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apparently y'all like seeing him pissed off
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One of the greatest!

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Just one word: BEAUTIFUL

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Caleb: Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
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The girl in the picture:

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Oh jeez, that's beautiful! I love the contrast between him and his girl, it's so amazing! And her tears look like small diamonds ~

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As much as I'm trying to remain professional and provide a positive comment, you've reduced me to pathetic fan-girl over a game i don't even play.

T_T Thanks? Yes... thank you. Thanks to you i have to clean my keyboard- take that as awful or positive as you want :lmao:

It's been a while since i've done a Onionhead Nosebleed - Onion head face here on DA... years to be exact XD

Kudos, your vampire is both properly intimidating (Bless you for that) and sexy as hell- mostly because (to me) he's become that way to protect her innocence. I find it absolutely beautiful that he would become the very thing he never wants her to become, just to keep her the way she is, perfect in his eyes. :heart: GORGEOUS art that always makes me think to myself for a moment, and in that moment i find a peace of mind and joy in an otherwise sh*tty day =D

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Thank you for making my day with your comment omg.. :heart: I will take ALL of it as compliments of course! It means the absolute world to me! :cries: Bless your kind soul.

It's always nice to introduce a fandom to friends! And no worries, I am a potato and a huge pathetic fanboy myself so we can always fanboy/fangirl together.

When I first shared their story, I really didn't expect many people would care so much for them.. it was my comfort characters after all. I feel really blessed!

He's very protective of her but I don't blame him as human lives are very fragile unlike immortals.

But lucky for her indeed to have someone who'd give her the world and would not let anyone/anything harm her :heart: I'm kind of jealous lol.

I hope for no more sh*tty days for you! I wish you beautiful days with peace and joy //sends love and hugs

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amazign art as always <3

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Such roller coaster of emotions :clap: thank you as always too!! Bless your kind soul.

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Powerfully dramatic! :D

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Thank you as always!! :huggle:

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Wow breath taking as always. You have a way of making his anger and fierce protection of her, look beautiful.

Thank you again for this amazingly detailed piece.

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Thank you so much as always for your kind words and support :hug: it means the absolute world to me! Well, lucky for her to have someone who'd give her the world and would not let anyone/anything harm her ^^ I'm jealous.

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The detail in this is just *chefs kiss*

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Thank you so much!! :heart: I'm happy you like them!

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Oooooh boy, someone manage to pissed him off. No Mercy...yikes

Awesome as always!!!

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wouldn't mess with a dangerous bloodsucker :XD:

and thank you as always!

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Uau, o que será que está acontecendo? Quem deixou o Caleb bravo assim? Alguém ameaçou a May? Quem seria louco de fazer algo assim? Será que essa pessoa não conhece a frase "Os mansos são os mais perigosos"?

Adorei essa aparência dele, é bem perigosa, será que essa é sua forma vampírica? Ele é muito intenso, da pra sentir o ódio e sua ânsia em ferir a pessoa que fez a May chorar, Caleb não deve ser subestimado.

Não dá pra saber se a May está com medo do Caleb ou apenas assustada com a situação, ver ela chorando nessas circunstancias parte meu coração. Mas creio que, só pelo fato dela seguir abraçando o Caleb, significa que ela não teme a essência de seu amado... Ela sabe o que ele é, sabe o que ele é capaz e mesmo assim o ama.

Ai ai, adoro ficar pensando nessas coisas, seus desenhos transmitem muita emoção. Parabéns Kawa ♥

Cuide-se e até mais!

*Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!)

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Yeah those vampire hunters they just can't leave them alone :cries:they can't tolerate a vampire is together with a human..

11/10 I wouldn't mess with a dangerous bloodsucker either.

This is his true form yes, not very pretty but she's there for him nonetheless. He's usually very calm so when he's in this mode you know that something serious is happening >.< Poor girl she just didn't want to see anyone get hurt though. Such pure soul...

She's crying because she probably didn't want to see him hurt anyone. You can see the blood in his mouth, meaning he just bit somebody..

Exactly, from the start he never treated him differently while other humans would run for him, she'd get closer to him instead. :heart:

Thank you so much for giving me a lot of emotions too with your sweet replies. They mean the absolute world to me! :hug: I look forward to the next one.

Take care! //sends love and hugs

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Amazin :D ( also he ANGRY wonder why )
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Those vampire hunters just can't leave them alone :cries: they can't tolerate a vampire is together with a hooman..

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