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Asexuality Awareness. (READ DESC.) by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Asexuality Awareness. (READ DESC.) :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 5 2 HOLY- by KawaiiNekoPotato27 HOLY- :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 0 7 Wow, Catto Uploaded a Thing by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Wow, Catto Uploaded a Thing :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 9 0 Why did I post this by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Why did I post this :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 2 6 meep by KawaiiNekoPotato27 meep :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 3 10 Zephyreon,The Cotton Cloud Pokemon by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Zephyreon,The Cotton Cloud Pokemon :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 7 7 HAH by KawaiiNekoPotato27 HAH :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 1 3 Heh by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Heh :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 3 7 I Made a Meme by KawaiiNekoPotato27 I Made a Meme :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 7 7 Amy,the Integrity Soul (Redraw) by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Amy,the Integrity Soul (Redraw) :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 11 0 Jake,the Perseverance Soul (Redraw) by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Jake,the Perseverance Soul (Redraw) :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 11 8 Hazel (Finally Finished) by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Hazel (Finally Finished) :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 12 2
Let's Create an OC-Poll #7-Votes OPEN
Yellow eyes
Silver hair
Long sleeved shirt
Blue jeans
Cowboy hat
Alright,since I suck,not only did I not post another poll for far too long,but I forgot to ask what hairstyle our OC should have! Vote here what kind of hairstyle our wolf cowgirl should have. Note that there’ll be 2 kinds to chose from: length and style. Don’t forget to put two numbers.
1. Short
2. Medium
3. Long
1. Hair down (so not done up or anything)
2. Ponytail
3. Pixie cut (Just choose this if you chose short hair)
4. Bun
5. Braid
6. Pigtails (Braided or unbraided? You tell me. XD)
:iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 1 3
Alice,the Patience Soul (Redraw) by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Alice,the Patience Soul (Redraw) :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 12 3 Hazel (W.I.P.) by KawaiiNekoPotato27 Hazel (W.I.P.) :iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 7 6
Let's Create an OC-Poll #6-Votes CLOSED
Yellow eyes
Silver hair
Alright,guys,it’s time for another poll. This time,you’ll be voting for four things. I’m trying to get votes for what clothing this OC should wear. Don’t get mad if an option isn’t on here,I have my reasons and I’m not exactly an expert in clothing... ,_,
Kind of top:
1. Long sleeved shirt
2. Short sleeved shirt
3. Tank top
4. Dress (If you vote for this,you don’t need to vote on bottoms.)
Bottom clothing:
1. Blue jeans
2. Leggings
3. Regular pants (Pants that aren’t jeans. :p)
4. Skirt
5. Shorts
1. Tennis shoes
2. Boots
3. Flats
1. Fedora
2. Beret
3. Baseball cap
4. Boater
5. Cowboy
6. Homburg
7. Beanie
8. No hat.
As usual,I will be aiming for at least 5 votes,and when voting ends will be announced once we reach those five votes. Thanks for voting! :)
:iconkawaiinekopotato27:KawaiiNekoPotato27 3 5
Whatever I dare to call art.


eyes!!! by unknownkaty eyes!!! :iconunknownkaty:unknownkaty 5 0
offer on my characters
I wouldn't offer on characters outside that folder because they're very tentative
offer points or other characters, art is only an add on!!
no humanoids or humans!!
:icon91108293:91108293 1 0
Possible Dead Ended + BOTD link?
***First of, if you haven't watched the Blood of the Dead ending cutscene, you might wanna avoid this post to avoid spoilers!!***
While I was at work today, I was listening to random songs through my phone and at some point, I came across the song from Gorod Krovi related to Nikolai (Dead Ended)
I listened to some of the Lyrics and I actually got surprised, mostly since it was meant to be sang from Nikolai's perspective
It might be too far fetched but I found some parts that seemed to relate to what we know from the BOTD ending cutscene
--Notice here this is my own theory tho xD So take it with a grain of salt!--
First, we already have a clear picture of Nikolai's involvement in the future DLCs. Since he still has his soul, he possesses the key to defeat Dr. Monty and is able to read the Kronorium (Which leads to think he will be the one leading the group forward instead of Richtofen)
So knowing that, a little look at some parts in the song, I was talking about
this part: "Long after I
:iconblackopszombiesfans:BlackOpsZombiesFans 1 1
Lighthouse Guardian by Arcamira Lighthouse Guardian :iconarcamira:Arcamira 70 21 Buttons, Buttons Everywhere Button by ButtonsMaker Buttons, Buttons Everywhere Button :iconbuttonsmaker:ButtonsMaker 432 68 DO A BARREL ROLL FAN BUTTON! by ButtonsMaker DO A BARREL ROLL FAN BUTTON! :iconbuttonsmaker:ButtonsMaker 865 195 Bongo Kitty Frisk by SakuraFaith Bongo Kitty Frisk :iconsakurafaith:SakuraFaith 12 1 Sidewalk  by CreacentQuartz Sidewalk :iconcreacentquartz:CreacentQuartz 8 0 Horse 101 by Mustang4-Stock Horse 101 :iconmustang4-stock:Mustang4-Stock 236 30 Horse 112 by Mustang4-Stock Horse 112 :iconmustang4-stock:Mustang4-Stock 300 29 spooked gloria by 91108293 spooked gloria :icon91108293:91108293 7 2 Discord Meme by Tenhei Discord Meme :icontenhei:Tenhei 2,659 132 -Nuzzle- by Silvent-the-wolfie -Nuzzle- :iconsilvent-the-wolfie:Silvent-the-wolfie 1 0 Sil + carmel 2 by Silvent-the-wolfie Sil + carmel 2 :iconsilvent-the-wolfie:Silvent-the-wolfie 1 0 Carmel and Silvent by Silvent-the-wolfie Carmel and Silvent :iconsilvent-the-wolfie:Silvent-the-wolfie 1 0 QwQ wintergreen by Silvent-the-wolfie QwQ wintergreen :iconsilvent-the-wolfie:Silvent-the-wolfie 1 3
Dis I like :3



Asexuality Awareness. (READ DESC.)
I felt this needed to be addressed due to an incident that occurred with one of my friends. She recently came out as asexual and a friend of hers told her that meant she couldn’t love people at all, and insulted her when she tried telling them that wasn’t true.
There is asexual and there is aromantic. Asexual means you do not feel sexual feelings towards someone, but you may feel romantic feelings-such as wanting to cuddle with someone or kiss them, but not engage in sexual acts-towards the person. Aromantic means you do not feel romantic feelings towards someone. There is a difference and it’s important that people know this to avoid drama in the future. Believe me, there is too much of it right now.
Please be civil in the comment section. If there is any information that I’ve gotten wrong here, please be kind about correcting it and I will update the description. Do not post hate comments or spam. Thank you.
This is a shout-out to SeviYummy. She just makes the most adorable Pokémon art! If you like Pokémon and cute art, I’d suggest you go check her out! You won’t be disappointed! X3
Consider watching her and favoriting her work, too! She also has a YouTube channel y’all should check out.
It’s a tad bit lonely here.
Glockenspiel is such a funny little word. I like it.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

This is a shout-out to SeviYummy. She just makes the most adorable Pokémon art! If you like Pokémon and cute art, I’d suggest you go check her out! You won’t be disappointed! X3
Consider watching her and favoriting her work, too! She also has a YouTube channel y’all should check out.


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Catto Potato
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Welcome to my page! Here I upload art,mostly humans,and occasionally fanfiction or stories,as well. I often prefer doing traditional art to digital.
Aside from drawing,I also enjoy reading,writing,and playing video games. Make sure to favorite,comment,or watch if you like my art and wish to see more! Thank you! :3
Here’s a list of my Deviantart family-
Also,join my Discord server if you’d like:
Here are some stamps made by other users:
on a more serious note... by TheAnswerIs-A
Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain
Hogwarts Stamp by WetWithRain


I MIGHT Be Able to do Them
I can do stuff like sort of...chibi humans and skeletons and stuff like that? Just check out my gallery. Only for points. No money.


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