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Peach Earrings

Peaches! The backs are fuzzy like a real peach.

I would love any critique that you can offer.

Also I would love if you joined my facebook! Thanks!

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Oh my hell that is awesome.

I love how the backs are fuzzy and the fronts are shiny.
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That's so cute ! It look so real
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Shut up and take my money :icontakemymoneyplz:
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Seriously, I will buy a ton of those earrings. They're so cute and peaches are one of my favorite fruit. 🍑😊
I-am-His-artist's avatar
Cool! What did you use to create that fuzz? So realistic!
KawaiiCulture's avatar
It´s called flocking powder. Thank you!
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MagicxDelights's avatar
She uses flocking powder.. Very clever lol
wongyanyan's avatar
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!
KawaiiCulture's avatar
hahahhahahaha Wink/Razz 
Watermelon-Lover853's avatar
The look so fuzzy! All of your work is magnificent and is filling up my favorites!
Critique, you say? Though this is surely better than I could do, and very... natural-looking, it might be a little more realistic if the darker center color of the beach fruit was blended together a little more and a little smaller in comparison to the lighter part. However, I love it. Brilliant! Please don't take my critique as an insult, because it isn't intended as so. Good job and good luck with your great future art!
KawaiiCulture's avatar
Thank you so much for your thoughtful critique! I really appreciate it and I will be taking your words into consideration! ^_____^
xXx-Dirty-sox-xXx's avatar
please please let me know how you made it fuzzy
KawaiiCulture's avatar
It's called flocking powder... it's like loose fuzz and I bought it at my local craft store. :)
momomochii's avatar
I love these!!!
momomochii's avatar
You're very welcome!! What do you use to make all your stuff?
KawaiiCulture's avatar
Polymer clay and acrylic paint mostly. :)
momomochii's avatar
Nice!!! Excellent job!! ^^
LadyxWinter's avatar
Looks really good. Can you make a tuto about it? I want to know how you make them so fuzzy.
KawaiiCulture's avatar
I definitely want to make some tutorials. I just gotta find the time!
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