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Vampire Husband

when your husband is a vampire
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Ai ai, imagino cada susto que ela deve ter com ele andando nas paredes e teto! Esse Caleb é muito engraçado, penso nele ansioso com a gravidez, e por isso ficava andando por todos os lados, enquanto ela assistia hihi.

Adorei a ideia, nada mais clássico do que o vampiro pendurado de ponta cabeça, o morcegão das trevas, o maior e mais bonitos de todos, o marido da May!

Gosto da expressão dela, cheia de surpresa, o rosto corado, muitas sensações passa essa cena, assim como ele todo galante achando super normal o que está acontecendo. Tudo uma graça, muito legal ficar pensando no dialogo que poderia vir após isso.

Parabéns por sempre trazer coisas bonitas para nós, os dois são sempre uma alegria pra mim. Estou ansiosa por mais coisas, mais historias e aprender mais sobre eles.

Se cuide Kawa ♥ que você e sua família esteja bem!

excited happy

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Indeed poor May she's so surprised XD but your take on the scene is actually very sweet and has inspired me.

That's Caleb in character in general, very caring of her and don't want anything happen to her. :love:

Hell yes, bless you for loving the classic vampires like this!

May's so lucky to have him flexing on her~ it's kind of nice to see him show off his power.

I could imagine all the dialogues that would come after this scene yes! One thing for sure, it's going to be cute. :happybounce:

Thank you too for always taking your time and drop a reply on my work! It means the absolute world to me, and you know that. Bless you and stay safe :hug:

I will do my best to share more of them for you ~:heart:

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Agreed :XD: Stop flexing Caleb we get that you defy gravity

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That’s why she was such lucky have a charming Husband. :kiss:

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Okay, thinking back to your old artwork at the time of creepy pastas and stuff, and even just 2 years ago

You have made such a huuuuuuuuuuuge improvement in ambiance and lighting, probably somewhere else but I am STILL fixating on your Godly Lighting

Also, do you have those two in sims version somewhere? I am 100% sure they are far more handsom and cute in your art, but I'm just so curious to see them in their actual sims form

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Ah yesss, I still love creepy pastas to this day sadly I don't have time to draw them as much as before TvT because of my tight schedule but thank you so much for your compliment! They give me motivation and confidence! I can't thank you enough! :hug:

Of course I do still have the screenshots of them from the game:


and here:

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I'm glad if that could make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to go further with all that

oooh this is some heavily moded sims game XD

thank you, I really prefer how you draw them x)

do you still continue to play them from time to time?

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Thank you so much!! :hug:

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Beautiful! I love everything about it <3

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Thank you for liking! I'm happy :love:

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Thank you as always!! :huggle:

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Beautiful 🥰😍 They both look wonderful ❤❤

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Thank you so much!! It means a lot :hug:

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:0 Another piece so quickly! I'm not complaining, this is better than gold!

Not going to lie, I had to tilt my head to see some of this lmao! Caleb's VERY skilled, it seems! What's so interesting about this piece is that you can actually turn it upside down and notice different things about it. For example, I was able to see the details in the upper right with a different perspective (maybe we should all be like Caleb and look at life at a different angle XD).

I want his clothes, hands down. God, he looks so good in everything! The deep red tones in the jacket and hinted in his hair bring out his eyes on his pale skin even more. The metallic colors glinting in the light add interest to him as well. It's also so fascinating that you made his pants kinda fade into a lighter color and kept his upper body more saturated, that brings our eye to him more. His jacket lights up in the back so it frames his darker figure. Seems as though May is being shown up XD But her wearing his other jacket just ties her in with everything, like Caleb may be taking the stage but she's not going to be ignored! But she also seems like she wasn't expecting such a surprise! Her expression is so precious with how surprised she looks. Kinda like "oh, I didn't expect you!"

I love the little details you add. In May's hair there's these highlights that have rainbow tints, her dress has brighter highlights at the edges so you can see clearly where they are, the flower petals are a scattered red that make everything even more uniform (and ironically some of them even look like hearts). Even the green plants in the background compliment the more red palette (and don't think I didn't notice those highlights on those leaves!). And the little bats in the background are adorable! There's just so much to look at and get from this picture. I love the characters, but my favorite in this piece is actually the composition. It kinda reminds me of a tarot card! There's this asymmetrical yet nearly mirrored symmetry going on? The upper right fits the lower left well, May is upright at the bottom right while Caleb is upside down in the upper left, May has more plants saturated on her side while Caleb's side is more open and batty. Honestly I think you could do tarot card illustrations wonderfully :heart:

It seems as though May has a bit of a baby bump :heart: I wonder how far along she is?? Perhaps Caleb is popping up like this to check on her and make sure she's doing alright. Or maybe he's just easing her a little bit :)

I'm always happy to see your works. I admire your skills to do lighting and stories the most (and you are so good with hands it's ridiculous XD). You make worlds so....augh, I don't even know how to explain it! Like when I watch Ghibli films they always draw me in with the visuals and world building, but they also give me goosebumps. Your pieces give me that kinda feel, with this longing to be part of this beautiful creation yet getting goosebumps with just how pretty it is. It's embarrassing but I get teary at pretty things -_-' I really hope that you go far with your art. The world really needs to see it.

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Omg it's even longer than before! XD Thank you so much for taking your time to write all these! It's really sweet actually and they make me emotional every time, but I don't regret a second of it, I'll gladly read and reread your replies! :hug:

Indeed Caleb he's flexing in this one lmao! Sorry that you had to tilt your head to see him. It's so nice to see it from a different view and perspective for sure.

Couldn't agree more, while I look like a potato in any clothes lol. So lucky to be him, good looking, sophisticated, looks good in anything~

Thank you for the analysis on the lighting and the details too! It means a lot to me since I've spent a lot of time painting them little by little.

She wasn't expecting him to be there yes. That's why she looks startled. I think it's a cute surprise though! He might've just been worried about her and the baby, who knows. One thing for sure, he's kind of flexing his power here haha :clap:

Thank you for the analysis on May's part too! I didn't even think about a tarot card when drawing this but now that you mention it, you're right! It kinda looks like a tarot card when you see the picture as a whole.

Thank you so much again for the compliment! I will consider to draw more illustrations with tarot card-like composition if you say so~:heart:

Bless you for noticing the baby bump too! Hopefully we'll get to see their baby soon

Yesss, that's what I'm talking about. He might've just checked up on her it's actually sweet ^^:heart:

I'm happy to see you in the reply as well, so the feelings are mutual! Aww, I'm probably nowhere compared to Ghibli but that just gave me motivation and confidence! Thank you so much for that!

Hell you give me emotional goosebumps too with your choice of words and kindness. I'm sad that English isn't my first language so sometimes my actual feelings can't be expressed through my words. :cries: But hopefully you know how thankful I am to have your love and support on this! :huggle:

Bless you. The world actually needs people like you, full of love and positivity.

Stay safe and see you on the next one!

I look forward to read more of your replies. :hug::heart:

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love this!! Caleb is so cool! 💖

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Thank you so much for liking it! And yes bless that man :dummy:

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he's the best boi uwu

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"sup abe, wachu readin" xD

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Accurate :XD: damn Caleb is flexing

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