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Halloween Kitties Flash Sale! by AliceUndrground
Kaonashi (Faceless) by Maximilien-Serpent
Black Halloween Skitty by Ailinn-Lein
Black Dragon with Faux-Dichroic Pumpkins by HowManyDragons
Artisan Craft
(open)action by BlackCoffee006
Kai'sa  K/DA League of Legends by DancingWithHandsTied
[CLOSED] YCH #12 by Reilixin
CLOSED|Adoptable #4 [AUCTION] Weeping Willow by Reilixin
Digital Art NEW
[OPEN]Auction GX#02 Half red dragon girl by torushiro
April Showers [+video] by The-Marshmallow-Fox
Vilaka [c] by RustSR
Lusnarie [c] by RustSR
Traditional art NEW
Cross Earring by Bananomynous
Espeon by LadyKaya333
[YCH - 7] Star Light - OPEN by TheTrash-KingWolf
[Closed] Silver Angel - Adoptable #16 by Eloru
Mixed Media
Open~| Adopt Auction #154 | SB 100$ by Dreaming-Witch
adopt CLOSED auction by SkylarMeaw
chibi adopts open 1\8 by sssoddda-adopts
Pixel Art and Avatars new
[CLOSED]ADOPT AUCTION Number:27 by takuma12
Rabbit and the Fox Mooncake Festival by JonWKhoo
Team ZacBlue by JonWKhoo
Photography new
Untitled by AlinaOchpochmak
YCH auction [closed] by AlinaOchpochmak
T: lio by okiyone
sleepy again [commission] by macaarons
Flash and Animations
[CLOSED] YCH#39-40 by Qydhana
Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by xinxinshi
[open] Adopt Auction #3 by Neko4ka21
[open] Adopt Auction #5 by Neko4ka21
Literature and Journal entries
[adopt open] magic goat. PP ONLY by babyhoshii
Adopt auction [closed] by AlinaOchpochmak
adopt OPEN 10$ by SkylarMeaw
Outfit [OPEN] SETPRICE115-117 by AnpleOR
Digital Art FULL
Original - Saeko by Gotenkai
Bubblegum and Marzipan part 3 Page 3 coloured by Foxhatart
.:Evelyn Portrait - Anime:. by Mdleine
Digital art FULL
AT : pouty cotton candy by Vegeebs
Digital Art full
AT: [ Someone-chan ] by nemuui
Digital art FULL
Auction #20 closed by knotnautical
Digital art FULL
Tattletail OC YCH- Classic Standing by AdorkableMarina
Traditional Art full
Mayta by ColinTheNewfie1
Digital Art full
[COM] Celia by BrownBlurry
Digital Art FULL
Pixel Art and Avatars FULL
-C O - P U R R - by Kinevx
Digital art FULL
[C] Tenshilove by Nay-Hime
Photography last of 2015
CODE REALIZE- Cardia 2 by vanikachan
Digital Art, last fill of 2015
Experimental Chibi Style by wendyinwonderland
Digital Art full
Aura-G by Z-Gears
Artisan Craft, full oOo
Digital art full
Chibi Lenny by Nuku-Niku
Traditional Art full
Crazy Watercolors Detail by Kyaroline
Digital Art full
SoA: Animus Academy - Rue te HS girl by NaruRuna
Digital Art, full
Wateva by L1SKA
Digital Art full
Team Chu by Veemonsito
Digital Art full
World Cup Girls - Spain vs Australia by CherryInTheSun
Digital Art full
Gift for Cookie-chan :3 by Simix3
Traditional Art, FULL
Elf WIP by AddyinWonderland
Digital Art, FULL
Digital Art FULL, TOO
Mewka by Melody-in-the-Air
Artisan Craft and Merchandising FULL TOO
Rasta horse be jammin' by magpie89
Digital Art FULL
Shabetto and her butterfly by Zelbunnii
Digital Art FULL TOO
Nyan Nyan Nyan by saaki-pyrop
Traditional Art FULL
Digital Art FULL AS WELL
Toon Zelda by Zelbunnii
Digital Art and Flash FULL
Meww by Chibidachi
Artisan Craft and Merchandising FULL
.: Ribbon Straps :. by moofestgirl
Kawaii Explosion
Contest Winner: ID by kawaii-explosion



These are our cute cute buddies!
Go share some love!


Hope you had fun!!! Get ready for the upcoming holidays, too!

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The club rules:

:bulletpurple: This club is still alive and active! Keep feeding us with your cutest art!

:bulletpurple: You can submit art as long as you're a member, no need to be a contributor! Just click on Join and you'll be ready to go! :giggle:

:bulletpurple: We're all friends here! Affiliates of all kinds can approach this club, unless its purpose focuses on mature thematic content. Sometimes, things can be not cute at all. :faint:

:bulletpurple: Brief explanation of the Folders:
Hover your cursor over the text and you'll see!
Digital Art
Traditional Art
Artisan Craft
Pixel Art and Avatars
Flash and Animations
Mixed Media

:bulletpurple: Conditions to submit! As long as it is cute by your standards!
  Each folder in the gallery has a submission limit of 5 deviations per week. There's an additional 10 spaces in our Favourites (a general category for all media), so feel free to submit art to both!
  Please, no stolen art. I'm sure you can do something cute yourself!
If it's gore/mature we'd rather you don't submit it. Not all of us are adults :noes:!
  You can submit it to the correct folder, but if you mess up and can't fix it, drop a message! :D
  You can also submit to the favourites instead of the gallery. It's an option if you reach the post limit for the usual gallery (which is five deviations per week) and still want to submit art, too! (the faves are limited up to ten deviations per week)

:bulletpurple: This group is not a supergroup, therefore we can't do cool stuff (e.g. cool features), so please refrain from sending messages to promote your art by any other means than the usual gallery. You can send 'em, but I won't be able to do much with them.
On the other hand, the comments section of our front page welcomes all your posts. It's even encouraged to show your contests or causes there!

:bulletpurple: If there's any problem, drop a message, comment, note or whatever so I can help you! I'll do my best to solve the issue ASAP. :)
Suggestions, questions or other things they might be, please be polite! It's a great thing to have manners and a super helpful skill to put to use in the future.


~See ya! :wave:

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