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PMX expressions part 2 by p-o-l-l-o
Red Queen by WarMunchen
Fireflies by WarMunchen
Believe in Magic by WarMunchen
please give me a red pen by DavidSArts
back to the roots by DavidSArts
VILLAIN by dendewa
. by Nessa-sama
Videos and memes
[MMD] Underground | Feel it Still by BriarxXxRose
[MMD] Binding | Joshua by BriarxXxRose
[MMD] Healing | Bie Jun Fu by BriarxXxRose
[MMD] Parting Ways | Sasa no ha Sahara by BriarxXxRose
OC's and Friends
ATANXIO by dendewa
[MMD x OC] Asaji Diehl by SarinaCFG
[MMD x OC] DYI by SarinaCFG
mmdxoc - meet the mmder by DavidSArts
mmdxvocaloid - tda rolling girl miku dl by DavidSArts
mmdxvocaloid - tda prima and tonio dl by DavidSArts
mmdxvocaloid - tda sonika (taiwanese ver.) dl by DavidSArts
MikuMikuEffect Download TexSakuraLite by MMD-kyu
Full model DL's
mmdxvocaloid - tda patchwork miku dl by DavidSArts
mmdxvocaloid - tda tell your world miku dl by DavidSArts
mmdxvocaloid - tda aile d'ange miku dl by DavidSArts
mmdxvocaloid - tda vampire miku dl (i'm back lol) by DavidSArts
Happy fun time -
Donkey pebble plushie by SugarcubeCherry
HallowKitty - witch familiar or familiar witch? by SugarcubeCherry
Beaver building project: kawaii creatures to work by SugarcubeCherry
Who lives in a cave under the sea? Axolotl! by SugarcubeCherry
mmd - tda sweater blouse dl by DavidSArts
part dl:kpop harness by ThisisKENZ
[MMD] Showtime Choker DL ~ by o-DSV-o
[MMD] Rein Headband DL ~ by o-DSV-o
[MMD] Persona 3 - Yukari Room -DOWNLOAD- by NanaCookie
[MMD] Wind Palace DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Tangled - Rapunzels Room DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Water Garden DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Base and Hair
TDA base edit DOWNLOAD by SarinaCFG
MMD] DSV's face edit #1 [Download] ~ by o-DSV-o
Female Edit Hairs #2 // By-MosterNight-MMD by MosterNighT-MMD
Hair Edit Pack Dl! #5 // By-MosterNight-MMD by MosterNighT-MMD
[MMD] Raycast test ~ by o-DSV-o
Poses and motions
[MMD] Ana Amari - Victory Pose 1 Download by NanaCookie
Help WIP
The MME Archive is now live!Hello Everyone!I'm very happy to announce that THE MME ARCHIVE IS NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC!You can check out the Archive here: The MME Archive (or, the MikuMikuEffect Archive) is a website which helps MMDers discover new effects and producers, helps them find out which effects belong to which producer, find tutorials for effects, and find the best programs for using/making effects. I launch this Archive with effect producers ikeno and nil already implemented, and I aim to have a new producer added every couple of weeks.This has been my baby for around 4 months (over a year if you consider the MMD Effect Collections as part of it), so I'm very happy to release this publicly. I'm also very nervous as I have high expectations for this project, and I really, really want it to succeed. I have a few things I wanna say about the project, so please read on for some important information...The DomainSomething I wanted to talk about is the domain name. I've made this Archive using WIX, which is my favourite website builder. However, in order for this Archive to reach is full potential (i.e a professional URL, lots of storage, access to analytics, no ads etc.), and for other added benefits such as me using this website to show employers what I can do in regards to web design professionally, I have to pay a yearly subscription to the domain. Now, I am very happy to do this as this Archive is going to help MMD artists all around the world, and hopefully help remove some of the toxicity of the Western Community! However the reality of the situation is that I am putting my own money into this project, while never making that money back.For the time being, I am paying for a one-year subscription. Nowadays website builders make you pay a subscription to use a domain, you can't just buy one and you have it forever. I have bought one-years subscription to start off with, so that if the Archive does not prove useful, I won't be paying for a website that no one uses. If the Archive does prove useful, I can get discounts by paying for the domain on a 3-year basis. The cost of the domain for this first year has come to a total of 69.45 (lmao) / 81.11/ 96.63$. As I said, I am happy to pay this subscription, however there are these added issues that I have to take into account:I am currently between work, having just finished a contract with my old consortium. Although I have found another job and am currently looking for a second, my income has dropped quite substantially. Don't worry, I'm not gonna have issues with paying rent/bills etc., however paying for a second domain in a single year has set me back a little bit.My main goal during the pandemic time (i.e, waiting for life to return to normal, being able to get a job outside of my home etc.) has been to work as much as I can to save money and get a Masters Degree and possible PhD. These cost A LOT, especially with the Masters I want, and it's going to take me several years to get enough money together.So in conclusion, I just want to make y'all aware of my donations page. I don't make any money from any of my projects, and since setting up this Archive is quite expensive, it would be quite nice to gain a little bit of that money back to put towards my Masters. You can donate to me here: Literally any amount of financial support will help, and it's all going towards my education. If you like my work/ find the MME Archive useful, please consider donating to me! <3ContributorsThe MME Archive, while mostly developed by me, is supported by a number of contributors who help make render art, fact check my information, check my spelling (I'm a UK boi writing in US English and it's not as easy as it seems haha) and ensure the website is as accessible as possible. These people who have helped so far are @Yamimori, @MMD-kyu, @moonuko, @BriarxXxRose, @misakirai, @G123u, @kurochiiP, @Haztract, and a few others who will be sending me material soon! Thank you so much everyone!I am constantly accepting new contributors onto the MME Archive, so if you'd like to help out with this project, please read the information here: ,Looking for Contributors to the MME Archive!~February 13, 2021Hello everyone! You may remember that I am workingEveryone who helps out gets featured on the contributor's page!The MMD Effect CollectionsAs you'll know if you read through the first page of the Archive, this Archive is meant to be an improved successor to the MMD Effect Collections. Until the Archive has all of the producers in the Collections added, the Collections will stay up on DeviantART. I probably won't ever delete them, however when the Archive has all the producers, I will be removing the effects from the descriptions of the deviations. I encourage you to use the Archive when it has more producers in, as it'll be much easier to use than the Collections. Thanks for supporting the Collections however, this is really where it all started! They were my most successful independent community-esque project, so I have very high hopes for the Archive!I think that's all I needed to say, thank you all so much for your support thus far! I am aiming to update the archive around every fortnight, and I will be providing live updates on my Twitter. You can follow me here to get those: I will continue to provide free resources, assets, requests and assistance for the foreseeable future!~chestnut <3~
[MMD] Persona 5 Royal: RyuSumi? (fake screenshot) by Epic-Mia


MMD Looking Unique by Adrianbrazt10 MMD Looking Unique :iconadrianbrazt10:Adrianbrazt10 127 44











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