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Kawaii-World Rules & Help~~


:reading:GROUP RULES :reading:

(currently under construction)
:bulletblack: New RULE: Please insert a password if you want to join the group which is hidden in the rules. Otherwise we won't accept your request. The password consists of 5 words. Good luck! :shamrock:

:bulletwhite: To join the group, you must be at least a month on deviantart and have at least 5 deviations in your gallery which were made by YOU. We want to prevent art thieves joining the group. Thank you for your understanding!
-> If you've made a new account and want to rejoin the group, you can give us the link to your old account BUT you have to write on your old account that you've made a new account. :)

:bulletyellow: After you clicked the "Join our Group"-button, you have to wait a few hours or days for acceptance. We will check your profiles carefully and then decide. The first word is: Cute.

:bulletorange: To submit art: First, join the group, then click on 'Gallery' and then click 'contribute art' or 'Submit to this Gallery -> Contribute an Existing Deviation' (to choose it from your own gallery) at the top of the page. =D You can now submit your art, please submit to the correct folder!

:bulletred: What we accept: This is a group for lovers of all cute/kawaii things. That means we welcome any cute, adorable, sweet, fluffy, pretty, sparkly submissions. Pretty much anything that makes you go "awww!" The second word is: Childish.

:star: What we don't accept:
1) No sexually provocative/explicit, nude images! (Deviations which are maybe cute but more sexual are not allowed either.)
2) No deviations with blood.
3) No deviations with drugs (cigarette (smoking) and so on) and alcohol.
4) No deviations which make you "creep out" or scare you.
5) No deviations containing Nazis/Nazi-signs (c'mon, we don't need that stuff and it's very offensive to the Jewish people), hate sermons, bad things against any religion (like equating muslims to terrorists) and deviations which are satirizing religions and/or their prophets like Jesus Christ or Mohammed. Or any racist content in general is not allowed.
6) No offensive language! Please, we're a "childish and innocent" group!
These will not be accepted and will eventually result in a ban from the group if submitted repeatedly.

:star: Don't submit any stolen artwork!! Really!!! If anyone of you discovers a stolen artwork and know the link to the original artwork (proof) please tell us, so that we can remove the stolen artwork from the group, report the deviation/deviant and block them from the group. The third word is: Innocent.:star:

:star:Also, we don't accept blogs and journals. If you want to spread the word about a contest or commissions refer to this journal and if you want help with anything, you can refer to this journal.:star:

:bulletpink: Your submissions will be reviewed by the founder/co-founders and go through a voting process. It will be confirmed/declined within 1 week. The fourth word is: Modest.

:bulletpurple: If your art is declined for whatever reason and you would like to know why, please note the founder of the group and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

:bulletblue: A list of all folders is shown below in the folder rules.

:bulletgreen: There is a limit on submissions, only 2 deviations per day. The fifth word is: nonsexual.

:gallery: FOLDER RULES :gallery:

:bulletwhite: Featured: You may not submit here.
:bulletorange: Adoptables - Digital Goods": For adoptables, commission sheets and any digital goods like wallpapers, themes, icons etc. that you want to sell.
:bulletyellow: Animals: Please submit only photos of real animals i.e. your pet puppy, bunny, kitty, etc. Please do not submit traditional or digital pieces of animals here. Those belong in the traditional and digital folders.
:bulletorange: Animation-Flash-Games: For animations, flash, games etc., digital and traditional (animation) accepted in here.
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletpink: Buttons/Badges: Digital, traditional and photography accepted.
:bulletpurple: Christmas: Christmas related devations.
:bulletblue: Comics:
:bulletgreen: Cosplay: Photos of Cosplay, items made for cosplay i.e. dresses, shirts etc.
:bulletblack: Contest: Contest entries.
:bulletwhite: Digital Art: Forms of digital art (things made on the computer, i.e. paint tool sai, photoshop, gimp etc.) accepted here. Please do not submit digitally created fanart in this folder.
:bulletyellow: Digital Fanart: Digitally drawn deviations that are not of your own characters.
:bulletorange: Easter: Easter related deviations.
:bulletred: Fashion: This is different from the Cosplay section. This is just for general use handbags, shirts, skirts, maybe even shoes that you made for everyday life (i.e. not something you would wear to dress up to go trick or treating at Halloween).
:bulletpink: Figures - PVC
:bulletpurple: Food: This is for photos of real food only. No digitally/traditionally drawn food, that goes into the digital/traditional art folder.
:bulletblue: Halloween: Halloween related deviations.
:bulletgreen: Handmade crafts: This is for things you have made such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. This does not include hats you have made- that would go into fashion/accessories (bit confusing, but hang in there!) and plushies go into the plushies folder!
:bulletyellow: Journals:
:bulletblack: Journal Skins - Buttons - Icons - etc. Resources for journals like journal skins, buttons, and banners. Also free to use icons, page dolls etc also go here. (Not free to use icons, page dolls etc. go into their respective folders.)
:bulletgreen: Lineart
:bulletyellow: Literature - Texts: For poetry, fan fictions, stories, words, etc.
:bulletorange: Miscellaneous - Mixed Media: This is for mixed media i.e. traditionally drawn characters with a digital background, traditionally drawn picture with digital brushes etc.
:bulletpink: Nature - Landscapes: This is for plants, trees, clouds, landscapes etc.
:bulletpurple: Papercraft- Folding: Paper stars, paper cut outs, paper children, etc. Traditional only, since that's the only option you really have. haha^^
:bulletblue: Photography: Most pictures besides what is mentioned above (food, animals, nature, etc.). Maybe a picture of your favorite stuffed animal, maybe a picture of your cute baby cousin.
:bulletgreen: Photo Manipulation:
:bulletblack: Pixel Art: Please submit free to use pixel resources to the "Journal skins - Buttons - Icons - etc" folder.
:bulletwhite:Plushies - Amigurumi: Plushies or Amigurumi you yourself have made.
:bulletyellow: Products: Anything physical you wish to sell! Necklaces, charms, plushies, ... basically this folder overrules any other folders if you wish to sell something.
:bulletgreen: Screenshots:
:bulletwhite: Sketches:
:bulletorange: Songs: GIF's, flashes or images that include songs in it.
:bulletred: Stamps:
:bulletpink: Stationery - Calendar - Wallpaper:
:bulletpurple: T-Shirt Graphics etc.: Digital graphics like shirts, bags etc.
:bulletblue: The "UNSURE" Folder: If you're not sure what category your deviation falls into, submit it here and we'll move it into the correct folder.
:bulletgreen: Traditional Art: For all traditional art (painting, pencil works, colored pencil, markers etc.) besides fan art.
:bulletblack: Traditional Fanart: Traditional art that is not of your own character.
:bulletwhite: Tutorials:
:bulletyellow: Valentines Day: Valentines day related deviations.
:bulletorange: Well, that's that folks! Please join the group and have fun! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

:helpdesk: :star:Help:star: :helpdesk:

The nightmare of many deviants - a filled inbox! :fear:

Don't know how to fix this problem? You think leaving the group is the only way to stop this nightmare? :sniff: :saddummy:
Raindroppu has made 2 Tutorials only for you guys, showing how to stop receiving messages. :ohmygod:
Check them out here: tutorial 1 or tutorial 2 :hooray: :boogie: :happybounce: :squee:

Do you have any problems? :confused: Do you need help or just want to ask or suggest something? :cuddle: Please contact us!~~

Your Kawaii-World -Team~~ :community:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3



Edit: Thanks to everyone who gave feedback!

:bulletorange: It's decided that the "no blood" rule will stay.
:bulletorange: Also welcome to our new co-founder lokyan, who is helping with submissions!
:bulletorange: lokyan and I discussed a bit and we decided to make a "journal" folder and an "adoptables - digital goods" folder.

If you have feedback on the other topics, feel free to comment!

Hello everyone,

Raindroppu officially made me the founder of this group now. You may have noticed that she hasn't been active for quite a while now. Anyway, I have been thinking about doing some changes and now that I am founder, it's time to implement them.

This journal got quite long, but please read all if you have time. Some input/feedback from you members regarding rules and folders would be nice.


About Rules

:bulletgreen: I'm abolishing the password requirement for joining. Some of you had fun looking for it and I also think that it wasn't a bad idea. But I don't have that much time anymore, so no more password hunting.

:bulletgreen: I'm removing the minimum requirements for joining (have 5 deviations and account must be at least 1 month old). This rule was made years ago with a certain purpose in mind, but it doesn't apply anymore.

:bulletgreen: I'm discontinuing the commissions journal, maintaining it is too time-consuming. All entries will be removed, but I'm keeping the contest part. Essentially, it will only be "current contests" from now on.


About Folders

:bulletyellow: I am going to rewrite the rules. So it's a good time to ask for your opinions.

1. Do you want me to remove the "no blood" rule? Or do you think it should stay?
You people are right, it doesn't fit our image, so the "no blood" rule will stay.

2. Currently, no journals are accepted. Do you want them to be allowed? Do you want only certain types to be allowed (e.g. only commission journals)?
We are opening a journal folder!

3. Any other suggestions for rule changes?

:bulletyellow: I also want to do some changes to folders. For this, I also want to hear your opinions on it.

1. Folder for Adoptables. Open Adoptables are currently in the product folder. Do you want a seperate folder, so you can e.g. easily find other products like charms? If yes, should there be a distinction between open and closed ones? If yes, closed ones will go into other folders (like how it is now).
We are opening an "adoptable - digital goods" folder!

2. Do you think we have too many folder types? I was thinking about deleting some (moving the contents to other folders beforehand of course), e.g. "songs", "button - badges", "stamps". Maybe merge "food" and "nature" into "photography" (since only photos are allowed in those anyway)?

3. I've splitted the "memes - sketches" folder, since they don't have that much in common.

4. Other suggestions about folders?


About Contributors

Since most contributors are not active anymore, I'm going to demote them and look for new ones. Contributors don't need to vote on submissions. They don't have the daily limit of 2 submissions and their submissions are automatically accepted (please submit to the correct folder). They can also submit to the "featured" folder.

If you are interested, message the group with a note. I think, I'm choosing 5 people out of those for now.


That's it for now.
Have a nice day~
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