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Flitter + Cloudchaser

By kawaiipony2
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Absolutely in love with this!
Diego0920's avatar
This brings back good memories for some reason
TheNeoStrike's avatar
You do commissions right? we MAY have talked about this >< but I can't remember.
If  you DO... Id love one of my OC (who's me by the way lol) and waifu Cloudchaser XD
kawaiipony2's avatar
I do them occasionally. They are not open right now but I'm working on a commission sheet atm. 
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Awesome. Cause I'd love my OC and Cloudchaser together in a cute or fun scenario. :3
SoulfulMirror's avatar
Really good colour here!
StrumbeatStrings17's avatar
Man, I can't enough of these two. These are my favorite twins of the whole series! Not that other twins aren't cool though haha. Good job! 
The-Thrashy-One's avatar
Aww, these two are adorable. :D
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My waifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  (Cloudy)
Jaxblade reaction by TheNeoStrike  
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Really beautiful! :love:
Jatheus's avatar
The cuteness! :D :thumbsup:
Remiqs22's avatar
This is perfect *.*
JustinBaker23's avatar
This is adorable. Best sister pones. 
KoronKorak's avatar
waw you have a pretty good style with flitter and cloudchaser! :3
heathfiedler's avatar
Nicely done n.n it's hard to just pick one thing that I really like!
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