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Wishing for Rain - Process

Not really a tutorial, but I don't know where else to put it D: Progress sheet for my "Wishing for Rain" pixel piece.

It's "sort of" made on one of my newer bases XD It's done in the exact same style, but all I used from the "base" were the eyes n_n;;

I couldn't make up my mind with the palette in the early stages - I wanted something colourful, but the first couple were too purple for my liking.
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this is amazing! ~
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yay now i know how to draw umbrellas!
twocupsofbancha's avatar
It baffles me to see how a bunch of blobs of colour just turn into dozen of delicate little flowers, goodness. And you just pulled off a water effect while doing pixel art like it's nothing? LOL gosh this is so pretty. Congrats!~
RenOokami's avatar
This "step by step" of the process really is interesting and the final step have
an incredible amount of details. Thank you for sharing this piece of art making ^^
CraftyPixel's avatar
- Love the way you do pixel art : ) -
sharknob's avatar
Cool! how can you do that, really amazing! :iconmonkeythumbplz:
myteddygosmo's avatar
It's amazing what people can do with tiny little pixels.... :iconiloveplz: :iconkawaiihannah: and your pixel art :3
t-o-z-z-i-e's avatar
I really admire artists like you :love:
KaylaKedziora's avatar
kawaiihannah's avatar
Aww, thank you ^^ <3 <3
YuriKitten's avatar
your technique is so unique :3
kawaiihannah's avatar
Thank you XD I used to approach it differently, but I found this way is a bit more like painting a CG ^^
shewolfzoroark's avatar
You are an amazing artist :iconiloveyouplz:
Foreststone's avatar
This actually can be reallly helpful to begginer pixel artists <3 trust me when I say it is in the right category :nod:
kawaiihannah's avatar
I'm glad it's useful~ ^^ <3 <3
Chezzi-Chan's avatar
Melonchu's avatar
ahh so helpful @_@ thank you!
ElegantExcalibur's avatar
I really must learn how to do pixel art as well as you. x3;
Yejinni's avatar
rjs;ijgiso AMAZING
KAR10SA's avatar
Love the skin palette on this one!
Immortalcatz's avatar
Tis so cool tho. Love the doll.
LordColts's avatar
This is great! I've been planning to do some pixel art in my spare time and this has given me a good idea of where to start! =D
Southrobin's avatar
I love the colours for the umbrella and THOSE FLOWERS :'D
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