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Coin Cookies by Mellymiew
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[Closed] Panari Kemonomimi by SquiggleCakes
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Pencil doodle sketch commissions by Inntary
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[C] Blooming Lotus by BioIX
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[+Video] A Windy Day OC - Original by JackyLimArt
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Requests Box [Forever Open], HELLO, FREE ART IS ON THE MENU I recently started drawing again, I'll keep this as a inspiration page whenever I wanna draw/doodle Note: This is not first come first serve, nor I'm obliged to draw your character. But please feel free to throw something down here after you read the rules RULES: Be a watcher, new watchers are welcome! Put different OCs in the same comment if you can Sharing this page would be very much appreciated, but it's not needed Please don't insist, I'll pick characters that inspire me I can draw your character now or weeks, this is a long-term thread Please remember to credit me if you upload my illustrationto toyhouse/reference pagesWhat I can draw: Anything humanoid, I will ignore animals/furriesI will consider humanoid species that resemble animals Females, feel free to submit male characters for me to genderbend I prefer drawing OCs, but I'll consider drawing fanarts Anything cute and colorful! NSFW/Ecchi What I can't draw: Anything too detailed, if you want to submit your character anyway and I like it, I'll try and simplify the design without changing it too much. Mechas/Robots/Armor, I'll consider slight details of this kind I love creepy characters that are still cute, but I'll refrain from drawing anything too gore/creepy Form: Name of the OC Picture/Gallery. Would love it if you added their page if you have one. Make sure you include a reference/full-body pic if you have it. Fanarts from other artists are welcome too. Extra information about the OC if you have any, any alternative outfits, etc... Link to the journal/status/poll where you shared if you did I will draw different things for each character. Could be a chibi, full-body, half-body, could be a doodle or a finished piece, and I could decide to try different styles. Remember that it's free art! Owners will be mentioned on finished illustrations Feel free to ask any questions in the comments Requests done:,Some examples of my style..,
Cheap [points/paypal] commissions ~Open~Hello everyone! Making an emergency commissions journal, I've been struggling with rent cause of.. pandemic, Brazil is in a horrible state rn, not only that, some eletronics and furnitures that are 10 years or older in my house is finally giving up on life, I'm in a bad situation so I'll be doing commissions faster, open for a long time and also cheaper! I appreciate any help even if it's only by reading this! I'd go into more details but it's a commission journal so..~ Point commissions should be paid in the commission widget after I create it for you ~ ~ 100pts = 1$ ~~ Click on the pictures for full view! ~COMMISSIONS ~ CHIBISketch,Fullbody sketch: 3$ (300pts)+1 character: +1$ (100pts)Detailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Big pets, furnitures, background items, big weapons: +0.10$ (10pts)Default brush: Real pencil (You can ask for a specific brush) Lineart,Fullbody lineart: 5$ (500pts)+1 character: +2$ (200pts)Flat color: freeDetailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Big pets, furnitures, background items, big weapons: +0.50$ (50pts) Fullcolor,Fullbody colored: 10$ (1000pts)+1 character: +5$ (500pts)Detailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Big pets, furnitures, background items, big weapons: +1$ (100pts) Chibi icon - Halfbody,Chibi icon halfbody: 3$ (300pts)+1 character: +2$ (200pts)Simple background (or no background): freeDetailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Pets, furnitures, background items, weapons: +0.50$ (50pts) Chibi icon fullbody - Pastel,Chibi icon fullbody - Pastel colors: 5$ (500pts)+1 character: +4$ (400pts)Simple background (or no background): freeDetailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Pets, furnitures, background items, weapons: +0.50$ (50pts) Tiny chibi,Tiny simple chibi (keychain or sticker designs): 3$ (300pts)Detailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.White outline, keychain hole on top of the head: free (optional)Fully shaded: +4$ (400pts)Personalized pose: +1.50$ (150pts)+1 character (if personalized pose): +1.50$ (150pts)Pets, furnitures, background items, weapons: +0.50$ (50pts)Eyes will be personalized for every character feet personalization avaliable for anthros and furriesCOMMISSIONS ~ ANIMEBust - Sketch,Bust sketch: 2$ (200pts)+1 character: +1$ (100pts)background: free (Shapes, vector only)Detailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Bust - fullcolor,Bust fullcolor: 6$ (600pts)+1 character: +4$ (400pts)background: free (Shapes, vector only)Detailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.Pixel icons (50x50),pixel icon: 4$ (400pts)First animation: free+1 animation (2 animations combined): 1$ (100pts)+2 animations (separated or background anim. included): 1$ (100pts)Twitch/Discord emotes,,,Twitch/Discord emote: 5$ (500pts)3 emotes: 13$ (1300pts)Detailed designs: depends on the amount of details the character has.For twitch, it's included all three sizes (112x112, 56x56 and 28x28) Original size is 550x550, Discord will resize it for you automatically so I'll send the original png.COMMISSIONS ~ OTHERS If you'd like any other style I have in my gallery that's not listed here let me know! since I don't have enough examples it doesn't feel right to put in the journal yet >_<Promotions: If you pick more than one commission, some extra addons will be free!GENERAL INFO Don't send the points to me as a gift, wait for me to create a commission widget specifically for your commission. I'll send you a link after I open one for you <3I don't think I'm in the place of refusing commissions, if i don't feel like i'm up to the task or fufill your needs I'll let you know, you can choose trusting me and letting me sketch it so you can approve or either not risk.What I'll be needing to start: fullbody References be it photos or drawings (if you want a halfbody it's oky to have an halfbody reference), if you ash for a fullbody and doesn't have a full reference, fear not! you can describe to me or send pics close to what you want, I'll show you the sketch, just keep in mind that this might take longer to finish.Custom adopts ? sure! be clear in what you want, like I said above it might take longer to finish.You can ask for progress at any time! and I encourage you to do so, your satisfaction with the final product is the most important part! I'll be sending you the final sketch regardles.You can choose paying upfront or after the sketch! (paying after, the sketch will be sent with an watermark)Any questions, doubts ? send me a note, comment in this post or dm me on discord! Discord: Nanah#4343 Queue Empty
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Howtodrawmanga Redraw by VialofFire
Kitty Jump by Bananomynous
Watercolor art Princess Bubblegum - Adventute Time by Inntary
Penguin Mario by Tabascofanatikerin
Crafts and Jewelry
Midnight Commission (glowing in the dark) by DeathMystery
Pokemon Starters Bottle by miniVictor
Kawaii Friends Family ~ 08 by ArtByKiyo
Kanto Eevee Trio by UmbraTundra
Pixel Art - Animated
[C] [Animated] Pixel Doll Batch by designbylotus
[F2U] Paimon icon by Nanah-s2
Pixel Commission: magikarpfever by MyTwistedMind
[COM] Umeko Fuiji Pixel Avatar by QuartzStash
Pixel Art - Not Animated
MS Paint [Pastel Futurstic Concept] #8 by NoniNion
MS Paint [Bright Blue + Vibrant Colours] #7 by NoniNion
Blue Thunder Icon Heart [Orginal Character] by Xhario
Blue Thunder Icon  [Orginal Character] by Xhario
Flash and Non-Pixel Animations
Blinking Samy Chibi by Ken-Dolly
[C] [Animated] Teary-Eyed YCH - Vamps by designbylotus
Take My Jacket for ladyjade26 by Ken-Dolly
[Animated] [DTIYS] yo_akame by designbylotus
Photography and Manipulations
TLoZ:  Breath of the Wild Fruitcake by Wanda92
Little Agape Yuri by Rukia520
Rozen Maiden by Miko-Bura
Travelers from Another World by nekogirl-san
Vector and Vexel
[GIFT] Meimona Corvus by QuartzStash
.: Smol Tutorial - HAIR #1 - lineart :. by Ricuu
Free to Use
FREE Witcheress and Wolf Coloring Page by szynszyla-stokrotka
Group Contests
welcoming spring by supperfrogg
Kawaii Heaven badge by Cukismo
FULL - General Digital Art
Sweety Dolly Chibi - Sailor Venus by SquiggleCakes
FULL General Digital Art 2
Sprinkling at 7AM by Claarin
FULL - Traditional Art
Monkey's Happy Halloween. by Bjnix248










Hi everyone! It seems all the contributors had become busy or inactive on DA (including me), so the group has been inactive for a while. I'm starting to go through old submissions, but we'll probably need to call for new, active contributors soon. If you might be interested, watch for an upcoming journal.
If your submissions have expired, you can resubmit them. Thank you. squid emoji
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