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PMX expressions part 2 by p-o-l-l-o
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[MMD] Jing Yuan by AceL97
[MMD] Fate Leading star by AceL97
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Happy Pride 2022! by Chestnutscoop
[REBIRTH ARTWORK] sorry for last night by Chestnutscoop
[MMD x Sky COtL - W.I.P. New OC] Germa ~ by o-DSV-o
[MMD-OC Update] Valerie Takanashi (human ver.) ~ by o-DSV-o
Cosy [#glowupcontest] by Chestnutscoop
.: A Dazzling End :. [#MMEContest] by Chestnutscoop
Happy 15th Birthday Miku! by Chestnutscoop
Loving Life in the Rain by Chestnutscoop
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MMD aqua minato Sailor and Body DL by redhamatrook
Girls und Panzer Yukari Akiyama MMD DL by redhamatrook
[MMD] - Random Goth Girls Models - DOWNLOAD - by RiaRiiRii
[MMD] Identity V - Kawakami Tomie DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
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Ready for take-off by SugarcubeCherry
[MMD] Worthy by AceL97
Lunch in the branches by SugarcubeCherry
Spring is here by SugarcubeCherry
|MMD + VROID| Choker For Halloween DL by SAYUMIVI
[MMD] - Simple Gothic Witch Shirt - DOWNLOAD by RiaRiiRii
[MMD] Sanctuary - DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
[MMD] Persona 5 - Jazz Club - DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
[MMD] Persona 3 - Fuuka's Room - DOWNLOAD by NanaCookie
Rii update 2022 by RiaRiiRii
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[MMD] - TDA base edit - DOWNLOAD - [UPDATED] by RiaRiiRii
[MMD] - TDA Len base edit - DOWNLOAD by RiaRiiRii
[MMD] - TDA Len base edit V2.0 - DL UPDATED by RiaRiiRii
[MMD] - Galaxy Buns Hair - DOWNLOAD by RiaRiiRii
[MMD] Raycast test ~ by o-DSV-o
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Strange 2-Person Pose Pack [MMD POSE DL] by sikaeslieas
Help WIP
MMD Crediting Rules: Broken Down [excerpt]This journal is an excerpt taken from my MMD Crediting Tutorial, "A Comprehensive Guide to Crediting in MMD: A Tutorial for VTubers, Genshin Impact fans and MMDers Old and New". This excerpt focuses on the most common MMD rules found in readmes that involve crediting, I explain what they mean and how you can respect them. I highly encourage you to read the full guide, as it covers everything you need to know about crediting in MMD. It's a good source to refer back to if you're ever stuck on a particular credit, if I do say so myself :3OTHER EXCERPTS:,Best (and Worst) Ways to Credit in MMD [excerpt]August 16, 2022This journal is an excerpt taken from my MMD,,How to Approach MMDers who Do Not Credit [excerpt]August 17, 2022This journal is an excerpt taken from my MMD,,Crediting Culture in the Sects of MMDC [excerpt]August 16, 2022This journal is an excerpt taken from my MMD,,How to Credit MMD Assets ~in Style~ [excerpt]October 16, 2022This journal is an excerpt taken from my MMD-------------Crediting Rules: Broken DownIn this section, I will explain the most common rules associated with crediting that asset providers have in their terms of use. MMD rules are most commonly found in the readme that comes with the asset download, but they can also be found in other places. I talk more about this on page 11 of the Guide to Crediting. All asset creators have their own rules when it comes to crediting, so it is important to find out what is required of you as the user.Do not redistributeThis rule means do not put the asset up for download, or share it with anyone outside of sharing the original download link. An easy way of respecting this rule is by sharing the original download link with others. This supports the artist by giving them more views and more accurate download numbers. Asset providers ask you not to redistribute assets because it is a form of claiming it as your own, even if you state that it is not your own. Providers gain valuable information from people downloading it from their own site, such as how popular an asset was, how quickly it grew in popularity and if they should continue making similar assets for their community.MMD ‘archivists’ who distribute lost assets (i.e., assets that are no longer up for download by their creator) will try to argue that if they are not claiming the asset as their own, they are allowed to reupload them to their own site. However, these users are often isolated from the community because they do not respect the rules of the creator. They also argue that they are providing the community a service by making lost assets available once more. In some cases, it is unclear whether an asset was taken down by its provider, or whether the downloads were removed out of their control. Such events occurred with Saboten’s models. Saboten was a popular modeller who created the Saboten Aoki Lapis and Sweet Ann, and their website was taken down a few years ago. It is not clear whether this was Saboten leaving the community and taking their models with them, or if the site was removed and Saboten chose not to reupload them. Although this scenario is a difficult one as we may never know if the modeller cares about these lost models being redistributed, the fact is that you should not upload another artist’s assets without their explicit permission. Unfortunately, this does mean that some assets and very popular models are lost to the sands of time. It is a sad reality, but a reality that we cannot help- at least, not while being respectful of the provider’s wishes.On the rare occasion that an artist does allow redistribution of the original asset, they will say "redistribution is allowed".Do not claim as your ownWith this rule, you should make it clear when you use an asset that you did not make it. The easiest way to obey this rule is to credit the provider, which you should be doing already. Information about this process can be found in 'The Act of Crediting' section of the Guide to Crediting on page 8. Credit me and ______Some model editors and effect producers, especially modders, will require you to credit others that were involved in the creation process of an asset. This is because they have borrowed a substantial amount of data from another person to transform it into something new. For example, my 'KiraKira_ColoursV2.2' requires you to credit Chestnutscoop and Beamman - Chestnutscoop for the transformative coloured effects, and Beamman for the original effect. Others, such as Beamman and their 'KiraKira' effect, will acknowledge the data that they have transformed (i.e. Sovoro's WorldSnow), but they will not require you to credit that person.You must link back'Linking back' refers to providing a link to the asset download in the description of your work. The artist may also ask you not to link back to the direct download, but instead link to their artist page or one of their social media. This is so if someone likes an asset you have used and wants to download it for themselves, they can explore the artist’s other work instead of downloading the asset and leaving right away.While researching for this essay, I have been informed that this rule is often not a formal requirement to give proper and legal credits. HOWEVER, if a person writes in their readme that you should link back, you should respect their wishes and link back. If you follow the Great Tier of crediting on page 22 of the Guide to Crediting, this will help you fulfil this wish easily. If an asset provider does not mind you not linking back to their work, they will omit this rule.Credit in this waySome asset providers will request that you credit them in a specific way. An example of this is motion animator ureshiiiiii, who clarifies in their terms of use and in the description of their downloadable content: “Always credit "ureshiiiiii" (me) when using”.[1] Users with complicated names may clarify which name to use, especially if spelling mistakes are a common occurrence in their credits. In this case, ureshiiiiii has 6 ‘i’ letters, and is commonly spelt by creditors using the incorrect amount of ‘i’s. Their name also starts with a lower-case ‘u’, instead of the more traditional upper case ‘U’ for the start of a name. You should always check for this information in the terms of use.References:[1] ureshiiiiii, 15 June 2017 <> [accessed 10 May 2022].The entire Comprehensive Guide took me around two months to write, and is constantly updated as time goes on. If you want to support me, please donate to my tip jar. All proceeds go towards funding my Masters and PhD in English Literature at one of the best universities in the world, which will enable me to write more long form content such as this guide professionally. tags: #mmd #mme #mikumikudance #mikumikueffect #credit #crediting #mmdcredit #mmdcrediting #chestnutscoop #literature #longform #longformwriting #tutorial #guide #mmdtutorial #mmdguide #mmdessay #kirakira #references #effect #effects #guidetocrediting #mmeffect #mmetutorial #effecttutorial #mmdrules #creditingrules
[MMD] Rooftop by On1yhere4AESTHETICS


MMD Looking Unique by Adrianbrazt10 MMD Looking Unique :iconadrianbrazt10:Adrianbrazt10 124 44











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