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Wally: Remastered

By kawacy
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Wally from Pokemon ORAS
Revisit of 2014 old Wally drawing
2014 version:
Um... I... by kawacy
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© 2016 - 2021 kawacy
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this work is lovely 
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dayum Wally 👏👏
I really love the way you colored this-
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I love Wally, I love Ralts, I love Gardevoir, and I love this drawing! So cute I am a dummy!
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If I was ever in the pokemon world and I helped Wally catch his pokemon I would say
"That pokemon looks like you! Small and cute."
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That's amazing!!! :D
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Grr my Raltzs...but can't get angry at this face Blush-Small 
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oh jesus the way you colour is stunning
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In Spain, my country, he's called Blasco XD
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Yes!!! He's my childhood crush >////<
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Oh my gosh!! <3

Mi childhood crush it's kaiketsu Zorori >///<
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ahh how cute~ I love the pokémon in the background ;u;
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*aggressive fangirling*
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So hot xD ;3 can I eat him
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Careful you might burn your tounge xD
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oh my gawwwd :'D so so awesome! and i love wally, and how you met him in the game xD the whole thing!
you made the eyes so damn beautiful :) great work!
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Oh my god :heart: Wally has always had a special place in my heart, I've always wanted to be his senpai :'D
He turned out very nicely, as did his pokemon!!
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