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Doodle #83 (Aurora and Capella) by Wolf-Fram
Doodle #82 (Luna and Vega) by Wolf-Fram
Corvid Queen by Slave2Karma
Pocket Full Of Posies by Slave2Karma
Custom Design Commission: Lillian by TheRabbitFollower
Demon Girls Adoptable Batch 06 - Closed by minty-mango
7 Deadly Sins Adoptables Auction [OPEN - 2 LEFT] by TheRabbitFollower
Mix adopt pack #1 [ CLOSED AUCTION ] by Cogamori
Commission - Shantae Braixen by ZinZoa
Marceline by vlate
Monster Lane by douzocosplay
a bad pair by douzocosplay
Amber and Ami by NebbySan
Aiko by NebbySan
OC Redraw: Khari by NebbySan

Mature Content

A Quiet Place by NebbySan
Digital Art
Pastel nightgown circe by dxvildolll
Pix the demon clown by dxvildolll
Gyno by LiquidFrogStudios
Androgyne by Hih0shi
Kawaii AGH YCH- OPEN by Wishful-Krissy
YCH AUCTION - OPEN by Cogamori
Mini Chibi YCH- OPEN by Wishful-Krissy
Yui the Yandere! by Wishful-Krissy
Thank YOU for 300 watchers! (WIP) by LiquidFrogStudios
Yoshiko Shines! by Wishful-Krissy
Leana the Lemon Shark by Mattmankoga
19.12-2~What Can I Say, Second Time's the Charm by EyesofthePotato
Mixed Media Art
Succubus VR WIPLoneliness is a cruel mistress. Solitude can be a blessing and a curse for young men. On one hand, you have all the freedom in the world you didn’t have in childhood, you can make your own rules, go where you want, and earn your own money to spend on what you want. On the other hand, you have no one to spend that time, freedom, and money with. That sense of longing for companionship is the reason why humanity invented adult entertainment, to help pass the time while making young men feel important or needed by someone in a weird sort of way. With the modern age came a greater sense of voyeurism, as technology advanced to the point such entertainment is but a click away, and one can merely enjoy the show from the safety of that dark mirror. Ricky was a young man living alone in a one-bedroom apartment. He had a job, he had some money, but he didn’t like to go out much. His favorite pastime, if it can even be called that, is watching adult videos on the internet. This short, stubby, ill-kept man watched through his phone as attractive women far out of his league would undress and play with themselves for his enjoyment. And all of it was free, of course; one would be stupid to pay for this kind of entertainment. It was a Friday night, and Ricky was home alone as per usual. Once he had taken a quick shower and had a TV dinner after a long day at his IT job, he was finally ready for tonight’s festivities. He grabbed his fully charged phone and proceeded to his make a quick Google search for his favorite site. Once on, he quickly searched for the latest VR role-plays. He had gotten into those lately, watching the sexy anime girls play out their roles, appearing all around him as he turned and scanned his phone about to see where those girls would show up next. His search wasn’t long, however, for as soon as the page loaded with a bright flash of white before settling on the regular black and gold colors the website is known for, the top-rated new upload caught his attention by the name alone. The title of the video was oddly simple. Normally, videos would a title along the lines of “Busty MILF gets a visit from her neighbor,” or some crap like that. Not this video, however, it was just one word: SUCCUBUS VR. ‘That’s rather strange…’ Ricky thought to himself, staring at the video link which had no visible thumbnail nor preview when he slid his finger over it. It was just a black square with a white, square-shaped outline. Despite this, the name intrigued him enough to compel him to click it. He didn’t know why, Ricky couldn’t describe it, but it felt as though something was drawing him, calling to him to just CLICK ME. The next page loaded up, lagging just a bit which was weird because Ricky had the best internet service he could afford. The load-time for the video was just as odd, as it seemed to just sit and buffer for an eternity, the little white circle going around and around in that dark, voided background. Ricky could feel his heart racing, beating through his chest like a clawing creature fighting for release. It was partly due to anticipation, but also partly due to frustration, as the video just kept buffering, the little white circle going around and around like a hypnotist trying to put a spell on you or something. Ricky tapped his foot in a hurried state within his comfy slippers, his chapped lips formed a frown, as his arms were crossed and he was beginning to look red in the face. His breathing quickened, his annoyance and frustration boiling to the top. Ricky rolled his eyes through his thick-rimmed glasses and sighed in disbelief and annoyance at how long this video was taking to load (First world problems). With one last loud sigh, he firmly gripped his phone in one hand and was about to press the back key when the video popped to life; it was a freaking miracle. Yet although the video was playing, there was nothing but a black background. Ricky furrowed his brows in confusion and annoyance. Did he wait this long for nothing but a blank background? He thought this was outrageous! Suddenly, like how the video started playing, a series of lights, street lights, appeared to light up the void. It appeared as if Ricky was standing in a back ally. He could finally pan his phone from side to side, and he could see more of the environment. On the dirty brick walls, graffiti was everywhere. Most of it seemed like the usual gang-logos or random, meme-worthy words made to pop in that pop-art style. Others seemed to glow in a bright red or purple, illuminating the darkness a bit. Those words read along the lines of 666, Welcome to Hell, The Beast, Lust, Flesh, among others. Ricky was taking it all in, marveling at the impressive graphics when SHE phased into view right in front of him....
Fragile~ by Mellorine91
CatrArtist~ by Mellorine91
Scorpia Diva~ by Mellorine91

Mature Content

Angler mermaid by ZaubererbruderASP

Mature Content

Cathyl from Monster Musume Commission by holybasilbuddy

Mature Content

Demon Domination by holybasilbuddy

Mature Content

Much More Appreciation by holybasilbuddy
Pixel Art
Winter pony (2017) by IrisBlue16

Mature Content

Veja the Zommmmbieee! [T] by Wishful-Krissy
Melody-- Now in Technicolor! [PRIZE] by TheRabbitFollower
Navi Pagedoll F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl
Claire by vlate
Traditional Art
MerMay 2021 #3 - Red Catfish Mermaid by Spinosaurus-Fan
Halloween Contest OPEN
Marinette Dupain Cheng - Chinese style by Cogamori
Digital Art II
Lady D by TheRabbitFollower

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Hey y'alls, so word on the street is that our 'Digital" folder done got filled. Holy wow! Thank you everyone for sharing your work here! We certainly could not have done it without you.

I have made a new 'Digital' folder, so please do continue sharing your work with us!

Lemme know if anything else needs maintained, Dat'bat out!
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