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Today i came up with the idea that i wanted to update my personal journal, since i finally have to tell something. (sounds little bit sad...NEVERMIND)
Ok so since two month I going to work. I need to do this for my university. Practical Knowledge. Yeah so I work in the graphic design division of an apps firm. Ahah Animating Games for some known corporations, make some Resdesign's for AppIcons or for the entire app. It's some stressful job but i get a money, so it's ok.
But I look forward to got to the university again in October. Yeah last semester. (Fuck.)
And since the beginning of this month I'm a proud owner of a Wii U. (Just because of the TloZ games.haha)
But the most interesting thing that happens this month is that a little kitty breaks into my flat. I live in the 3rd Floor and last Sunday I go into my kitchen and everything was a chaos in there. (First I was thinking that I drank to much wine the night before) buuuut then I saw the Shadow behind my blankets in the Window and some black cat shows up and ran away, right behind my kitchenette. Ok she and I got friends after a few days but I gave her to the veterinary office (thinking she had an owner and just run away) but after she was gone I heard her story, there is no family and now she's at the animal shelter and I'm thinking to get her back and give her a home. I mean this little half-year-old Kitty got up to the 3rd Floor outside the house and crawl inside my flat through a crowed back window (which could kill her if she get's stuck there.) this much cost, just to get into my flat. Strange little kitty. (think I upload a picture of her)
So it could be that I'm gonna be soon a cat momma.
And I decided to draw more and more the next time! I miss this so much!
And i really, really miss :icondragonolong: ! Please come back healthy and cheerful like you left Germany! Q^Q
This would be WONDERFUL..(We have so many insider it's crazy..X'D) When you're back we need to watch the entire night old backstreet boy and N'SYNC vid's like we did through our final time last semester. Hahaha..such good students.
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Hey there,

wow I'm a really slow journal writer..the last one was a year ago. Strange how fast time goes by.
And this year happens so much! I finally passed the physic exams. Gosh this was the last try and finally, i passed it! This was the best day in my life. Haha.X'D
I have to thank my mother ( 1 week, everyday physic...) and :icondragonolong: (Go an visit her page! Her art is really beautiful! )

And yeah the 4 Semester has started motivation for me. Haha..X'D Get too late to the only lecture i had today. SMART ME!
I started the semester like it ends..haha *nervous laugh*

Oh oh and this week is the Leipzig book fair! I'm so happy to see all my friends again! And some of them stay overnight in my flat.
(40mē and 6 people. Some of them have to sleep in my kitchen. But who cares when you can sleep free on a convention right?)

I'm really excited yet. :D

A short Journal, but a new one so..
Have a great Day!♥
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Hey there! How do you do?

So after a long time I write some Journal ok..
I always write it when if've nothing important to tell.

Right now it's the End of my first semester at the Uni. Next weeks are exams and I am..totally known nothing about the thing I should known..D8
Bad for me but I think somehow I get through this and then I need so sew a lot, in March is the Leipziger Bookfair.

I can't wait for it! need to sew 2 Cosplays and I just began to sew one but yeha! I totally do this!

And 4 Friends of mine come's over to my flat and sleep here for the weekend. Great with me: 5 people on 15m² (and one Budgie, 2 Tortoise's and 2 betta splendid...sounds like some animal horder....nahh.D:)
I thing we'll having fun.

Gosh it's so cold in here I thing I getting freezed..Mr. Freeze are you near?D:
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Ok, I just type this entry because i was thinking the last one was to long ago.
What can i say?
I complete my training as an commercial artist and going to study something.
Wonder if it is interesting, I still hope it.

So i am searching for some flat in the new city and it's easier to say that. Some flats are so expensive or the location isn't that right. complecated thing.

And I started so sew new cosplays, next week is the Connichi in Kassel. Big Anime / Manga event.
And my costumes need some working...only bad thing: I am to lazy to do something.D:

Thing I try something now and stupid entry.
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Tomorrow :iconlliliahne: will visiting me and we will make some awesome Austria and Hungary Winter shooting! Yhea!>3

Without stupid Prussia and YES NO DATE :iconeisernervorhang:
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Yeah nothing special but the Holiday ending soon (tomorrow is the last day)...and thats kind of sad.
Want more free days...6 weeks are not enough!> <

Nothing happen like I planned it. Ok 2 thing was ok but the rest it was a kind of..hmm anguish.
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Since today I own a PS3 (250Gb) and I love it!
Its so cool! I name her "Hildegard". Hope Hildegard bringts me nice Hours of Fun and Games.
My first Game, by the way, is Heavy Rain.=3
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Some kind of tired...but...not tired enough to go to bed! Haha...
I want to finish my Picture for some competition...I think I can make it soon!=3
so..some random entry.XD'

And...More love for Miles Edgeworth!<3
This Guy is the best!*___________*
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