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I am not dead! I've been far more active on Paigeeworld than I have on DA, and I'm sorry for that! I think I was just feeling pretty drowned out here, and uninspired. It wasn't until that I looked back and felt, I really wanted to go back to these two! I love my Xiao-jin pairing! And if you're wondering, yes, her @$$ is way too big haha! I just wanted to update my art on here, and draw some more of them. I know I should do more fan art, and I will! 

Also, sorry if my Shattered Memories manga has been postponed. I've been working on my actual web manga over on K-crush called Androsia! I'm hoping I can do a proper Xiaojin comic some time again for you guys! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I'll probably be posting more to my Instagram as well

stargoddesskotou is my IG name. So feel free to follow! <3 Let's spread the OTP love!
Sorry I haven't been as active on here guys! I'm way more active on Paigeeworld if you want to follow me there! Come join the biggest contest yet at
Hey guys, I'd like to take a second to point out that this entry will have spoilers of the game's story, along with a ton of my thoughts and ideas. So, if you haven't played the game or haven't finished story mode and all the character episodes and you want to remain unspoiled, I'd suggest not reading any further. Alright, with that disclaimer said, let's get into the meat of this!


First and foremost, I'd like to say that this game, was as every bit of awesome as I knew it would be! The fighting is so much fun and playing through story mode felt pretty immersive. The one solid thing that bothered me the entire time playing through the story was however....


Could they have picked a more droll, uninterested sounding VA? The man came to find his home burned to the ground, losing his whole family and sounded completely disinterested! You'd think when you say "I found everything burned to the ground, I had lost everything." That you'd say it with Feeling, emotion, to sound devastated, not like someone who was bored and reading out lines. That guy had NO soul, which made you feel unsympathetic, and more annoyed with him than anything. Most people thought that he was a useless faceless man, who could have been omitted and while I agree he wasn't at all interesting or, well anything, I understand the reason for a '3rd' party to relay to us what's happening on both sides. To be honest, I would have preferred and could honestly see, Lei Wulong being the detective in this case and going back and forth trying to get down to the point. THAT would have made more sense to me than...this man. Ugh!

Despite his annoying voice and voided soul, I went into this game with extremely high hopes that once and for all, we will see who comes out victorious through this three way battle between the Mishima family. We were going to see the origins of Devil, find out Akuma's ties, and maybe, just maybe, end the story; afterall, they said it was the end to the Mishima saga. If you were like me, and thought all of these things, you might find yourself a bit disappointed. Here are my thoughts of what I discovered playing the game.

#1. Jin

I know what many are saying "they delivered exactly what was promised, the fight between Kazuya and Heihachi, the Mishima Saga came to an end." And to you I'd say 'You're right! They finished that long battle...however they made it sound like it would be the end of the battle between ALL 3 fighters, and one way or another conclude this ongoing fight.' In many of the trailers, they showed, Heihachi, Kazuya AND Jin. In Tekken Blood Vengeance, (I know it was only partially cannon) the fight was between all three of them. In Tekken 4, it was Jin, Heihachi and Kazuya. The three of them had their beef with each other, and yet, Jin was completely omitted in this case. He spent most of his time unconscious until the very end, after the credits, he walks up and states that HE will be the one to kill Kazuya.

The ending left me feeling like this wasn't the conclusion I had hoped it to be. If anything, they should have said "The battle between Heihachi and Kazuya will finally come to it's conclusive end." (Ok, I know that's a much longer title than conclusion of the Mishima saga) but STILL. Many others, including myself, wanted to see Jin's role in all of this. We wanted to see Jin rise from the ashes and take a part of this battle that no doubt has included him since his beginning, but he was out of it most of the time. In the end, Lars tells Jin that he's the one who sent the world to hell, now it was his chance to save it and put a stop to the war he started. Jin acknowledges that he has the devil's blood coursing through his veins, and rather than sounding disgusted by it, seems to come to terms with it, and states he must be the one to kill Kazuya.

THE END. Yep. That's it'. Kazuya kills Heihachi, throws him into the Lava, and now it's Kazuya and Jin, both halves of the Devil, now they have to duel it out, but you don't even get to see that! Jin may not have Mishima in his last name, but there's no doubt he has the Mishima blood in him, and he would be fighting Kazuya MISHIMA. So...I feel the "Mishima Saga" isn't totally over, unless they meant it more as the father and son grudge between Heihachi and his son. Maybe now it's the "Devil Saga"? Either way, it took 10 years for Tekken 7 to come out after 6, with one game in the middle that came out, with TTT2 coming out 4 years after 6. Judging from that, it would be 2021 till Tekken x Streetfighter and 2027 till Tekken 8 if they continue that path! AGH!! I just can't wait 10 whole years to see the next CHAPTER in the game. ;-;

#2. Kazumi

In the game, Heihachi sits you down and explains where it all started. It's like every cute love story: Boy trains in his dojo, girl spars and trains with him, they grow up together and fall in love and have a happy family. Then Girl goes after her husband with intent to kill him because, that's why she married him in the first place, yes, it's a classic love story.

Honestly, I was a little confused, and maybe it might just be me, but I don't understand why Kazumi flipped. Her clan apparently had this 'devil gene' within her, and their sole mission is to rid the world of 'scum'. She somehow, before any of it happened, KNEW that Heihachi and Kazuya would bring the world to ruin? She wanted to kill the man she married and their son together because they would destroy the world, and she knew of this before hand? When Heihachi even questioned her about it, she said "What do you think I married you for?" Meaning, she had to have known this before she even married him? Then WHY would she bother having a child with him if she knew she was going to kill her husband and her son? It seemed that she loved Heihachi, but she said it was fate, that she had to take him out. Honestly, in my opinion, if she hadn't gone batshit crazy and turned into the devil, he probably would have been fine! Maybe it was something she couldn't help? It did sound like it came upon her all of a sudden and then she came to, she didn't remember any of it. It's really hard to tell with that.

#3. Lars

Can we just take a moment to note that Lars's soul reason of existence is because Heihachi knocked up a woman to prove he didn't have the devil Gene within him? Yeah...that's pretty messed up....XD

#4. Akuma

Akuma's appearance in the story line lead many fans to wonder and theorize what connection he had to the Mishima family and to Kazumi. Honestly, the game didn't really give you any indepth reasoning. Akuma owed a debt to Kazumi and said he'd carry out her wish to kill Kazuya and Heihachi. That was it. He didn't say what kind of debt, why he owed this debt, or how he even KNEW Kazumi. What you saw in the trailers is pretty much all you get. He fights Heihachi and Kazuya, and despite how much they ask for answers, they don't get much. It...almost felt unnecessary, story wise, to throw him in there when they could have omitted that part out. That being said, I thought it was kind of a cool idea and that was an interesting way to introduce a new character (maybe even test out how Tekken x Street Fighter would look) but from a story view, I wish they would have done more.

#5. Claudio

Harada and the others had said that they wanted to create a group of soldiers that could defeat the devil and wipe out the devil gene, but instead of a whole group they created one man, Claudio. Claudio has the power to defeat the devil! CLAUDIO CAN TAKE OUT DEVIL. It was such a big thing to put in, yet his whole part in the game was little more than, "here is Kazuya, work with Me (Heihachi) and I can destroy him." That...was it. He didn't fight anyone other than Heihachi, he didn't have much of a point, and didn't have his exorcism powers utilized. It made me wonder, why did they throw in Claudio when they hinted that there was something about the Kazama bloodline that could 'remove' the devil gene? And if you play Claudio's character episode, you learn that he's got something up his sleeve, that he plans to lure (at least Jin) out and get rid of the devil within him.

This honestly got me excited! I thought, "Oh my God, Jin could be cured of his curse?! Could Claudio be the answer he had long awaited?" Hell, he could possibly even take the Devil out from Kazuya, which would either...Kill Kazuya or maybe take away that side of him, leaving him and Jin, only human. Either way, he didn't get much use within the story. =/

#6. Character Episodes

This was one of the more, disappointing parts of the game. The character episodes were just that, small, little episodes that left you more curious than feeling that they accomplished or, did anything they set out to do. If anything, I feel a couple of them could have been moved into the main story and would have made perfect sense. Win or lose, many of them had the same outcome, which wouldn't have impacted the story in any negative way, only helped to progress it.

Like Hwoarang for instance: He meets Devil Jin in the middle eastern Market, they have their battle, and then they're attacked by the Tekken Force and Hwoarang pushes him out of the way. This happens in his win/lose battle, so they could have easily put that in before Lars comes in to try and save Jin. Same thing with Xiaoyu and Claudio. If Xiao win's, Claudio agrees to have her join him, saying "I was hoping you'd say that", in a very sinister way. If Claudio wins, he looks to the unconscious Xiaoyu and states that he would have her join him, because she would make an excellent bait for his prey. They could have easily put that into the story since it happened during the part where Heihachi mentioned Jin and Kazuya. So yeah, it would have been nice to see some of the characters get a chance within the main story since their story was technically tied to it, especially Xiaoyu!

And while I'm on the subject, let's talk about Xiao~

I was so nervous and excited because I thought she was going to play a part in the story, it sounded as if she was going to get her chance to do something and actually approach Jin, but it fell flat. Yeah, it's a bit upsetting, but her character episode seems to hold promise for the next game anyway. Win or lose, it has the same ending, which makes me believe that canonically, Claudio recruits Xiaoyu in his attempt to take out Jin and Kazuya. If this is true, the next part of the story is going to hopefully give her a pretty major role! If she willingly goes with Claudio, what would happen? Would she join him in searching for Jin, and try to approach Jin and stop him from killing Kazuya? We all know that Xiao wants to STOP Jin, and what most people don't like about her is that she's always trying to get in Jin's way. People HATE Xiaoyu because she's constantly searching for Jin, because she wants to stop him...from doing something bad. Xiaoyu knows if Jin goes through with killing Kazuya, he would lose his humanity, he would end up just like the very devil he tried to avoid becoming. Xiaoyu may be a bit naieve, but she's not stupid. She knows that there's dangers and she knows that he has to do right, but killing and going through these ways of his isn't the right way. Would she willingly let Claudio attack Jin? Would she try to reason with him? Would Claudio just use her to track him down and then attack Jin?

What if he has her as some sort of captive and broadcasts to Jin that in order to save her, he has to come get her? Granted, it would be cool as HELL to see Jin go after Claudio to save Xiaoyu, but we all know Xiao isn't that weak. Maybe he might say that he has her, obviously he wants to use her as bait to get to Jin, so Claudio knows that Xiao must mean SOMETHING to Jin to use her as such. Either he would have to go and save her, or perhaps, like Anna did with Xiaoyu in Blood Vengeance, use her to keep tabs on where she is, so when she finds Jin, he knows how to get to him. Either way, there's so much potential and I hope that somehow, they explore the opportunity! I hope in the next storyline, she finally gets to have her hand in 'saving Jin'. Those two have been fighting for a means to an end for so long, always missing their goal, always running in circles and finding more obstacles in their way, I just want them to finally be happy! Maybe Claudio can rid Jin of the devil within him, maybe Xiao will fight and challenge him like he said in Blood Vengeance and help him. Either way, I think it's time she gets her chance to have a pretty big role! I just hope, she doesn't die!


Well, those were some of my thoughts on what I experienced. Other than those little nitpicks, I LOVED the game! It was a long time, but so amazing! The smooth transition from the cinematics to the fighting made this so great. The music was deep and immersive, the clips of flashbacks during intense moments made it feel like you were watching a movie while playing and tugged at all your heart strings. Other than the few gripes I had with the story, I loved this game, and I will continue to love Tekken! It's been with me since I was 9 years old and I am 30 now. I hope I won't be 40 to see how it all ends and actually get to see the real conclusion sometime soon. It would be amazing if the rest was in DLC, but I guess we have to wait for the 8th installment.


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I'm an art enthusiast! I love seeing pictures come to life and making others feel and see things the way they've never expirienced before. I'm schooling to better myself for my career though many of the things I have learned were outside of the classroom by studying from other artists, and practicing on my own. For as long as I've known, drawing has been a way for me to escape the real world and enter my own fantasy where I can express to others how I feel, or what I see in this faux world of mine. I've been drawing and painting since before I've known (Seriously, my pairents have it on VHS where they bought me a canvas as I took out my brush and yelled "I'm going to be an artist!" I had to be about 5) My biggest dream is to have others expirience what I do, to bring them into my world and let them remember my stories.


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