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last update : 24/08/20
Added new Commission type : Twitch Emote

Waiting List Open.

Note me / comment on my commission info/status to get a slot >w<

Pixel sparkle divider Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 Pixel sparkle divider 

Please Note me for your commission!

►►► little star TERMS OF SERVICE little star ◄◄◄

Payment : Paypal | Points | LOCAL Bank

CHIBI : $35 | 3500 Points | IDR490k

Commission - Onceuponatwinkleus by kawaiimiu
• • • 

HEADSHOT : $30 | 3000 Points| IDR 420k

Commission Yuuki by kawaiimiu
• • • 

BUST UP : $40 | 4000 Points | IDR560k

Commission Yuri by kawaiimiu
• • • 

Half Body : $60 | 6000 Points | IDR 840k

Emilia by kawaiimiu
• • • 

FULL BODY : $80 | 8000 Points | IDR1150k

Gamer Miu 500 by kawaiimiu
Commission Ibbie by kawaiimiu
• • • 

TWITCH EMOTE : $20 | 2000 Points | IDR280k

You will get 600x600px, 112x112px, 56x56px, 28x28px png files transparant background
Coloring style is simpler than the usual chibi type

Ex by kawaiimiu

Pixel: Bubble Heart  Extra Fee for Detailed Background.
Pixel: Bubble Heart  Extra fee will be added to the price for detailed character, extra long hair, weapon, plushie, pet, etc.
Pixel: Bubble Heart Adding Character : Doubled price. 

I do :
- Original Character
- Fanart
- Girl / Boy
- Couples
- Light Anthro (animal ears, tail, etc)

I don't do :
- Gore (a little bit blood is ok)
- Violence
- Mechas
- Furry

little star Commission Status here : COMMISSION STATUS little star 

little star  HOW TO ORDER : little star 

  • Payment Method : (Points / Paypal)
  • Paypal Email : (If using Paypal) 
  • Commercial use: yes/no
  • Commission type :
  • Characters Reference :
  • Character Name :
  • Character Personality : 
  • Reference Pose : (if there is any pose you like)
  • Reference BG : (simple or transparent for free)

Commission slot will be given to the next commissioner
  If you don't respond in 1 week.

:iconkawaiimiu: thankyou ^^
© 2016 - 2020 kawaiimiu
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Are these open? I love to nab some slots in May <3
kawaiimiu's avatar
Yes, my commission is open :D
allysqt's avatar
hi bbu!!
are you still open for commissions and if so, would you take more than one order? o;
kawaiimiu's avatar
Yes my commission is still open and i accept more than one order too ^^
You can note me for your commission order :D
Thankyou! pink heart {big} 
SchneeKitten's avatar
when I got paid I'll buy another one :3
kawaiimiu's avatar
aaa thankyou so muchh Heart Heart Heart 
SchneeKitten's avatar
may I be added to the waitlist ? :3
kawaiimiu's avatar
Hello, i've added you to the waiting list
You can check it here : COMMISSION STATUS
Thankyou! :D
kleonhart's avatar
Hello, may I still accept the commission, this is what I want.
Payment Method : Paypal
Paypal Email : kaileon716@gmail.com
Commercial use: no
Commission type :CHIBI
Characters Reference : -3dcff3ae2a1b3785 by kleonhart
Character Name :Vera
Character Personality : Love prank girlNaughty, optimistic
Reference Pose : up to you!
Reference BG : simple,The feeling of hydrangea and stars?
kawaiimiu's avatar
Hello, thankyou so much for your commission request!
I've added you to the waiting list :D
You can check the list here : COMMISSION STATUS
I'll contact you when the commission is open again.
Thankyou! ^^
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  • Payment Method : paypal
  • Paypal Email : darkheartthepegasus@gmail.com
  • Commercial use: no
  • Commission type : chibi 
  • Characters Reference : toyhou.se/3734066.luna-wip-
  • Character Name : luna
  • Character Personality : happy, sneaky, elegant, more in her character profile
  • Reference Pose : up to you!
  • Reference BG : simple, like a few blue crescents or something 
kawaiimiu's avatar
Hello, thankyou so much for your commission request! pink heart
I've sent you a note! :D
lumina51's avatar
Hi there!^^
Payment through: paypal
Paypal Email : andreas.kaindl2@gmail.com 
Commercial use: no
Commission type : Chibi
Characters Reference : toyhou.se/2607774.kumo-cloud-
Character Name : Kumo
Character Personality : honest,loyal, shy
Reference Pose : Any elegant/cute pose!
Reference BG : simple (something like a starry sky or a night sky with a few blue roses) 
kawaiimiu's avatar
Hello, thankyou so much for your commission request! pink heart 
I've sent you a note! :D
GoblinBarrel's avatar
Hello! Are you still open, I would very much love to commission ya.
kawaiimiu's avatar
Yes, i'm still open, you can send me a note for your commission ^^
KhleoX0's avatar
Hai! I was wondering how much you would charge for a 'logo' so to speak? It would just consist of a pet resting against a quarter moon. (It would be a commission but it would be different and wouldnt be quite like the others X3) I'm still finished with regular CM as Ive said. This one I was wondering about.
KhleoX0's avatar
Hello! I decided to commission one more CM from you if you're ok with that! ^^ 

A full body this time. (Transparent bg/png-no added details-i won't be changing or adding anything like I have before to this one once I commission you-I promise! XD) But my funds won't be sufficient for about a week. Can I be added to the waiting list please? ^^ I just wanna make sure in case you decided to close them or something! QwQ 
kawaiimiu's avatar
Sure ^^ I've added you at to waiting list, thankyou :D
I always open for commission hehe >w< 
KhleoX0's avatar
Awesome! Tysm!!! :D
beautifulanddamaged's avatar
hello are u still open? ik it says open but i wanted to make sure before i sent a form~
kawaiimiu's avatar
yes, my commission is open C:
you can note me for your commission ^^
kawaiimiu's avatar
I've replied your note C:
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