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Under the Sky

Summer 2017 NERO CLAUDIUS.
based on her official Final Stage Ascension design in Fate/Grand Order

since I was such unlucky depressing potato for I didn't roll her in the game, thought I'd just draw the hell out of her...:tears:
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I am saving up Quartz and tickets. I am preparing to open the floodgates on purchased Saint Quartz. Nero Bride may have eluded me, but I have hope for Caster Umu! 

And when my Gacha 'Luck' crushes my hopes and dreams and lays the shattered remnants of my fondest wish for Caster Nero, I can at least console myself with this excellent piece of art.
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Really great here! So wonderful seeing this^^ I hope you'll do some sword fighting scenes one day, it's up to you~
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I love your draw.
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Wonderful and fantastically well done, looks beautiful and kawaii. Clap :D (Big Grin)  
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wow the background is amazing!
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Would you be mad if I told you I rolled her with a free ticket, but I am so focused on Arthurlia that I haven't really put any resources into her yet?
Awesome picture tho... Now I really feel like raising her to final ascension stage...
(Then again I kinda burnt all of my gold saber statues for raising Attila and Saber... farming those things are the biggest pain in the ass...)
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does anyone know how to make that lighting effect? ^ - the light spots that have blue/red coating? that makes it look almost blinding? ;v; 
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Wonderfull *-* What a Dream I Like Your wonderfull Pictures (6/5*) <3 
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sooo beautiful *__*
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Beatiful job!!! Hermoso trabajo!!!!
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Amazheng! ~ love the way anime pronounces English the same as I love this picture, its kawaii
can i use this for my youtube channel? i will add a link to your deviant profile and gallery
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You have amassed a great deal of truly admirable artwork. The lighting, composition, and pose are superb and the personal art style works well. Excellent job.
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This is a phenomenal drawing, oh my gosh! Great job!!! :D Your art really inspires me to do better and get better at my art and study more!!!
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Of course she is amazing as heck - but I'm more in awe with the background. It's so.. so serene I guess. Great work !
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She looks incredible. I really must watch Fate Grand Order sometime.
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Your painting style is so amazing, the colors and the feeling themselves are like really calm. Love it!
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Every time I see your artwork I have to look at each part of the page. Corner to corner, I must remember all the beauty.
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the coloring is so gorgeous ;A;
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