)
Chris opens his sleepy eyes, waking in a cold, blank room. There were no windows in this exact place, just a blinking light at the end of the frightening room.
"Hello?" His greeting echoed through the room as he sat up on his throne of metal. He messed with his shirt and his hair, trying to make himself look presentable to anyone (If anyone was coming in the room.) The British boy stared at the door, sigh. It just snapped in his head, he should be scared, terrified. But no, the boy was brave and made of stone.
"Chris. Chris?" A voice called him, it sounded like it was coming from above him. It faded closer and closer until he saw the other world melt back into his vision.
"Wha- What's going on?" Chris leaned up to his best friend, Pj that was sitting on the edge of the bed. The look of his normally calm face didn't seem right to him, he would always talk to people with this cute little smile on his face. His idle expression came flooding back as I smiled at him and thanked him for waki
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 1 0
Crazy [KickthePewdie]
I knew this was going to come. I knew it but I had too, I love this ship a little too much.
"So, how are you and Felix?" Dan smiles and places Phil's 'daddy' mug on the coffee table, Phil walks in and sits next to Dan. He grabs the cup and takes a little sip. "We're... Good-Yeah. Good." I stutter as I look away, we have been alright but I've been having mood swings. I swear it's his looks. "Oh good. I was wondering that because you look so, distracted around him." He winks and chuckles a little, nudging me. "Oh shut up. Not as much as you when you look at Phil, Heart eyes Howell." I smirk at my reply and I see his expression change from happy to twisted. "Uh... Can I take Dan for a sec?" Phil sighs nervously and grabs Dan's arm, dragging him to the hallway. As I had a little time, I texted Felix.
PJ: Hello!
Felix: Hey. How Phan doing?
PJ: You mean Dan and Phil? If so. Yes.
Felix: Oh good, also I wanted to tell you something.
PJ: I'm listening.
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 4 6
End (Septiplier)
My face was covered in my long, salty tears, I was disgusted. Depressed. So many people trying to pull me down. They can say whatever they want, but they can't fucking mess with me and Mark.
Mark was a strong man but with a very sweet heart, he was very.. Feminine when it came to conversation. He would talk about things that were so over the top and talk in a tone that I couldn't wrap my head around.. it was confusing to most people but I got why he was like this. He was a very... Touchy person..
"I can see clothes!! Oh my God oh my God.... let's go!" He would grab on my hand tightly and race to the stores with me. He would run a finger down my arm or leg sometimes, but in that day. I knew what it is. I started to notice gold patches of eyeshadow. He wore makeup, very touchy with men. More clues, more help. He was the best, always safe. When we used to walk on the street he would always hold an arm in front of me to stop, like my mom would do. It got more extreme though. He would flirt
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 1 0
'This song is for you' (Phan)
Before I begin, this was based off of :iconRainbowRandomness:'s 'Love Song'. You should check that fanfic out!
The keys on the piano being pushed down by a being is the best thing I could hear, so I'm lucky I have Dan. Still, Friday nights were always piano night for him. He would sit down in the living room with his keyboard or he would just play his piano.
"Dan?" I walk to his room, seeing Dan tilting his head forward and playing a slow tune.
"Oh. Y-Yeah?" He spins to face me after he closes the piano, flashing a red before replying.
"Can I... Sit in here with you, while... Ya' know. Play your piano?" I scratch the back of my neck as he flashes a smile and nods. I walk closer and sit on the chair with him.
"Listen to this song. It's a new love song I learned." Dan looks at me then back to the piano and starts playing the same tune again, only a bit faster. It was beautiful. Hearing him play such things in front of me just made me fall further in love with him. I almost felt like he m
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 2 6
See little one? (Septiplier one shot)
Sean (Jack)'s POV
"Stop. It's not funny." I cross my arms as he caresses the side of my laptop. But I have to say, that was pretty funny even though it made my mind go to so many places. I shouldn't let you know.
"Eh?" He winks and continues, taking a tiny peek of the little editing box on my screen.
"Okay... It is funny." he takes the laptop off my lap and sits on it, facing me in a weird way. He better be kidding... Can't he love me? He can't. I don't love him?
Do I love him!?
"Mark. Get off." I push him off but it's almost like he's superglued to me. I just really like it.
"No..." Mark starts to stare at me, almost looking like he's going to kiss me. Should I reject him?
"Mark... Just... Don't..." I managed to push him off, not all the way but just as far enough so he not so close to my face.
"I'm sorry... I swear I wasn't going to do anything." He wraps his arms around. We were almost like a puzzle.
"It's fine... Just get my permission." My arms wrap around him as well, m
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 11 3
You are my life (KicktheStickz) One shot?
Chris' been driven away from him. His "friend". He'll never get to see his curly locks or his little solos on the guitar. It's like they have trapped him. So depression slowly took over him. Every day, sobbing into his pillow waiting for any kind of contact with Peej.
"I don't wa-wanna leave anymore... I just want to stay here every single second..." Chris looks at his ceiling. It's so bright... How dare it must be light at this moment. He has been crying for so long. He doesn't deserve the light...
"I miss you... Pj. I wish you would come back to me." Chris starts to cry again, remembering his every moment with the love of his life. That all washed away once Chris glanced at my pocket knife. He thought of an idea, so Chris grabbed the blade and opened it. Seeing the rust on the tip of the knife.
Warning: Trigger - Cutting
With no hesitation, Chris slowly drags the blade up and down the side of his wrist. Feeling the from his face tears drip on the cuts that are swelling up with blood.
:iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 3 0
[MMDXOTP] OTP Challenge - Cuddling Somewhere by KawaiiPonyGirl [MMDXOTP] OTP Challenge - Cuddling Somewhere :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 3 7 [MMDXOTP] OTP Challenge - Holding Hands by KawaiiPonyGirl [MMDXOTP] OTP Challenge - Holding Hands :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 2 0 [MMDXShip] Love~ 2 by KawaiiPonyGirl [MMDXShip] Love~ 2 :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 4 19 [MMDXShip] Love~ by KawaiiPonyGirl [MMDXShip] Love~ :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 2 0 What!? by KawaiiPonyGirl What!? :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 4 0 [MMDXOC] A walk with Tiny Box Tim... by KawaiiPonyGirl [MMDXOC] A walk with Tiny Box Tim... :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 4 0 [MMDXShips] Kittys~ by KawaiiPonyGirl [MMDXShips] Kittys~ :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 4 13 Oh god... The ship man... Just at the right time 7 by KawaiiPonyGirl Oh god... The ship man... Just at the right time 7 :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 6 2 The ship is amazing... Just at the right time 6 by KawaiiPonyGirl The ship is amazing... Just at the right time 6 :iconkawaiiponygirl:KawaiiPonyGirl 2 2



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Anyway, I write about lots of ships. Most Phan.

I am a massive fan of Jack and Dean, Dan and Phil, Casper, Marcus Butler, Pewdiepie and Ben Phillips.
I am just a normal fan of MerkMusic, Ben Cook, Markiplier and JackSepticeye.

Please note that I will write OC stories as well.

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