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Fairy Tail Chibi Sketches by Kawaii-Dream
Knite and Serina chibis by Kawaii-Dream
Shioko and Max Chibis by Kawaii-Dream

★ Opening chibi commissions ★

  • Price: 15 USD / 12 EUR / 1500 dA Points per chara
  • Original characters or fan art
  • Postcard image file 600dpi 1651x1651 pixels

★ Rules ★ 

  • Send me a note [dA user: kawaii-dream] or email me at with the details of the picture: number of characters, type of drawing and character references. And specify an e-mail to deliver the commission, and your Paypal username/e-mail.
  • With the details confirmed by both parts it’s payment time! I will send you a payment request through paypal.
  • Once payment is confirmed, I will start with your commission, first with a sketch that I will send to you for your approval after which I will continue until it is finished. 
  • Open to draw ero content, nothing extreme. Nudity is ok.
  • I have the right to refuse a comission if I don't feel confortable with the theme or I consider I won't be able to do a good job.
  • It's for your personal use only, I'll submit the pic in my gallery and you'll receive the high quality version.
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