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Kawaii-World Rules & Help~~


:reading:GROUP RULES :reading:

:bulletblack: New RULE: Please insert a password if you want to join the group which is hidden in the rules. Otherwise we won't accept your request. The password consists of 5 words. Good luck! :shamrock:

:bulletwhite: To join the group, you must be at least a month on deviantart and have at least 5 deviations in your gallery which were made by YOU. We want to prevent art thieves joining the group. Thank you for your understanding!
-> If you've made a new account and want to rejoin the group, you can give us the link to your old account BUT you have to write on your old account that you've made a new account. :)

:bulletyellow: After you clicked the "Join our Group"-button, you have to wait a few hours or days for acceptance. We will check your profiles carefully and then decide. The first word is: Cute.

:bulletorange: To submit art: First, join the group, then click on 'Gallery' and then click 'contribute art' or 'Submit to this Gallery -> Contribute an Existing Deviation' (to choose it from your own gallery) at the top of the page. =D You can now submit your art, please submit to the correct folder!

:bulletred: What we accept: This is a group for lovers of all cute/kawaii things. That means we welcome any cute, adorable, sweet, fluffy, pretty, sparkly submissions. Pretty much anything that makes you go "awww!" The second word is: Childish.

:star: What we don't accept:
1) No sexually provocative/explicit, nude images! (Deviations which are maybe cute but more sexual are not allowed either.)
2) No deviations with blood.
3) No deviations with drugs (cigarette (smoking) and so on) and alcohol.
4) No deviations which make you "creep out" or scare you.
5) No deviations containing Nazis/Nazi-signs (c'mon, we don't need that stuff and it's very offensive to the Jewish people), hate sermons, bad things against any religion (like equating muslims to terrorists) and deviations which are satirizing religions and/or their prophets like Jesus Christ or Mohammed.
6) No offensive language! Please, we're a "childish and innocent" group!
These will not be accepted and will eventually result in a ban from the group if submitted repeatedly.

:star: Don't submit any stolen artwork!! Really!!! If anyone of you discovers a stolen artwork and know the link to the original artwork (proof) please tell us, so that we can remove the stolen artwork from the group, report the deviation/deviant and block them from the group. The third word is: Innocent.:star:

:star:Also, we don't accept blogs and journals. If you want to spread the word about a contest or commissions refer to this journal and if you want help with anything, you can refer to this journal.:star:

:bulletpink: Your submissions will be reviewed by the founder/co-founders and go through a voting process. It will be confirmed/declined within 1 week. The fourth word is: Modest.

:bulletpurple: If your art is declined for whatever reason and you would like to know why, please note the founder of the group and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

:bulletblue: A list of all folders is shown below in the folder rules.

:bulletgreen: There is a limit on submissions, only 2 deviations per day. The fifth word is: nonsexual.

:gallery: FOLDER RULES :gallery:

:bulletwhite: Featured: You may not submit here.
:bulletyellow: Animals: Please submit only photos of real animals i.e. your pet puppy, bunny, kitty, etc. Please do not submit traditional or digital pieces of animals here. Those belong in the traditional and digital folders.
:bulletorange: Animation-Flash-Games: For animations, flash, games etc., digital and traditional (animation) accepted in here.
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletpink: Buttons/Badges: Digital, traditional and photography accepted.
:bulletpurple: Christmas: Christmas related devations.
:bulletblue: Comics:
:bulletgreen: Cosplay: Photos of Cosplay, items made for cosplay i.e. dresses, shirts etc.
:bulletblack: Contest: Contest entries.
:bulletwhite: Digital Art: Forms of digital art (things made on the computer, i.e. paint tool sai, photoshop, gimp etc.) accepted here. Please do not submit digitally created fanart in this folder.
:bulletyellow: Digital Fanart: Digitally drawn deviations that are not of your own characters.
:bulletorange: Easter: Easter related deviations.
:bulletred: Fashion: This is different from the Cosplay section. This is just for general use handbags, shirts, skirts, maybe even shoes that you made for everyday life (i.e. not something you would wear to dress up to go trick or treating at Halloween).
:bulletpink: Figures - PVC
:bulletpurple: Food: This is for photos of real food only. No digitally/traditionally drawn food, that goes into the digital/traditional art folder.
:bulletblue: Halloween: Halloween related deviations.
:bulletgreen: Handmade crafts: This is for things you have made such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc. This does not include hats you have made- that would go into fashion/accessories (bit confusing, but hang in there!) and plushies go into the plushies folder!
:bulletblack: Journal Skins - Buttons - Icons - etc. Resources for journals like journal skins, buttons, and banners. Also free to use icons, page dolls etc also go here. (Not free to use icons, page dolls etc. go into their respective folders.)
:bulletgreen: Lineart
:bulletyellow: Literature - Texts: For poetry, fan fictions, stories, words, etc.
:bulletwhite: Memes - Sketches: Anything maybe unfinished, WIP, memes you would like to submit.
:bulletorange: Miscellaneous - Mixed Media: This is for mixed media i.e. traditionally drawn characters with a digital background, traditionally drawn picture with digital brushes etc.
:bulletpink: Nature - Landscapes: This is for plants, trees, clouds, landscapes etc.
:bulletpurple: Papercraft- Folding: Paper stars, paper cut outs, paper children, etc. Traditional only, since that's the only option you really have. haha^^
:bulletblue: Photography: Most pictures besides what is mentioned above (food, animals, nature, etc.). Maybe a picture of your favorite stuffed animal, maybe a picture of your cute baby cousin.
:bulletgreen: Photo Manipulation:
:bulletblack: Pixel Art: Please submit free to use pixel resources to the "Journal skins - Buttons - Icons - etc" folder.
:bulletwhite:Plushies - Amigurumi: Plushies or Amigurumi you yourself have made.
:bulletyellow: Products: Anything you wish to sell! Necklaces, charms, plushies, adoptables, ... basically this folder overrules any other folders if you wish to sell, whatever you are selling.
:bulletgreen: Screenshots:
:bulletorange: Songs: GIF's, flashes or images that include songs in it.
:bulletred: Stamps:
:bulletpink: Stationery - Calendar - Wallpaper:
:bulletpurple: T-Shirt Graphics etc.: Digital graphics like shirts, bags etc.
:bulletblue: The "UNSURE" Folder: If you're not sure what category your deviation falls into, submit it here and we'll move it into the correct folder.
:bulletgreen: Traditional Art: For all traditional art (painting, pencil works, colored pencil, markers etc.) besides fan art.
:bulletblack: Traditional Fanart: Traditional art that is not of your own character.
:bulletwhite: Tutorials:
:bulletyellow: Valentines Day: Valentines day related deviations.
:bulletorange: Well, that's that folks! Please join the group and have fun! Sit back, relax and enjoy.

:helpdesk: :star:Help:star: :helpdesk:

The nightmare of many deviants - a filled inbox! :fear:

Don't know how to fix this problem? You think leaving the group is the only way to stop this nightmare? :sniff: :saddummy:
Raindroppu has made 2 Tutorials only for you guys, showing how to stop receiving messages. :ohmygod:
Check them out here: tutorial 1 or tutorial 2 :hooray: :boogie: :happybounce: :squee:

Do you have any problems? :confused: Do you need help or just want to ask or suggest something? :cuddle: Please contact us!~~

Your Kawaii-World -Team~~ :community:

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3 Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3



Hello everyone~   :wave: by KlauS92

This journal keeps track of current contests from people and groups. If you want to promote your contest, comment on this journal or note the group or me, I'll add your contest to this journal. (Contests are sorted by deadline.)

If you do commissions and want to be added onto our list, comment on this journal or note the group or me. (It's only for members of Kawaii-World, otherwise this journal would be too long. If you closed your commissions or the link to it doesn't work anymore, I'll take you down from the list.)

:bulletred:Please fill out one of these forms, so it's easier for me to add you to the list!:bulletred:

contest form:
Description: (You don't have to write one, but it's always good to have a brief description.)
Info: (links to journals/deviations etc.)

commission form:
»Description: (You don't have to write one, but it's always good to have a brief description.)
»Info: (links to journals/deviations etc.)
»Examples: (only 1 or 2 thumbnails, there's a thumbnail limit on journals)

:bulletgreen:Contests of People (1)
:bulletorange:Contests of other Groups (1)
:bulletpurple:Commissions (73)
- point commissions (13)
- money commissions (35)
- points and money commissions (27, 1 new)


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of People Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:bulletgreen::iconmarichicha: Marichicha "All you have to do is drawing my characters Gonzalo and Guillermo on a date, it can take place anywhere and there can happen everything you want ( as long as it dont break the personalities of the characters) :heart:"
Theme: Pairing, love beetwen boys
1st place - A full colored full body drawing (maximum 3 characters) and a half body drawing full colored (maximum 2 characters).
2nd place - One full colored half body drawing (maximum 3 characters).
3rd place - Two full colored headshots
Info: journal
Deadline: Dec 10th, 2018


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreContest of other Groups Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

:bulletorange::iconfairy-tail-fc: Fairy-Tail-FC: "Fulfill missions from the REQUEST BOARD which will consist of several new missions (or prompts/tasks/jobs) every week (you can skip prompts). Fulfilling missions will earn you points which will decide who eventually advances to the next event."
Theme: fulfill any weekly prompts
Prizes: title in the group (S-Class Mage)
Info: journal
Deadline: started, buy you can join anytime


Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-LehreCommissions Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

(Some people on this list might not do commissions anymore or have changed them, because I can't keep track of every person/link. All links last checked on: Apr 27th, 2018)

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:point commissions:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:iconpacaora: pacaora:: "Chibis, OCs and pixel pagedolls :love:"
»Info: journal
»Prices: from 200:points: to 500:points: (depending on details)
»Examples: [F2U]Bnha: Pixel Doll Trio by pacaora  Youtubers : ALOLA by pacaora

:iconcreativity-dumpster: creativity-dumpster:
»Info: journal
»Prices: from 100 to 200 points
»Examples: trade-TsundereSprinkles by creativity-dumpster Fanart- Moon by creativity-dumpster

:iconhyvy: Hyvy: "I can draw cats wolwes ponys and humans but I do animations to"
»Info: Commision Even more updated
»Prices: 2 to 5000 points
»Examples: Joli flou by Hyvy Gift Zozo With Shade by Hyvy

:iconkaemcspadden: KaeMcSpadden: "Open for traditional and digital commissions."
»Info: on profile page
»Prices: on profile page
»Examples: Commission-Love at First Flight by KaeMcSpadden Lightning Mulan by KaeMcSpadden

:iconyinukume: YinUkume: "Point commissions are open! I take traditional and digital drawing requests :)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 500 - 1500:points:
»Examples: Poke-Pirate Cosplay Girl Piff by YinUkume

:iconsilentroce: silentroce:
»Info: journal
»Prices: 450 Points - 800Points
»Examples: Ahia James C: by silentroce Karyn C: by silentroce

:iconyoruni: Yoruni: "icons, page dolls, headshots and chibi"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 80 - 650 max (points)
»Examples: PC: Aiko Icon by Yoruni AT: New OC for Toki by Yoruni

:iconsjibbi: sJibbi
»Info: journal
»Prices: 1000+ points

:iconthisninjagoesmoo: ThisNinjaGoesMoo
»Info: journal
»Prices: 100 - 500 points
»Examples: Alice Madness Returns by ThisNinjaGoesMoo

:iconlawlawruu: Lawlawruu
»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 50 - 600 points
»Examples: Chibi Venusaur by Lawlawruu

:iconadeleeevee: AdeleEevee: "Looking for people to buy my cheap and varied commissions! All prices under 10:points:. I do humans and animals. Questions? Post a comment on the journal linked."
»Info: journal
»Prices: under 10 points
»Examples: OHMAIGLOBITSKIMBERLY!!! by AdeleEevee

:icontsiki10: Tsiki10
»Info: journal
»Prices: 10 - 150+ points
»Examples: Bronx Sisters by Tsiki10

:iconeduardathewolf: Eduardathewolf
»Info: on profile page
»Prices: 5 - 15+ points
»Examples: :REQUEST: Caramel dance by Eduardathewolf

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:money commissions:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

:iconsofiia-c: Sofiia-C:: "PayPal commissions in cute anime style!"
»Info: commission info
»Prices: 7 - 12€
»Examples: Sakura Hibiku by Sofiia-C Galaco by Sofiia-C

:iconthesmilingcatgifts: Thesmilingcatgifts:: "anime style chibi and regular styles with various backgrounds"
»Info: commission info
»Prices: 5 - 25$
»Examples: uni neon doughnuts by Thesmilingcatgifts Nope by Thesmilingcatgifts

:iconcrinuyi: crinuyi:: "Paypal commissions"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $4 (chibi), $6 (halfbody), $12 (fullbody)
»Examples: 3.33 by crinuyi orion by crinuyi

:iconarieoll: arieoll:: "Chibi to fullbody commission"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 2$ ~ 20$
»Examples: Red by arieoll Chibi-preview by arieoll

:iconmilkcrown: MilkCrown:: "Icons, Chibis and Pixel Pagedolls commissions"
»Info: points/paypal commissions
»Prices: 5$ ~ 20$
»Examples: Comm: C-orvus by MilkCrown Icon Commission Examples by MilkCrown

:iconganimishi: ganimishi:
»Info: pixel commissions
»Prices: 5$/25$
»Examples: Pixel doll 2 by ganimishi pixel doll 6 by ganimishi

:iconlittlepancake94: LittlePancake94: "I draw in anime/manga style, only cell shading at the moment."
»Info: journal

:iconimaranx: Imaranx: "Pixel pony animations ♥ Can do ANYpony. OC's and canons.
PS. I also have drawing commissions open. I can draw ANYTHING you want ♥
No limits on fetishes or anything. More info on my front page and you can always ask for more ♥
»Info: Pixel pony commissions OPEN!
»Prices: normal simple one is 5 euros. read more info from the journal ♥
»Examples: Twilight-sparkle-pixel animation by Imaranx Com:pixel animation 2 by Imaranx

:iconsanami-ich: Sanami-Ich:
»Info: [i]: potted flower pixel by plushpon Paypal Commission Info [i]: potted flower pixel by plushpon
»Prices: $20 - $40
»Examples: Rainy Day by Sanami-Ich AT - lmoodyart by Sanami-Ich

:iconberrysquid: berrysquid: "chibis, halfbody and fullbody~"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $14 - $50+
»Examples: Gift/Trade: Lumi by berrysquid T: Mellie and Milky by berrysquid

:iconlazy-time: lazy-Time: "anime/ cartoon style Paypal only"
»Info: deviation
»Prices: 10 - 20 USD
»Examples: I'm on fire !!! by lazy-Time Samus And Kirby by lazy-Time

:iconnami-love: Nami-LOVE: "I will be doing Paypal comissions in the style of PPG, Chibi and Anime for the sake for having money for my medicines and art supplies"
»Info: deviation
»Prices: see my comission page - 2$-25$
»Examples: Yoko! - AT with YokoKinawa - [SPEEDPAINT] by Nami-LOVE Cutie Bunny by Nami-LOVE

:icontaybabatool: taybabatool: "I have opened commission pre-orders on my etsy, I will be working on them as soon as i finish uni work, so make sure to book an early slot!"
»Info: etsy shop
»Prices: prices start at £12!
»Examples: oc drawong agen by taybabatool hungary chibi! by taybabatool

:iconmochibii95: mochibii95: "Chibi collab commission!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: single one 10$ / couple 20$
»Examples: Ho ho homo by Oriiwu

:iconfollowing-the-rabbit: Following-The-Rabbit: "I'm just a poor student who loves to create, and will draw anything for money"
»Info: journal
»Prices:  Prices start at $5.50 USD
»Examples: Springtime in Gensokyo by Following-The-Rabbit MIZUAME by Following-The-Rabbit

:iconhimikai-chan: Himikai-chan: "I do a variety from chibi to full body, and from sketches to fully colored! Plus animals/creatures!"
»Info: journal
»Prices:  $10 USD to $50 or higher
»Examples: Small Matters (Speedpaint Available) by Himikai-chan Chibi by Himikai-chan

:iconlunnie: Lunnie: "Polymer clay charms and pendants and custom plushies"
»Info: journal
»Prices:  Polymer clay - 3$ USD to 14$ USD / Plushies 15$ USD to 50$ USD or higher
»Examples: Commission - Duredhel by Lunnie Unicorn Pendant  Commission - K4tochan by Lunnie

:iconhanahello: hanahello: "waist-up moe commission"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $6 for doodle version and $15 for neat version
»Examples: Neat: Frosty-kyun by hanahello Doodle: Doodle Beb Aii by hanahello

:icondanielle-chan: Danielle-chan: "I do chibi's and full bodies, lot's of colors!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 1-3$
»Examples: Joy by Danielle-chan chibi 11th doctor by Danielle-chan

:iconmilliemouse579: milliemouse579: "Amigurumi Artwork (OC Dolls, MLP, Anime, Original, Accessories)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $20 - $55+
»Examples of smallest and largest  dolls: AT: Nila by milliemouse579 Champion of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon Amigurum by milliemouse579

:icondarkhhhhhh: DarkHHHHHH: "Chibi, Simple Color, Character, illustration."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 30 - 300 USD
»Example: Hestia by DarkHHHHHH Novel Cover : The Wizard's Loli by DarkHHHHHH

:iconnekowy: Nekowy: "I'm open with PONY COMMISSIONS(Because I think the people I do aren't good enough, but if you like the anime characters I make, send me a note and we'll see the prices :3"
»Info: journal and their website
»Prices: "I ONLY ACCEPT BY PAYPAL! $5 - $20 *with one character*"
»Example: Miku Pony - Fullcolor Sketch [''Commission''] by Nekowy Pinkie Pie (Sketch) - Party! [''Commission''] by Nekowy

:iconperfectpinkwater: PerfectPinkWater: "Chibi, full body, groups, comic, writing"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5-$15 (Paypal only)
»Example: 2014 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 4 by PerfectPinkWater My Little Mother 3: Friendship is Psychic by PerfectPinkWater

:iconarisa-chibara: arisa-chibara: "Chibis, Full Body, Half Body fanart or oc."
»Info: journal
»Prices: $25+ (paypal only)
»Example: Goldfish and Sakura by arisa-chibara Miku Keychain Sample (UPDATE) by arisa-chibara

:iconceresart: CeresArt: "Yoyo, I'm doing Chibi, Waist up and Full body (Paypal) commissions."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5 - 25€ / 6.82 - 34.10 USD

:iconsarsie: Sarsie: "I make needle felted figures, keychains, magnets, pins/brooches and bookmarks to a very high quality at very affordable prices! And here's a link to my Etsy site where you can check out the rest of my stock, and my customer reviews; I also ship worldwide."
»Info: basic pricing list, Etsy site
»Prices: 5 - 72€
»Examples: Needle Felt Hedwig Magnet Wearing Hogwarts Scarf by Sarsie OOAK Rise of the Guardians Sandman Needle Felt by Sarsie

:icontania-castillo: tania-castillo: "Hi! I'm doing pet's commision and chibi pets comissions, all in watercolors."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 15 - 95+ USD
»Examples: Cuchita by tania-castillo Amarillo by tania-castillo

:iconblackoutdoll: BlackOutDoll: "Open for any custom requests. I make clay jewelry, charms, keychains, deco den boxes, pixel perler bead, custom shoes, phone cases, etc. Money commissions only."
»Info: Etsy shop

:iconvenusrain: VenusRain: "I draw both traditionally and digitally, and offer commissions for a wide range of things, including animations. Feel free to approach me about commissioning any subject not explicitly forbidden in my commission info."
»Info: journal
»Prices:  5.00 - 75.00+ USD
»Examples: Orz Captain by VenusRain Aleksand of Puelath by VenusRain

:icongruviapon: GruviaPon
»Info: chibi commissions
»Prices: 5$+
»Examples: Commission: L a y l a . E v e r d r e a m by GruviaPon

:iconhappysmilegear: HappySmileGear
»Info: journal
»Prices: 4 - 15$+
»Examples: Kairi by HappySmileGear

:iconmasterplanner: MasterPlanner
»Info: amigurumi commissions
»Prices: 15 - 200 USD
»Examples: Flutterplushie by MasterPlanner

:icongwydionland: Gwydionland
»Info: journal
»Prices: 60+ USD
»Examples: Halloween Witch by Gwydionland

:iconseangelsaph: SeangelSaph
»Info: clay charms and drawing commissions
»Prices: 3 - 70 CAD
»Examples: May Masha ko by SeangelSaph

DarlingArmy is always open for commissions for custom cosplay aprons and pinafores!

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:points and money commissions:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:

:new::iconhiyirii: Hiyirii: "My pixel icon, pixel pagedoll, chibi and digital commissions are open if you are interested. I do humans / anthros / and some sonic and furry/animal/MLP characters!"
»Info: pixel icon commissions, pixel pagedoll commissions, digital art commissions
»Prices: points and paypal, both can also be combined
»Examples: C: HornedMoonOwl by Hiyirii Pixel icon batch [Commissions] by Hiyirii

:iconyuukiartda: yuukiartda: " traditional art ^^ with payment, i can ship the original art to you. accept points and USD through paypal, venmo, and artists&clients"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $4/400points ~ $30/3000points
»Examples: Let me go.... by yuukiartda Butler by yuukiartda

:iconellicoffee: ElliCoffee: "Anime Style Commissions ♥"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 3 - 35 USD / 300 - 3500 points
»Examples:   Beautiful As The Sunset by ElliCoffee Bubble by ElliCoffee

:iconkyokikitsune: KyokiKitsune: "Full body no background or shading"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 100 points or 1$ via paypal
»Examples: Mimi2 by KyokiKitsune Afia by KyokiKitsune

:iconcristidolly: cristidolly: "Anime style with pastel colors, soft-shading, fantastic backgrounds..."
»Info: commisson info, terms of services, commission form
»Prices: see this journal
»Examples: Lulu cheeb by cristidolly [OPEN YCH] Confident couple XY-XX by cristidolly

:iconthechaoticmuffin: TheChaoticMuffin:: "Point and Paypal are accepted, i do anything from sketches to full illustrations!"
»Info: commission info
»Prices: 2.37 to 36.35 USD +
»Examples: Bill Cipher [FanArt] by TheChaoticMuffin Need A Medic? by TheChaoticMuffin

:iconmerror-u: Merror-u: "anime style commission"
»Info: commisson info
»Prices: 100 to 5000 :points:
»Examples: Personal Artwork by Merror-u Traditional Trio! by Merror-u

:iconthe-inventress: The-Inventress: "Currently accepting commissions of close up and half body portraits of characters. All in semi-realistic style"
»Info: on profile page, commission rules
»Prices: 500+ points ($5) up to 1000+ points ($10) (prices can vary depending on complexity and number of characters)
»Examples: Pink Diamond by The-Inventress Cake Girl by The-Inventress

:iconkaiyaru: Kaiyaru: "drawing both humans and animals (traditional & digital)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: ranging from $3 to $35 (or more) (points accepted too)
»Examples: Reposeful by Kaiyaru Into the night by Kaiyaru

:iconlumangos: lumangos: "I do cheap sketch commissions and accept paypal/points.
More info in the journal and if you're interested I have other kinds of commissions open."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 300-900 points or 3-9 USD
»Examples: im tired too by lumangos Snow Filters Are Cute by lumangos

:iconestherella: Estherella: "Digital Artwork Character Commissions"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $10+ / 1000+ points
»Examples: Yummy! by Estherella Wreckage by Estherella

:iconalolan-vulpixy: Alolan-Vulpixy: "Hi there, I'm offering commissions done in a style similar to Pokemon or Animal Crossing but with my own sweet touch!"
»Info: You can read all about their commissions here: journal
»Prices: 1 character = $10/1000 points, 2 characters = $16/1600 points, and 3 characters = $24/2400 points. Prices include a simple patterned background.
»Examples: Who's that Pokemon? by Alolan-Vulpixy Tad and Kody by Alolan-Vulpixy

:iconluvyuu: LuvYuu: "Chibi Only Commissions"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5 - $13 (points & Paypal)
»Examples: Commission: Alcione by LuvYuu Request: Nya pt. I by LuvYuu

:iconantares25: Antares25: "Full Colored Chibi Commissions (mainly)"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5~$15 or 550~1500 points (depending on details)
»Examples: EE: Eclair Express Chibi Colle Set #1 by Antares25 Chibi Commission by Antares25

:iconkuri-nyann: Kuri-Nyann: "All with animestyle. Sketch (Shiny) for Bust/Chibi/Half.b/Full.b"
»Info: Point/Paypal Commision [OPEN]
»Prices: $10 - $55 / 1000 pts - 5500 pts
»Examples: [AT] Smart Witch! by Kuri-Nyann Commission - Chubby Smiley by Kuri-Nyann

:iconthan-wa: Than-wa: "Chibi ,head shot, half/full body"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $9 - $65 / 900 - 6500 points
»Examples: ALAN.Vampire by Than-wa Character_design 04 : Anya! by Than-wa

:iconsakuraalice33: SakuraAlice33: "Hello there, I offer cute pixel icons with an affordable price. :iconbunnyloveplz:"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 2.5$ or 250 points - 4$ or 400 points
»Examples: Sakuraalice33 by SakuraAlice33 Cake by SakuraAlice33

:iconestheryu: Estheryu: "high quality and full cutie~traditional and digital also can, hope you like my work!"
»Info: gallery
»Prices: Start from minimum USD20/ 1600 points now! (my effort depended how much you willing to pay)
»Examples: Mid Autumn Festival 2016 by Estheryu Comic fiesta by Estheryu

:icontrilled-llama: Trilled-Llama: "I specialize in cute pixel art, both points and paypal accepted"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $1.50 - $20.00/ 150 - 2,000 points
»Examples: Aqua Equos group icon by Trilled-Llama Honey Lemon by Trilled-Llama

:iconmoemacaron: MoeMacaron: "Only open during July, I'm currently taking pixel commissions!"
»Info: website or their profile page
»Prices: $9.50-$35 or 950-3500 points (Paypal and Points accepted)
»Examples: Pixel Doll Comm: Starsuchi by MoeMacaron Requests [1/2] by MoeMacaron

:iconmoonlight-fox: moonlight-fox: "I can do variety of art and I am very open minded about it"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $5-$15 / 680-2260 points
»Examples: Gaia Commission: SiegeDragomon by moonlight-fox VAJ: Sonika by moonlight-fox

●:icon: mengky335: "simple 200 x 150 pixel doll in chibi form"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5$/500pts
»Examples: Art Trade: Iris's Hito-chan19 by mengky335 Nana The Manananggal by mengky335

:iconyifeifei: yifeifei: "Hello everyone! I am accepting commissions to help me pay for my trip to Japan next year after I graduate high school. I have already save up about half of my money from working, but I still need help with paying for my plane ticket, accomodations, etc. Even just a favorite or a comment would make my day. "
»Info: journal
»Prices: $4USD to $20USD or 400 points to 2000 points
»Examples: Early Morning doodle~ by yifeifei Inktober #2: Elleanor by yifeifei

:iconnissanote: Nissanote: "i draw everything, from chibis to mecha. you can commish me both by money or points!"
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5- 10 USD / 500 - 1000 points
»Example: Poketrainer Gumi! by Nissanote

:iconmelisu: Melisu: "Animated chibi icons"
»Info: journal
»Prices: $3 or 300 points
»Example: Brave Frontier Elza Peeper Icon by Melisu COMM: Peeper Icons for GlitterBell by Melisu

:icondrabbitz: DRabbitz
»Info: journal
»Prices: $6.50 or 650 points
»Examples: pixel icon for my friends by DRabbitz my oc's icon : Feather by DRabbitz

:iconkfoxdoodles: KFoxDoodles: "Hi, I accept both points and money commissions."
»Info: journal
»Prices: 5$+ / 400+ points / 3£
»Examples: Chibi Adopts [OPEN] by KFoxDoodles


Have a nice day!
LiaLilie                  :iconkittydividerplz::iconkittydivider2plz::iconkittydivider3plz::iconkittydivider4plz::iconkittydividergreenplz:
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