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Astrid, Phoebe, Hector, and Hajime.png by KawaiiPaopu Astrid, Phoebe, Hector, and Hajime.png :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 0 0 Good Ol' Iceland by KawaiiPaopu Good Ol' Iceland :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 2 0 Lazer Boi by KawaiiPaopu Lazer Boi :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 6 0 Happy Birthday, Finland! by KawaiiPaopu Happy Birthday, Finland! :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 0 0 Sweden... by KawaiiPaopu Sweden... :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 5 0 The Unconditional Love of a Pet by KawaiiPaopu The Unconditional Love of a Pet :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 8 2 NoFace Cosplay by KawaiiPaopu NoFace Cosplay :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 1 0 Good Ol' Denmark by KawaiiPaopu Good Ol' Denmark :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 6 0 A Flipline Meme, I Guess... by KawaiiPaopu A Flipline Meme, I Guess... :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 5 2 Three Days Grace Demotivational Poster by KawaiiPaopu Three Days Grace Demotivational Poster :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 0 3 Hetalia Birthday Game 2 by KawaiiPaopu Hetalia Birthday Game 2 :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 1 2 How Ms. Canada Got Her Flag by KawaiiPaopu How Ms. Canada Got Her Flag :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 3 0 Three Awesome Friends by KawaiiPaopu Three Awesome Friends :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 5 2
North America Brothers x Reader: WTAF?
    "Yo, (name)!" your American friend called from outside your window. "Get the hell down here already! We're going to that new restaurant up the street!" "Calm down, bro!" you bellowed back. "It's only one o'clock!" You, Canada and America had planned to go to the new restaurant called The Delicious Joint on the day it opened. Since it was the first of its kind to be opened, America just had to check out what kind of food they served. Canada was curious too, so he decided to come along. The three of you then went on your journey to the restaurant once you changed.
    When the three of you got there, you placed your order and sat down at a table three metres from the counter. Just as you were about to sit down, Canada's hand forced you down into the chair. You looked up from your friend's painful grip on your shoulder to his face which was contorted into a scowl. "You did this," he growled as he pointed a pistol at the back of your head. "Canada?!" you s
:iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 4 0
Hetalia Birthday Game by KawaiiPaopu Hetalia Birthday Game :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 2 9 Could It Be???? by KawaiiPaopu Could It Be???? :iconkawaiipaopu:KawaiiPaopu 6 4


Pain Hamburger! by Mary-kulshina Pain Hamburger! :iconmary-kulshina:Mary-kulshina 18 1 [Hetalia] Elg by trackwalker [Hetalia] Elg :icontrackwalker:trackwalker 18 2 Melodious Nocturne - Got My Music by HetemSenar Melodious Nocturne - Got My Music :iconhetemsenar:HetemSenar 129 26 KH Portraits: Aqua by xMoonwave KH Portraits: Aqua :iconxmoonwave:xMoonwave 39 2
Finland x Reader : Nightmare - Part 1
Dragged ya down below, down to the devil's show ... to be his guest forever. Peace of mind is less than never
Vampires ... the living undead that feast on the blood of the living. [Name] never imagined one was hiding amongst the ones she loved, the Nordic 5 ... and was unaware that this one meeting with the Nordics was going to change her life forever. It was Friday the 13th, and [Name] was at the meeting with her boyfriend, Tino Väinämöinen (also known as Finland) and she was happy to be seeing the other Nordics after so long. It was a cloudy, rainy day and there was going to be a thunder storm later that day. When she entered the room, everyone was sitting around a table. Berwald (Sweden) was sitting quietly with Peter (Sealand) sitting on his lap, Lukas (Norway) was just staring into space, Emil (Iceland) was reading and Mathias (Denmark) was drinking beer as usual. [Name] and Tino entered the room, with smiles on their faces
"Hey, guys! Why so quiet?" Tino ask
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 123 83
Vietnam gottem by SackDrawer Vietnam gottem :iconsackdrawer:SackDrawer 54 5
PruCan: Love is War 1
Zee time vas Vorld Var Vone.
It was 1916.
Belgium was now captured by Germany as he continued his raid through to Paris. The Allied countries fought back on the Western front. To the east, Russia pushed the war along as well, reeking havoc on East Prussia. There was turmoil on all sides of Europe. With the countries dept to Belgium, the United Kingdom had troops pouring in from the north to the Western Front. England had also demanded the aid of Allies overseas. Unfortunately, the aid fell short by one. The United States of America refused to yet take part in this war.
But Canada did.
Only the last year, Canada had participated in his first battle. It was at the second battle of Ypres, the first battle where Germany had introduced his newest weapon, mustard gas. The Canadian troops were the only soldiers to stand against it and many were lost.
This year, Canada was on his way to his next battle at Somme, a river in France. He'd be alongside Britain but still couldn't help but wonder wh
:iconlupoartistico:Lupoartistico 57 80
.:Allied Girls:. by xXChibi-SenpaiXx .:Allied Girls:. :iconxxchibi-senpaixx:xXChibi-SenpaiXx 78 7 Spell Casting by TheDankHetalian Spell Casting :iconthedankhetalian:TheDankHetalian 27 5 Magicae trio. by RozeBell Magicae trio. :iconrozebell:RozeBell 88 27 Family Picture by Mareaw Family Picture :iconmareaw:Mareaw 97 23 Tsundere Trio? by CzechToast Tsundere Trio? :iconczechtoast:CzechToast 75 62 [Request] Sunset by Marry0 [Request] Sunset :iconmarry0:Marry0 48 10 America and Canada by SilSunCar11 America and Canada :iconsilsuncar11:SilSunCar11 29 2 dorks by Trudieface526 dorks :icontrudieface526:Trudieface526 30 0 Japan: 10/12 by Mangaomi Japan: 10/12 :iconmangaomi:Mangaomi 17 2



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