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hihi so im announcing my first contest! it would mean a lot if you'd join and advertise this to other people. For this contest a few rules no bases are allowed do not trace or copy anyone but referencing is fine, please but your best effort into your own work. tyvm. this contest is themed around a beauty pageant for sailor moon oc's. if you don't have one thats fine, ill have other contests don't worry. You can make a completely new sailor scout for this or use one you already have. if you'd like you can even take a none sailor moon oc and turn her into one for this specifically. each person can enter up to 3 sailors of his or her own design.  

My lovely Sailor Celestial has volunteered to host this so to announce the rounds i will draw her as if she were a contestant to give an idea of what to do (this does not mean to copy me).
there will be 7 rounds. and thnx to :iconcrystalomic: for helping me come up with whats asked of them, and thnx :iconmoondanceraya: for thinking up the last 2 round themes
Miss Galaxy: round 1 (WIP) by lilYumi-chan
round 1) this round requires you to simply show us your  OC in there sailor scout uniform and introduce her with basic bio, name, age, 3 likes and 3 dislikes that kind of thing. this can be a new drawing made for this specifically OR for this round only you can use an OLD already made drawing you have i know most people will already have a drawing of there OC be lazy and you cna use it to enter round 1.  (ENTRIES BUT BE IN BY FEBRUARY 1ST (if you want a reminder let me know and ill send you a message whenever you want letting you know how much time you have left))

round 2) Draw your OC in an sort of fancy or formal gown, if you want to go for Lolita or sex appeal whatever works. this must be a new drawing. also you must tell about your OC's background story.

round 3) draw your OC with a sweet theme. show your senshi being kind preferably in there "normal" non fuka outfit, they can be holding a puppy, playing with there siblings, walking on a street holding hands with there bf or gf whatever just show your senshi as being kind and sweet with a smile. you'll need to tell us about your Senshi's life goals.

round 4)  swim suit addition. draw your oc in a swim suit ^_^for this i'll have a list of questions they must answer, (feel free to suggest questions. )

round 5) TALENT round. draw your OC doing what they do best. singing dancing, fighting evil, being evill, arranging flowers. whats there talent? the question will be how they discovered there talent and why they enjoy it.

round 6) pin up  (finalists)

round 7) your senshi's power up form   :) (winner)

as the amount gets lower of entries, i plan on also drawing them in beauty contest scenes kinda, like the remaining 5 to announce who they are i will draw them on a stage. Also everything must be new art. except for round one. you can draw in any style you like but no bases or tracing. all art but be at least a 3/4 body. if you have ANY questions send me :iconlilyumi-chan: a note and comments or helpful ideas or hints feel free to tell me <3

prizes! (if you'd like to donate plz note me thatd be awesome!)

for anyoen who participates :iconkeriuri: is kind enough to draw a picture with all the participants ^_^

1st) a full body drawing from me example Princess Cadence by lilYumi-chan
a chibi from me example CM: moondanceraya by lilYumi-chan
your OC will be featured on the groups icon :iconkawaiicontest: next to mine. i will also send you just your scout if youd like to use it as your icon.
and 100 :points:

2nd and 3rd) each will be a chibi from me and 50 :points: each.

depending on how many ppl enter i will draw more for announcing the winners/rounds beginning. i plan to at least draw 2 others for the top 5 girls.

ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK. you have until February 1st to get your first round entries in, and PLEASE advertise this contest/group thank you so much

~love :iconlilyumi-chan:
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LetaDarnell's avatar
When do we get the questions for round 4?
lilYumi-chan's avatar
when round 4 opens you'll grt the questions
LetaDarnell's avatar
Men are allowed, right?
lilYumi-chan's avatar
yeah isnt ur oc a guy?
LetaDarnell's avatar
A guy who wears dresses, yes.
Lex2cute13's avatar
has this already started??????????????????????
lilYumi-chan's avatar
yeah we are currently in round 2 ^^;
Katieline's avatar
*panicky* It's still the 1st, right? RIGHT!??!??!

I have three submissions. One is from November but wasn't posted til now.

lilYumi-chan's avatar
the 3rd one is already submitted. i will go ahead and allow the other 2 even though you are half an our late. i understand some slight time difference.
Katieline's avatar
Blast. Thank you. You may want to put that you're using Eastern time for the deadlines.
lilYumi-chan's avatar
i have before in my posts.
MLG-Illustrations's avatar
is it possible to extend round 1's deadline?
lilYumi-chan's avatar
how long would you need? to be honest it is very unlikley, i have it to you can use old art, and many ppl have met the deadline so far your the only one to ask about an extension.
MLG-Illustrations's avatar
i'm thinking just one more day & is it ok if we use a base since we're only showing our oc or does it have to be completely our own? i'm just making sure ^^;
lilYumi-chan's avatar
No bases or tracing are allowed, and I do not plan on extending the deadline sorry.
MLG-Illustrations's avatar
ok & that's ok.
will people be allowed to join other rounds even if they dont get into round one?
lilYumi-chan's avatar
you can feel free to participate and draw the themes, but you will no be eligible to win prizes and such since ppl get eliminated as we go.
MLG-Illustrations's avatar
well, i'll do that, then. i'm almost done making a ref of my senshi (i started on it before i knew we couldnt use bases) so i can use it for referencing on the themes XD
thank you for the info <3
theNekk's avatar
*mews* I would like to enter my Ei Senshi [link]
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